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  1. METAL DANNY 420

    Lost civilization "Part 2" development thread!

    I've played LC1 entirely for about 20 times now. Each time with different mods and/or different people. Soon we're gonna play it again, but then with Clusterfuck Nexus this time. LC1 never gets old to me. The multiple routes are just so amazing for replayability. I hope you're doing well with LC2 :) No rush though! (no joke) We can still enjoy LC1 until LC2 is completed :)
  2. METAL DANNY 420

    Idiotic LMS V2 (aka Zandronum Minigames)

    I wish Idiotic LMS would get some more maps. It's a hilarious mod and we play it multiple times a month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Smm9jJayY&list=PL0WG6DtyyjBJfAuAtZ-76Soc5DKgMb5qb&index=1
  3. I'm not lying when I say that LC gave me the best and most memorable gaming experiences in all of 2019 and 2020. So thank you my friend :) Everytime my YT channel "evolved" was somehow connected to a LC playthrough. LC speaks my mind when I think about what I would make if I'd make a Wad. I could go on, but you get how positive I am about it :P Map 4 is my favorite! That map gave me the best vibes and most completely different experiences. The way you multilayered hid that BFG secret is still mindblowing to me. Showing co-op people where the key for it is is like an adventure on it's own already xD Map 20 feels like an entire movie every time I play it. It's one hell of an experience with a final battle that cannot be forgotten. I don't know why, but LC gives me the same kind of joy I get from playing my beloved Halo 2 campaign. The soothing areas with vicious combat. I love it. All in all you have an amazing mapping mind and I salute you!
  4. Another amazing co-op playthrough completed on my favorite Wad! Jaska, thank you sooo much for granting us these experiences through your superb map design. Everyone loves it! Even after completing it recently I'm already looking forward to playing it again. I've never played another Wad this gorgeous with so many ways to play it. Every playthrough feels like a new experience and that's not because of the extra addons I use each time, but because of the freedom you gave us to often choose our own way and have lots of space to do so. Simply brilliant! LC #1!!! Playlist of the entire group co-op playthrough with Brutal DOOM + insane amounts of addons: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0WG6DtyyjBLeX0kBiEa1pag9QyFGXoDW
  5. METAL DANNY 420

    Lost civilization "Part 2" development thread!

    You're making me so freakin' hyped xD I love it!
  6. Hey Khorus, My DOOM co-op buddy and I want to thank you very much for making this Wad! We've played the entirety in survival-ish co-op with Project Brutality and it was a blast! Simple, but very fun quick maps. Just what we were looking for when I found it and it's been one of our favorite co-op experiences with PB so far. For when you're bored of searching in big maps or don't want massive framedrops (with PB) on slaughter-ish Wads then Speedy Shit is absolutely perfect. It's best described as 'an imperfect perfection'. Left such a good impression that I even played Speedy Shit again with my brother and he loves it as well. All in all you did a very good job in making these maps so quick, but still "finished". Here's the co-op playthrough that includes all 30 maps: In case you made other cool projects like Speedy Shit than please let me know ;) We salute you!
  7. Eternal thanks to Jaska for all your amazing work!!! I played and recorded the entire playthrough twice for my YT channel. One was co-op with Clusterfuck and the other one was solo with Project Brutality. Both playthroughs were an absolute blast and I'll for sure play it many more times in the future. Co-op with Clusterfuck 4.0 (part 1) (voice chat enabled) Co-op Playlist (voice chat enabled) The Lost Civilization videos are further into this playlist Solo with Project Brutality 3.0 Playlist
  8. METAL DANNY 420

    Lost civilization "Part 2" development thread!

    Holy shit I can't believe it's true, but now I might be more hyped for LC2 than for Eternal xD Fills my heart with joy to see you make more of this beautiful stuff Jaska! All your new ideas sound amazing and you just can't go wrong if LC1 is your baseline. I'd love to say more if I had the time atm, but it's practically all been said in previous comments here. Love your work and can't wait to play the next full release!
  9. Very weird about map05 then, but at least in only doesn't work with PB3.0. Map31 inaccessible?! If the map works then I'll cheat my way in so I can include it in my playthrough since I want every map made included :) It just such a beautiful wad. My friends, brother and I thank you very much for putting in the effort to make this. Much appreciated! p.s.: I'm about to release a Clusterfuck 4.0 Co-op playthrough of Lost Civilization on my Youtube channel ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-fKb16iC_5bfFkoff0LmA
  10. Hello! I just happened to come across exactly the same problem (on newest GzDoom). I've been trying some stuff and I got it to work, but not with the same setup as before. The problem for me is Project Brutality 3.0...it doesn't work with map05. After testing map05 with Project Brutality 2.0 I noticed that the map works fine. So I'm guessing you're also playing PB3.0. I'm afraid you'll have to skip map05 or play it on PB2.0 like I'm going to do for my Youtube playthrough. If there's an expert on this forum then please help us. PB3.0 > PB2.0 :P Also can anyone please tell me where the secret exit on map15 is? I really want to know since I can't find it.