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  1. Skullhacker

    Your favorite video game character quotes

    "I will thwack you." Es from Alter Ego Lots of other good quotes from that game "Show yourself... SHOW YOURSELF!" "I'm here to donate some blood... someone elses." Caleb from Blood "Neglected paintings tend to forget their artists." Painting from Death Palette "You're winner!" Big Rigs
  2. Add Map14 of Hell Revealed to my list. Hell Revealed is kicking my ass
  3. Doom Eternal : Super Gore Nest Master Level Simply ow
  4. Zandronum and Chocolate Doom. Best of both worlds without having the required specs for GZDoom's OpenGL renderer.
  5. Skullhacker


    Thanks for all your comments, I'll try something else. Forget this ever happened. For all of you who are so interested in what it is specifically that I wanted help with, I simply wanted to make a retro-style, challenging megawad reminiscent of Doom 1. Admittedly nothing special at all, but I just wanted to see who might be interested. I'm glad you guys were able to point me in the right direction, but I'm finished with this thread.
  6. Skullhacker


    Trust me, I regret ever having thought of this.
  7. Skullhacker


    Thanks, I'll remember that. I have plenty of ideas for a megawad, but I just didn't do this in the best way possible. I'll be more selective next time.
  8. Skullhacker


    Oops, there you go. It really has been a while.
  9. Skullhacker


    I need people who are not only passionate about modding and texture designing, but I need people of MY OWN AGE. I don't wanna sit around managing schedules with people who have more freedom than me. I need high-school aged people like me who care about making a good megawad together. If you fit this description and are interested in making a Boom megawad with me, I would be happy to interview you. Just message me for an interview, show me some of your work, and I'll let you know if you made it in! I can't promise that work will begin immediately; some things are still being figured out, but I'm ready to get this team started with your help! Below is some of my work: +A video of one of my levels played by Decino
  10. Skullhacker

    React To The Custom Title Above You

  11. Skullhacker

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    The Og Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros... I could probably think of something older, but idk.
  12. Skullhacker

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    I'm only a neckbeard in terms of personality. (jk)
  13. My headset is a Kotion Each G2000, and I've checked if my headset mic is the default mic device, and I have the volume on on it, but all that it registers is noise. It's connected, but it doesn't actually record anything. PLEASE HELP ME
  14. Skullhacker

    get anything cool for christmas?

    I got some guitar gear, a book about the Master of Puppets era and a tablet!
  15. My dad loved Gone Away by The Offspring, but I didn't know FFDP's version was a cover, so when I found out it was, and I showed him the music video, he said he didn't feel like it needed a remake. That kinda ruined both versions for me, but I still love the original.