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File Reviews posted by DoomShark

  1. Scientist 2


    - Map design is very good and attractive

    - Fun to play as gameplay is very good too

    - Not very challenging even at UV difficulty + Brutal Doom

    - I wish it was a complete 32 maps wad, But it only has 20 maps and the other 10 maps are multiplayer only maps





  2. 50 Monsters


    - Designer has the bad habit of silently spawn monsters (especially Revs) right behind you while you are busy

    fighting the hordes in front of you.

    - Too many deadly traps

    - You'll find yourself saving/loading A LOT because you die a lot.

    - Many gamers will find this hard to play and an unenjoyable experience.

    - Map design is good but maps are small.




  3. - Below average and boring map design!

    - All maps looks similar to each other, thus boring, I can't remember any distinct map. Same textures are used in all maps which resulted in a boring look after playing a couple of maps. Many maps are just empty, no monsters no anything, just head to the exit.

    - Designer ran out of ideas and stopped at map 25, didn't finish the rest.

    - Below average gameplay, Trying to create a gameplay experience the designer resorted to traps, and A LOT of them, many of them are really deadly.

    - Anticlimactic end, Designer will kill you and throw you into the deep ocean :(