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  1. Muleke_Trairao

    Astral Abstraction - An Atmospheric Total Conversion

    Damn, I wish I could try this out right now! Will do once I'm back from vacation!
  2. Muleke_Trairao

    False Paradise V1.1 - A single map project

    Anytime! I've played it like last year I think, but found the link to it again on Supercharge's main thread. :)
  3. Muleke_Trairao

    False Paradise V1.1 - A single map project

    Hey there, @97th Century Fox! Just letting you know that the links for the screenshots are not working anymore. Maybe uploading to a website like imgur.com would be a better choice. Awesome map, btw! :D
  4. Muleke_Trairao

    Crusader [DSDHACKED+MBF21]

    Just finished Crusader. What a ride! Absolutely fantastic WAD! Thanks for working on this! I managed to get this crash to the main menu while playing on map09. It only happened once in the middle of a battle. Was running on GZDoom 4.11.3.
  5. Ok, so I just finished AAA. The experience from MAP01 to MAP05 was very pleasant and fun! I played continuously, so no pistol-starts. Now, I can't say the same for MAP06 and MAP07, since, as already mentioned in the thread, the progression is too cryptic. I had to watch a video walkthrough on YouTube to get to the end of MAP07. I highly suggest changing the way to raise the final staircase, because it's just not clear currently. For the people that are stuck in this level, here's what you need to do:
  6. Will definitely check this one out! And congratulations on winning a Cacoward!
  7. Muleke_Trairao

    Hexen: Veil of Darkness (UDMF Mapset, GZDoom)

    Oh, interesting! Thanks for sharing that! And congratulations on winning a Cacoward, @Captain Toenail!
  8. Muleke_Trairao

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Out of fucking nowhere! :O You guys know how to keep a project a secret! Dayum!
  9. My response below (it's not a solution, just sharing some experience):
  10. After all these months, screw it, I'mma play the current version. :P No rush, though!
  11. Muleke_Trairao

    Alcazar [6 Halloween Boom Maps]

    Oh... then it's something about GZDoom, yeah, because I triple-checked my comp settings. I've seen your video now. Thank you for all the help and patience, Ravendesk!
  12. Muleke_Trairao

    Alcazar [6 Halloween Boom Maps]

    My response is below:
  13. Muleke_Trairao

    Alcazar [6 Halloween Boom Maps]

    I usually don't ask for directions, and I think I'm missing something right on my face. A hint would be really appreciated, thank you, Ravendesk! I'm running the WAD with GZDoom 4.11.3. This is the bridge I was referring to:
  14. Muleke_Trairao

    Alcazar [6 Halloween Boom Maps]

    Are you supposed to jump in map06? I'm kinda stuck in that map trying to use only the jump orbs. I can only get so far, most precisely when you get close to a bridge you can't get under.
  15. Just finished GN. Found and cleared all the levels on skill 4. What an amazing experience!