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  1. Contmotore

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    I absolutely love DoomLauncher, it's so easy to use! You can directly download wads from Id Games, it manage your files, screenshots, demos and save games and it also keeps track of your total progress. Unfortunately, there's no Linux version, so for Linux I use DoomRunner instead.
  2. Contmotore

    Gimme inspiration for a doom2 1 level wad!

    This. Also, when I do a different activity like walking the dog for example, ideas just pop-up in my head. But that can be different for everyone. Anyways, I always make sure to write them down.
  3. Contmotore

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    Did anyone say POOGERS.wad? Anyways, this isn't only a joke/meme .wad, it's also very challenging. I'd say give it a try!
  4. Contmotore

    Weird Mandela affect

    I made a topic about this not long ago, talked about E1M1, E1M3 and E1M4 in my videos. Turns out a lot of things have changed over time. And then there's also different ports with different versions of the game.
  5. Contmotore

    Bread Doom

    Lol, that escalated quickly.
  6. Contmotore

    Do you love killing pinkies using the super shotgun.

    Tbh, the most satisfying thing is when you can let them infight. I sometimes just run around for minutes, just to make them destroy each other.
  7. Contmotore

    E1M1 - A different version?

    Here's the unedited clip of E1M3 where it happened.
  8. Contmotore

    Why do you like software rendering?

    I mean like, yes a lot have software rendering. PRBoom+ DSDA-Doom, Woof! to name a few. I believe even GZDoom has software rendering.
  9. Contmotore

    Why do you like software rendering?

    It gives me nostalgic vibes. Woof! makes it even better. But on the other hand, I also like to have texture scaling so I can see more in the distance. I usually stick with DSDA-Doom + Software rendering at 2560x1440.
  10. Contmotore

    Favorite DOOM Music Track

    Same, this also gives me a lot of nostalgic vibes.
  11. Contmotore

    E1M1 - A different version?

    Interesting, haha Just checked version 1.2, and it wasn't there anymore. I wonder what they had planned, or maybe it was placed there by accident? Seems like a lot of things have changed, but not every thing was that noticeable.
  12. Contmotore

    E1M1 - A different version?

    Yeah, I wasn't even sure to add it into my video, but I was like whatever. I had no clue!
  13. Contmotore

    E1M1 - A different version?

    Hey guys, I made a little update to my Doom E1M1 video.
  14. Contmotore

    First Doom Experience: Freedoom?

    I used to play the original Doom a lot, but have only just started playing Freedoom. Took a while to get used to the new assets, but I'm really starting to enjoy them! I am a Linux user and a big FOSS fan and this project really caught my eye. I might make a review of it or maybe even participate. I also played a lot of Q3A and Open Arena when I started using Linux. I believe Open Arena is very similar to this project.