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  1. Contmotore

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    Ok, I'm officially hyped
  2. Contmotore

    Doom palette

    Decided to make him blue instead, this works better with the vanilla Doom palette. Result (with vanilla Doom palette):
  3. Contmotore

    Doom palette

    Ah yes, I also installed Gimp. Gonna give this a try, thnx!
  4. Contmotore

    Doom palette

    Hi, thanks for your reply! That's really cool you can use a different palette for Doom, but as expected: Anyways, I think I have to find a way to save a range of hues from the Doom palette and convert the image to those saved hues.
  5. Contmotore

    Doom palette

    Ugh, this Doom palette... Any pro tips/tricks or a workaround for this? Is there a way to force certain colors from the palette when converting? I'm currently using Photoshop CC Idea: Result:
  6. Contmotore

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    I don't know why, but this made me laugh a little too hard... 😂
  7. Contmotore

    DeFRaG like port/mod?

    Awesome, thanks!
  8. Contmotore

    DeFRaG like port/mod?

    I was wondering, since a lot of players like to do speedruns, are there any speedrun ports/mods around like DeFRAG? Might wanna build some challenging maps specifically designed for competitive speedruns. For people who aren't familiar with DeFRaG, here's a great video:
  9. Contmotore

    A few question regarding Vanilla editing.

    Hmm, this is weird... I just tested my wad file with Chocolate Doom, I hear the E1M1 music, but then it crashes. No error message, nothing. The program just stops. Then I tested it with vanilla Doom trough DOSBox and it works just fine. Works also fine in GZDoom and Crispy Doom. Edit: Tested some of my older backups and noticed that the backups in which I had deleted my unused Flats weren't working anymore in Chocolate Doom. So, I decided to copy/paste my whole map into a new wad file and added my used Flats again. Now my wad is working again...
  10. Contmotore

    Atomic Bath (First Map Release)

    This is a very well made map! Nonlinear, lot's of hidden secrets and mechanics. Enjoyed the elevator part and the hidden switches. Wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy, very well balanced. Design: 4/5 ⭐ Gameplay: 5/5 ⭐ Great job and keep it up!
  11. Contmotore

    Orphaned Bones beta release

    Looks good so far! Love your custom textures, might wanna use them in a later project if that's alright. With credits of course. ;)
  12. Contmotore

    A few question regarding Vanilla editing.

    I guess I'll just test things in Chocolate Doom from now on and test my final product in Vanilla Doom.
  13. Damn, when I have a great idea, I sure try to create it myself. Only when I really can't figure it out, I ask for help. I really can't understand why you don't even bother trying it yourself. Letting others design your idea, where's the fun in that?
  14. Contmotore

    I made a map, looking for input

    Good start! :)
  15. A few question regarding Vanilla editing: I've been testing my maps through Dosbox using the Vanilla engine, but can I safely assume if it works with Chocolate Doom it also works with Vanilla Doom? Is there a big difference between The Ultimate Doom and the original first Doom when it comes to editing? For my first map I want to start as much as possible with the basics and therefore I'm using the original (Ultimate)Doom.wad first, but because of a lack of textures I'm considering using Doom2 instead. Besides new weapons/monsters/textures etc. are there major differences between the two games when it comes to editing?