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  1. I found a nice wide statusbar for Heretic, but it was hiding the horns in DSDA-Doom, even with the option turned off. Was about to make a topic for help, but already managed to fix it myself. For anyone interested, here's the link to the original file: https://www.moddb.com/games/heretic/addons/heretic-widescreen-hud And here's the link to the fixed version for DSDA-Doom: https://drive.proton.me/urls/D6DCXXC6VC#wlfXCwAJ1pC1
  2. Contmotore

    Vanilla mapping; Custom sprites?

    True, if you wanna play Vanilla you should also know how to run things. For me it's more of a challenge to make something in a way it could've been played back then with the original game. Like, how would you've created it if you had gone back to the 90s. And nice to have this -merge option for Chocolate Doom, but I'll look into DeuSF as well. For now, I managed to create custom sprites using WhackEd and DeHackEd as explained in Doomkid's video. I think I'll play around with it some more, change some default things and stick with the .DEH file and the DEHACKED lump inside my WAD.
  3. Contmotore

    Vanilla mapping; Custom sprites?

    I watched Doomkid's DeHackEd tutorial video and came to the conclusion that I have to use custom sprite names or things will mess up. And to ensure that these custom sprite names are read in, I actually have to use DeHackEd. So I guess it's DeHackEd time... There's no other way around it. But I can still add the DeHackEd lump to my PWAD without messing things up for Vanilla Doom. So only people who really want to play it in Vanilla/Chocolate Doom should use the DeHackEd file, but I suspect most people will use modern Source ports anyway. ;-)
  4. Contmotore

    Vanilla mapping; Custom sprites?

    Back in the 90's I started mapping in DEU, but never really got to finish something. I was getting a lot of glitches(not sure what they're called, but was able to look trough walls). I couldn't figure out how to fix them, my English wasn't great either and we had no internet, so I gave up... But it turned out I had to use a NodeBuilder. Anyway, out of great nostalgia, I'm trying to make something I never finished which will be compatible with Vanilla Doom. It will also be my first personal map. I'm also trying to implement all the ideas I had back then, but never figured out how to do them, like different colors and custom sprites. I've been playtesting my map in DosBox and everything works fine, but I'm getting errors with custom sprites: R_DrawSpriteRange: bad texturecolumn I heard that you can't really replace the original sprites from the IWAD, and that I have to change the names and use DeHackEd for this. I read something about using the -merge command, but that doesn't work for Vanilla Dos Doom. Does this mean my only option is to use DeHackEd for this? I remember back in the day the .DEH files changed the executable and created a new one. Is this still the case for Vanilla Doom, or is there a way to load a .DEH file, or use a DeHackeEd lump in a PWAD?
  5. Contmotore

    ZDoom account currently inactive?

  6. For some reason I can't log into the ZDoom forums anymore. I'm not very active there, I've only created an account once to post something. I haven't logged in for a while, but I get the message: I can't contact a forum administrator because I can't log in. Does anybody have experience with this? What can I do or who can I contact?
  7. Contmotore

    DSDA UDMF Sampler

    The future looks bright!
  8. Haven't played it myself yet, but watched a lot of streams. Looks really good! @HALFCOOL What's the story behind your Underdog, Overdog map? I find it very interesting. The dog heaven looks really good and somehow gives me a mournful vibe. But that's a good thing, if a Doom map can stir up some emotions in me. Anyways, great job guys!
  9. This is a great success @Peccatum Mihzamiz! Congrats to everyone who worked on this project! Here are my playthroughs! (will keep updating this list) Map01-Map02 (youtube.com/contmotore) Map03-Map07 (youtube.com/contmotore) Map08-Map10 (youtube.com/contmotore)
  10. Contmotore

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    I'm a bit of a completist and really wanted that Soul Sphere. This seems like the the solution, thanks!
  11. Contmotore

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    Lovely wad! Great esthetics and even Vanilla compatible!
  12. Contmotore

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    I absolutely love DoomLauncher, it's so easy to use! You can directly download wads from Id Games, it manage your files, screenshots, demos and save games and it also keeps track of your total progress. Unfortunately, there's no Linux version, so for Linux I use DoomRunner instead.
  13. Contmotore

    Gimme inspiration for a doom2 1 level wad!

    This. Also, when I do a different activity like walking the dog for example, ideas just pop-up in my head. But that can be different for everyone. Anyways, I always make sure to write them down.
  14. Contmotore

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    Did anyone say POOGERS.wad? Anyways, this isn't only a joke/meme .wad, it's also very challenging. I'd say give it a try!
  15. Contmotore

    Weird Mandela affect

    I made a topic about this not long ago, talked about E1M1, E1M3 and E1M4 in my videos. Turns out a lot of things have changed over time. And then there's also different ports with different versions of the game.