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  1. StalkerBlade


    From what I'm seeing in the map, it looks like you and Thomas had some serious adventures when you would visit him at his house lol. Jokes aside, this was fantastic. I bet he would love playing through the map and seeing the amount of time and work you put into it for him.
  2. StalkerBlade

    Do you do any drugs?

    While I'm not a fan of needing to, I take antidepressants to keep me motivated to do everyday tasks. Other than that, I don't take anything else that would impair myself. I never really enjoyed that sort of thing.
  3. StalkerBlade

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    A new addition to my custom Doom collection. It's still a w.i.p with a little work left, but it's much more sturdy and well fitted than the first one.
  4. StalkerBlade

    Bryce Wallpapers

    Oh wow, these give off some strong nostalgia for me lol; especially the space and the high peaks one. Reminds me of playing the bejeweled games way back then when I was a kid. I wonder if this could be used to make some old school looking sky textures for Doom…
  5. It's only natural that I would give a map like this a go lol. This is a pretty good second map; short and to the point with some pretty neat monster encounter set ups and I didn't feel like I got lost any. Nice job. I did notice a bit of the beginner qualities, like some misaligned textures, the extremely tall ceilings and some empty looking rooms. Those will vanish with time and practice however. You mentioned using Slade and I'm not sure if that's what you used to build the map or not, but if so I'd highly recommend using Ultimate Doom Builder. There's hotkeys for aligning/scaling textures and a bunch of other features like the door building tool that can help speed up the mapping process and make it a little easier. Also don't be afraid to put some nice looking screenshots in your posts when releasing your maps, players will appreciate that and will be more likely to check it out.
  6. StalkerBlade

    (UDMF) Thermal Terminal - Volcanic Techbase

    Thank you all for the feedback and recordings, it's very helpful and the feedback will definitely be kept in mind on the next one I work on! Well damn, that's unfortunate...While I wasn't able to reproduce the glitches, I have updated the download link with a version where I changed some things that hopefully may have been causing them to happen.
  7. StalkerBlade

    (UDMF) Thermal Terminal - Volcanic Techbase

    Thank you both for playing and recording! I saw where you were both wondering if this was my first map or not, technically this is my 3rd completed and original map. I've redone a bit of the episode 1 maps in a separate project and have a bit of experience with both modding and mapping, but I rarely get to finish the maps that I start making and they just end up being little unfinished experiments. It's a track from the game F-Zero GX. I wanted to motivate the players to play fast and aggressive and it appears to be doing the job lol.
  8. StalkerBlade

    (UDMF) Thermal Terminal - Volcanic Techbase

    I'm perturbed by those glitches lol. I just downloaded GZDoom 4.8 and ran through the map and still couldn't get a replication...very strange. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. StalkerBlade

    (UDMF) Thermal Terminal - Volcanic Techbase

    Looks like a bug on that specific version of GZDoom's end for some odd reason. Just tested it with v4.10, v4.6, v4.3 and v4.2 and couldn't get it to replicate.
  10. StalkerBlade

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Finally got this thing off the gound. This map was a lot of fun to do.. it was one of those projects that just wrote itself and came together seamlessly. Kinda sad about it being finished haha. You can download and play it here:
  11. Thermal Terminal is a single map where you battle demons through the inner and outer workings of a UAC thermal energy processing base located on a volcanic planet. The difficulty of the map is targeted for seasoned Doom players, but there's also difficulty options available if it becomes too hard to play through. screenshots: Requirements: Doom 2, dynamic lighting enabled. Source port: (preferably) GZDoom. Sector lighting: dark. Jump/crouch: optional. Difficulty options: yes. Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1hPasJWoFpbpu6KTcWe2teZpoCTwCI8EA It should be compatible with most mods; however, mods that replace textures could result in undesired and ugly texture offsets.
  12. StalkerBlade

    Yuegong - Moon Palace (abandoned map)

    Personally, I think releasing the map as an explorative interactive art piece would be a great way to release it. That way you wouldn’t need to worry about any major gameplay features and would be able to work at your own pace on visuals or sound design. That’s probably the best crane I’ve ever seen in Doom. Your scale modeling interest shows in it lol. I tend to associate model making and Doom mapping together because making a map is kinda like making a big interactive diorama.
  13. StalkerBlade

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Volcanic tech base I should be finishing up soon. Haven't used vanilla only textures in a long time.
  14. StalkerBlade

    Custom 1/12 Scale Classic Doomguy

    Well, I wouldn't say impossible, but it would definitely be a major project based off of what I know. I don't own that figure in particular, but from what I can tell is that most, if not all of the armor is solid molded pieces. The advantage that the classic Doomguy figure has is that the armor bits are separate parts that can be removed easily; if the Doom Slayer figure is solid parts, that would mean a lot of work to get them to fit onto the Vtoys body. This could probably be done by chopping off the armor parts and drilling holes out through them so they can slide over the new body. That would be quite a job though...you'd also have to rework certain pieces so they would fit the size of the Vtoys body. Keep in mind that this specific figure is in scalper hell, so making mistakes would be pretty costly without a backup figure. There are a few alternatives though: I've seen some 3d printable Doom Slayer cosplay armor on some 3d model sites and on Etsy that could fit the new body if scaled correctly. But, you would need a printer, the armor model and would have to do a bit of prototyping and paint work. The most economic alternative would probably be to replace the joints on the figure itself. I've seen some people use things like Figma joints on customs like this before by cutting the old joints out and drilling holes the appropriate size for them to peg into. My last alternative would probably be to look into the Figma Doom Slayer...The price point isn't too far off from what a custom of this scale might cost to finish, so it's definitely worth looking into if you'd like to avoid possibly damaging the Mcfarlane figure. I made a post on here recently that showcased the figure if you want to check it out.
  15. StalkerBlade

    A Look at The Figma Doom Slayer Figure

    Thanks, I'm perfectly fine with them being put on the Wiki. :^) @Gougaru The BFG is actually made of a hollow light weight plastic; so far I haven't had any issues with the arms not being able to hold the weapons up.