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  1. Skullhacker


    That's a shame.
  2. Skullhacker


    So let me get this straight: Zenimax owned iD and Bethesda... So now Microsoft owns them? If that's true, that kinda stinks, because in Masters of Doom iD's dream was to be an independent company. Or are they still independent and I'm just being an idiot?
  3. Skullhacker

    Anybody Working on a Doom Soundtrack?

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Skullhacker

    How do I get music in Dos Quake?

    Hey people, thanks for your suggestions, but I caved and just used Quakespasm. Sorry for wasting your time. If it weren't for the music, I totally would've just done Dos. I might play through it again on Dos with some ambient music from Youtube playing in the background.
  5. Skullhacker

    What are you listening to?

    Metallica, Slayer, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Dragonforce, and Megadeth.
  6. Skullhacker

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    I know, right? Brutal Doom is one of my favorite mods ever!
  7. Skullhacker

    How do I get music in Dos Quake?

    I'm playing quake for the first time on Steam, and I noticed the game felt kinda dull because there was no music. I don't wanna use a source port for my first playthrough because... I dunno, it wouldn't seem right. I wanna be able to have the music in Dos Quake. I couldn't find any good answers to my question, so I was hoping someone here might know. And I know it's dumb that I wanna do a playthrough on Dos, but don't give me a hard time about it (these are things that have happened).
  8. Skullhacker

    Anybody Working on a Doom Soundtrack?

    I'm making soundtracks all the time, but I suck at it and I don't know what I'm doing. I wish I knew what people did to make midis, like what software.
  9. Skullhacker

    Classic Doom Better Than The New Ones Or Vice Versa?

    I'm probably not the only person who's said this, but it's totally a matter of opinion. I like them equally.
  10. Skullhacker

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Playing Doom Eternal for the first time at my friend's house.
  11. Skullhacker

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    John Romero lives in Ireland now. I know that 's kinda irrelevant, but still.
  12. Skullhacker

    What's the best megawad you've ever played and why?

    Yeah. I didn't know if I should've said "favorite" or most memorable or whatever. But anything applies, so yeah.
  13. The best megawad I've ever played was Eviternity. It's an inspiration. I love everything about it, from it's compatibility to it's music and levels. How about you?
  14. Skullhacker

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    wad.wad Actually, that may already exist lmao