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  1. Doctor Plaga

    Proyect for megawad and request for advice/feedback

    Thanks much. I'll release it soon. Besides, I listened to your advice and remaked 3 of the first maps so they look better and show improved map-making skills. Possibly I'll upload screenshots comparing the first and final versions.
  2. Doctor Plaga

    Proyect for megawad and request for advice/feedback

    Well... By this point I've already spent 3 years mapping and about 2 1/2 working on the megawad. I never intended to become the next new thing. Honestly my first idea was to make 7 maps with a simple plot. But with time I became more and more fascinated with the project and that is what lead me to make it a full megawad. And I would like to avoid becoming too ambitious. Being honest my first intention was to make a project and play an experience of my own creation for the game and share it with the community I mentioned I'm planning to release it soon because I already have all maps. It's practically done, except for a few final details. But I get the point of "leave it for future". Currently I'm working on other maps which, in my opinion, show my current level of ability on mapping. Would it be better to release a few of those first? Anyway, thanks much for the reply.
  3. Hello, fellow users. I'm somehow unacquainted with this site, so please, tell me if I'm doing something wrong. Now, aside from that small note, I been working on a megawad for a while at this point and I'm planning to release it soon. So, I have some questions I'd like to ask so I can plan my next step carefully. First a little context: This megawad is going to work with Doom II and have its own story, a few new monsters and things, nothing too complex. The plot (in a nutshell) is that you are basically a professor seeking for his friend while a demonic invasion breaks into your city, but it turns out he knows something about it, and now you have to stop the invasion with his aid. One thing which I would like to implement is a "hidden" folder within the game containing "clues" or side elements to build a background plot/world behind the main story. My idea is to hide some passwords throughout the levels so they can be used to access this folder. Would that be a good idea? Secondly... I already have a demo. Where may I upload it? Would you play the demo? That would be all for now, thanks for reading.