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  1. Yourfacedotcom

    unpopular retro opinions

    Sega Saturn had a better library of games than N64 (especially if you consider certain games released only in Japan).
  2. Yourfacedotcom

    What is your favorite brand of vodka?

    Well its not on the list but this stuff when I can get a hold of some: It bascically tastes like water. I have killed a whole bottle in one night before. Dangerous stuff.
  3. Yourfacedotcom

    Kingpin: Reloaded

  4. Yourfacedotcom

    Doom 3 vs Half Life 2

    I picked Half-Life 2 because it was a consistent and a true sequel to the first game. Doom 3 was Doom's fall from grace, it was Doom trying to be Half-Life, forsaking its identity.
  5. Yourfacedotcom

    Half-Life Or Duke Nukem 3D?

    Does Black Mesa count? Or original Half-Life only?
  6. Yourfacedotcom

    Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed

    I got plenty to catch up on but was definitely looking forward to this. 5 months is pretty significant. I imagine the current gen console versions are partially the cause of it. This seems to be a pretty ambitious game. Did they ever give the minimum system requirements?
  7. Yourfacedotcom

    Is Quake Champions any good? Are people still playing it?

    I installed it and got in to some matches within a couple minutes for TDM and DM. Getting rekt, but enjoying myself.
  8. Yourfacedotcom

    Is Quake Champions any good? Are people still playing it?

    Thanks for the the replies, good info here. Seems to be about what I expected. I will install it and give it a shot sometime this weekend and try my luck on getting into a game. I did check out a stream on Twitch, there were about 6 people broadcasting it and I think the highest viewer count was something like 46. It seemed all the streamers were playing 2v2. It's unfortunate, I think it looks awesome. I'm actually cool with the Champion mechanic in theory with this sort of fast paced arena style gameplay, but it should definitely have proper settings available for Deathmatch and TDM play. Too many things went wrong with the soft launch of this game but I think there is still an audience that exists and can even grow for these arena shooters again. I think Doom Eternal has a shot at doing this right and hopefully can help kickstart some new interest in the genre.
  9. I played (what I think was) the beta when it came out. I did enjoy the movement and shooting but haven't really kept up with it since. I know it it uses "heroes" of sorts, each having some unique ability, so the game isn't like true Quake MP, but I'm still interested. Any opinions? Is it balanced? Is there a decent player base? Is unlocking champions a real pain in the ass?
  10. Yourfacedotcom

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    The first time I played Doom was on a mac.
  11. Yourfacedotcom

    Random Image Thread

  12. Yourfacedotcom

    Games of the Decade

    Oh I enjoyed way too many games this decade. Bloodborne is my #1 but here are 9 others in no particular order: Prey Dishonored 2 Ion Fury Persona 5 Destiny Sekiro Dark Souls SMT IV Doom 2016 Monster Hunter World
  13. Yourfacedotcom

    Things that should NEVER be said to metalheads.

    I honestly don't think most metalheads get offended by the lack of knowledge of the genre. I also notice that most metalheads actually like a much wider variety of music than your average person. In my case I'm also into Depeche Mode, Outkast, Miles Davis, Subhumans, Hank Williams Jr., The Challengers, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (together or separate), Gershon Kingsley, Shoji Meguro, Yuzo Koshiro, Perturbator... the list goes on.
  14. Yourfacedotcom

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    Thanks for the memories friend. Your work is immortal and will continue to inspire the generations to come. Time for a rest.
  15. Yourfacedotcom

    Things that should NEVER be said to metalheads.

    Mayhem's Grand Declaration of War is the pinnacle of Black Metal.