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  1. Morpheus666

    which games did you regret buying

    The Last of Us Part 2, i blame myself for not looking up enough about it to realize that pretty much the general consensus is that it's a really shitty game. I didn't even beat the game tbh, i played like 5 hours and said fuck it and went and played Alien Vendetta lol. Much better experience. My main issue is the slogfest that is the gameplay, not to mention the annoying, unlikeable characters as well as the shitty and poorly written "Vengeance is bad" theme being bludgeoned over your head as you play the same 4 gameplay loops for like 48 hours. biggest waste of money i think i ever spent
  2. Morpheus666

    something i need to get off of my chest

    i mean technically Doom is a Christian game, at least imo. What's more Christian then killing LITERAL DEMONS FROM HELL? It's funny that you bring this up too, since back in 1993 on the games release, many Christian activists denounced it and caused a ruckus to get it pulled off the market because they said it was "satanic", Guess history repeats don't it? My advice? tell him to fuck off and enjoy playing doom, If he's that big of a problem the best way is to cut him out of your life, You will be alot happier with less toxic people in your life.
  3. Morpheus666

    Chex Quest '01

    Got any screenshots or stuff to prove your working on it?
  4. Morpheus666

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    downloading because i have a feeling this is going to be removed soon
  5. Morpheus666

    Is sex worth the hassle?

    nothing but sex will happen, your i think just doubting if your able to preform good i think, there's really no right or wrong way to have sex tbh, just be gentle and put her needs over your own and it will be a good experience.
  6. Morpheus666

    Is sex worth the hassle?

    do you even want to? or do you feel like your being pushed to it? if your not comfortable with it then tell her that, and if she's a good person she would understand that.
  7. Morpheus666

    Is sex worth the hassle?

    Funny part about that logic is if the man is the only one enjoying it then your doing it wrong lol, Sex should be enjoyed between both people participating in the act, if your questioning if the journey to get sex is worth your time the logical answer is: no, not really. Because sex is a temporary thing and a little pleasure to take stress off your mind, what's more worth your trouble i feel is love, more than someone to have sex with but someone to support you and care for you, through thick and thin of all the troubles in your life. Something like that is worth it 100%.
  8. Morpheus666

    Slime Control: My First Map!

    This map is okay for your first map, only a few things I'd say is the level seems very barren and empty in certain sections, The enemy curve is no issue since the chain gun and shotgun are easily obtainable to deal with the cacodemons and Pinkies. Overall the map isn't very hard and is a good start for a beginning mapper. I'd rate this wad a 5/10. -1 for the emptiness -2 lack of enemy variety and interesting level design -2 difficulty curve is non-existent Now i will say i was delighted to see you marked your key doors lol, most first wads don't do that, also the key puzzles were pretty easy and not alot of time was wasted looking for something through a random maze of corridors. I would suggest to improve it, possibly add tougher enemies, decorate your levels up to be more memorable, make the difficulty ramp up (as in by the end of the level you should not be having as easy of a time as the beginning) overall it's a good 5/10, pretty decent, could be improved
  9. Morpheus666

    SILENTAGE.wad, my first DooM effort

    i did a full UV run on your map and I'll say it right now: It has great potential, I loved the music and the sprawling level design which made you think you were near the end but pleasantly surprised to find more, the fights were challenging but fair, i found that the ammo and health pickups were placed very well as i never had to run around the map looking for more ammo, the secrets were pretty good, semi-noticeable in some places but that's okay considering they are your first mapping attempts. Overall the combat was great, i loved how most rooms seemed to be setup in ways like Ambushes, and some monster closets too. The design choices i saw seem to lean a bit more towards DOOM 1's design rather then 2, which I'm always a sucker for lol. I loved the texture work the most, since most people's first attempt (including my own) never bothered to change the level's heights and in your case it adds a lot of diversity to each room, The lighting effects were very well done, Aside from a few Door textures not working properly, and a Hom effect towards the Dark room with the pinkies and the Lava pit, (Gzdoom engine) overall i have to give this one a solid 5/10, it could be improved a bit Like for instance the Baron of hell fight i had trouble moving around and dodging him in the forest segment, and in some cases could cheese it easily since he couldn't hit me through a tree but i could hit him. really great work and i would look forward to what you can make in the future! lots of potential!
  10. Morpheus666


    GG @Pseudonaut, gg. i think Par 11 is the fastest you can physically go on this wad, i only managed to get one 11 par time sadly,
  11. Morpheus666


    2nd attempt at speedrun record
  12. As some people know, Doom 1 got a rare port to the PS1, in it was a very different soundtrack, one which many have enjoyed for it's fear inducing sounds. (a whole 2 years before Doom 64). what i didn't know was that this version to my knowledge has a interesting New Doom guy sprite, a GIB death screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Sjivx4EDs
  13. Morpheus666

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    yes, secrets are needed in doom games
  14. Morpheus666

    VZDoom: The Dream Source Port (rambling)

    Gzdoom was never designed with what you think it should be when it was made, Graf has done exceptional work on Gzdoom to make a port of a classic game compatible with the ever expanding Modern technology that we have at our disposal as of right now. If you HAVE to have a port of Doom that is 100% the real thing, go play DOSBox, or the many other "Vanilla" source ports that exist, Gzdoom is perfect the way it is as a modding tool and that's not going to change.
  15. Morpheus666

    He Came From Beyond

    I've started using "Interactive Art" instead of that term, because i think people forget how intricate and spectacular things can be, not only that but the games/mods which are like that convey deeper meanings then just "Point A to Point B", Don't get me wrong, they are that but then again any game is, however it does it in a way that provokes thoughts And this Mod DEFINITLY hits that note right...
  16. Morpheus666

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    you keep saying that but then it happens...so? Seems to me like you have too many projects going on. Maybe put some on the back burner so you can focus on this
  17. Morpheus666

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    is the project still working?
  18. Morpheus666

    Binary in Doom wad

    Hello! i was playing a random Doom wad when i was browsing the wad's inside when i came across a image that wasn't used, It was a binary sequence and i wondered if anyone could translate it for me?
  19. Morpheus666

    POGDOOM- a Community Joke Project

    Hello Doomworld! Today i'm bringing the news of a Joke mod that you can be a part of! What the hell is PogDoom? Good question! the term Pogging, is described as "When something cool/exciting happens" Well many people thought it was a good idea to "Pog" Doom's Demons, You might have seen the Pogging Cacodemon as a start. Well after a conversation with some doom modders on a Discord server we came to the Brilliant idea of making every Doom 1/2 enemy in the game A functioning Pogging enemy. The aim is to make every enemy in the entire Doom 1/2 games Pogging versions of them, This isn't no easy task and is open to any insane/Funny suggestions, Of course think of how it could correlate to a Pogging meme, but the more Random the better. (This project is cancelled, sorry for the inconvenience)
  20. Morpheus666

    Will TV ever be the same after the rise of the internet?

    almost no one i know actually watches TV anymore, they all stream and watch stuff online,(myself included) i just think there's more quality content on Streaming services and online then on public broadcasting.
  21. Morpheus666

    I want some short levels for chilling.

    Unapologetic plug here, a Doom 1 Episode that aims for short and simple maps
  22. Morpheus666

    Any Wolf3D Sprite Editors Available?

    the port can use 128x128 true-color rendering, or to put it simply Doom's pallete works with the Engine modifications. i will note that the engine doesn't like Black colors too well, (It's probably due to the transparency settings)
  23. PLOT: You play as Doomguy, after vanquishing the evil Gate Keeper and Stopping the Hell invasion once again, the UAC decide to retire the Quantum Accelerators from the Mars Base. A few years pass and a radiation signal from the Quantum Accelerators are detected on the abandoned Mars research institution, A team is sent in to investigate this strange occurrence, within the hour Doomguy is redeployed in a drop ship to help aid in the investigation, Sadly by the time he reaches the base he can already see what the problem is, Loading up his pistol he enters the Hell invested Martian Base.. Map-format: Doom- Boom compatable map, No Jumping or Crouching allowed, You can use Free-look if you want but it's not required Works with Gzdoom this episode has been in the works for about 3 months, contains 8 maps and 1 secret map as well. For the best gameplay UV (Hard difficulty) is recommended. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w58l0ce3dbaln2n/Fallen_Kingdom.wad/file Hope you enjoy!
  24. Morpheus666

    Fallen Kingdom- A Vanilla Doom Episode

    thanks for playing! Level 7 has some issues, for whatever reason there was a wrong sector clicked that accidentally lowered the hallway, if you no-clipped out of the End room there was a new area opened that would hit a switch, you also i will say missed a few secrets but nothing too major. ;)
  25. Morpheus666

    Help!!!! Decorate weapon not working!!!!