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  1. head_cannon

    The Doom Olympics

    Yes, it is indeed interesting watching multiple people playing a level blind and seeing what their approach is and how far they make it. That bit of entertainment is one reason that the Ironman and IronEagle leagues have been able to keep up the tradition of monthly events for the past several years. In this hypothetical Olympics, a simple "play this level blind and see how far you get" competition would be guaranteed fun, but I worry that it might not be specialized or gimmicky enough to qualify as one of the events. But you know what would be a good gimmick? A Doom Parkour course. It could start at a simple "just hold W" series of platforms and gradually ramp up from there (possibly climaxing in ridiculous SR50 jumps or Dimensions-style upside-down platforming), and athletes would be graded on how far along the course they got before they fell.
  2. head_cannon

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

  3. head_cannon

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    Ironman_Firebox_hc.zip Category 1, Dead with 144 kills. I went back afterwards to do a proper playthrough with saves - this level is pretty cool. Short and to-the-point, with no wasted space. I liked the choreography of the two warmup rounds out in the street and inside the warehouse. The texturing, lighting, & architecture are all pretty solid - nothing flashy, but it gets the job done. And I respect the commitment to minimalism, where the main event is deliberately limited to Chaingun & Rocket Launcher and their strengths & weaknesses relative to each other become heightened and brought into focus. (I didn't figure out how to get it, but the optional SSG dangled just out of reach is a nice use of secrets too.) The final battle isn't the kind of gameplay I seek out, but it doesn't drag on too long and wasn't too much of a chore to solve. I especially like how the Arch-Viles which arrive to chase you into the exit can cause an explosive finale, sending you sailing over the finish line.
  4. head_cannon

    IronEagle Competition 32: The Parallel Dimension

    IEparallel_hc.zip Category 1, UV, PrBoom+ Dead in E2M7 with 28 kills. I don't normally care for Doom 1 combat, but this mapset was able to keep things interesting, even though I was stuck in "shotgun & pistol only" mode for a very long time at the beginning. The resource balance kept things feeling dangerous while always allowing for recovery from mistakes. Even though I found the episode's pacing agreeable in that eccentric old-school way, I still had several moments of dead air while I started double-checking everything until I finally stumbled into what had changed. There's an uncertainty about which switches to flip (since there's equal chance of being delivered boon or bane) that gives Parallel Dimensions a lot of character.
  5. head_cannon

    6 years of Doom sobriety.... what have I missed?

    Such is the curse of Doom, my friend. Even when you narrow it down to the most polished, celebrated mapsets, there is such a wealth of material created over the years that the sheer amount of possible stuff to play is enough to give a person an existential crisis when trying to decide what to spend their time on. I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread yet, so I'll add CPD to the pile of suggestions. It's another solid classic-style megawad that makes excellent use of the stock textures & monsters.
  6. I didn't grow up with Evilution, and I've never had any attachment to it. You can certainly do a lot worse as Doom WADs go - I had no real problems doing my pilgrimage through it just to say I'd played every IWAD - but it didn't inspire me in the same way that id software's levels and the Casalis' levels did. Which is ironic, since everything we expect in a polished & professional release is present here. Nowadays we expect some new textures and new songs to make a mapset stand out and feel like its own distinct, unique thing. So while Evilution deserves praise for doing so many things which would be canonized as ideal, I don't actually like any of the art & music they added. So many of the songs had such a loud volume - flatly sustained and causing ear fatigue - that several times I had to IDMUS away in order to save my sanity. On adventure maps as interminably long as these ones, it's important to be able to settle in and get comfy. I've arrived in the final episode on my current replay with this new soundtrack, and I've enjoyed every second of the new music I've heard. The original midis of course have historical value, but I would recommend this midi pack to anyone who's taking their first journey through TNT's most well-known mapset. My congratulations to all the members of this project for getting a full 32-map soundtrack replacement completed and released in time for the quarter-century anniversary. It's of uniformly-high quality and really does enhance the WAD it was built for.
  7. head_cannon

    How do you organize your save slots?

    I try to keep things simple. Of the 8 save slots, the top one gets labelled "MAP17" or whatever level I'm on, and it's kept as a safety save at level start, just in case things go really wrong and I have to back all the way up. The rest of them get filled in chronologically from top to bottom, starting at a basic "MID-LEVEL" description and getting more elaborate once circumstances require me to make a new save instead of updating an old one. Getting wounded or investigating past a point-of-no-return typically deserve new saves since I'm not sure how it's going to pan out, and descriptions like "SPENT HEALTH", "JUMPED DOWN A PIT", and "TOOK A BLIND TELEPORT" help to keep track of where I am temporally if I have to back up. Once I beat the level - if I'm satisfied with the amount of resources I was able to take with me - I save over the top slot, updating it to "MAP18" or whatever, and the cycle begins anew. I swap between what WAD I'm playing rather frequently, and since I already keep individual folders which contain the wad file & the shortcut with the right parameters, it's been easy to get in the habit of sending doomsav0.dsg - doomsav7.dsg to the storage folder along with the other files, and swapping in the new WAD and all of its saves whenever I change gears. This way I never need to worry about what a save is or where it came from, and all my playthroughs get to use all 8 slots.
  8. As others have said, it mostly comes down to the new demons you'll be facing. You can learn everything you need to know about them through gameplay alone, but I'll add to the general tips: Chaingunner & Arachnotron: Once they start attacking you, they will continue laying down automatic weapons fire until you successfully break line-of-sight. These are the kind of baddies that demand attention: you're either actively attacking them, or you're getting the hell out of dodge. Arch-Vile: Just like the two monsters above, the key is to break line-of-sight. Once they start casting their spell, they're locked into the attack, and if you're in cover when they finish casting, the explosion doesn't happen and no damage is dealt. Revenant: These glass cannons require more active mobility than most. Their attacks can sometimes do extreme damage, and the way those homing missiles seek you out requires a different evasive pattern than all the projectile dodging you did before this point. If you haven't already toggled "Always Run" on, consider doing it now. Pain Elemental: They spit out Lost Souls, which means that things can get out of hand if they're left alive (similarly to the Arch-Vile's resurrection power). But if you can hug them and stay in melee range, there won't be any space to create a new monster, and their attempt to spit out a new Lost Soul will automatically fail.
  9. head_cannon

    Just finished BTSX 1 & 2, any ideas...

    If it was Back To Saturn X's particular style of gameplay & encounters that entertained you, then you might start by checking the authors' list and seeing what else these mappers worked on. For starters, several of the people who worked on BTSX have also contributed to Syringe* and to Doom 2 In Spain Only. If it was the otherworldly aesthetic & mood which grabbed you, then maybe give Tangerine Nightmare* a shot. *not megawads, but still similar enough to be worth a mention.
  10. head_cannon

    IronEagle Competition 31: Tangerine Nightmare

    IEtn_hc.zip Category 1, UV, PrBoom+ Dead in MAP02 with 15 kills. Botched a dodge and got murdered by a Revenant. Really cool mapset so far; castles are my favorite type of level and this architecture is outstanding. The spritework's pretty respectable too.
  11. head_cannon

    The DWIronman league dies to: Violence

    IronmanViolenceHC.zip Category 1, Dead in MAP03 with 10 kills. The neon colors & thumping soundtrack combine with the playful-yet-brutal encounter design to make quite an experience. I'll definitely have to revisit this one with saves to see what the whole journey's like.
  12. head_cannon

    Doomguy’s Face, Big HUD - Yay or nay?

    I'm kind of indifferent to the face in the center, but I always use the full HUD. I believe that the big, chunky numbers for your three key stats are better than having a tiny font hidden in the corners of the screen, and I enjoy the tradition of how so many megawads design their own graphical replacement - it adds to their identity and makes them more memorable.
  13. head_cannon

    All About Secret Maps

    I play a lot of Doom 2 megawads, where the format is old & traditional enough that everyone knows that MAP15 is the secret exit slot. So, the way I look at it is not "is the player going to find the secret content" but instead "is the player going to choose to go to the optional area". In that context, I prefer it when the mapset's ultimate challenge is gated off in the optional content. Examples of this approach (like BTSX E2's Fireking Says No Cheating or CPD's Powertrip) remind me of the bonus bosses to be found in the postgame in JRPGs of old. Since megawads already pull their punches by allowing Continuous players to hoard resources and have a more unrestricted arsenal, the Plutonia-style "for master marines only" approach to secret levels fits right in. The less-skilled can ignore the optional stuff and still muddle their way through to the ending, but they know that there are challenges left undone waiting for them in the postgame, mountains yet to be climbed. We're used to the question of "But have you tried any of the maps from Pistol Start yet?", and I think it's just as appropriate to ask "But have you messed with the secret maps?" - There's some excellent discussion in this thread on what can be done with the baked-in branching path: I particularly like Dark Pulse's idea of "you need to get to MAP16 no matter what, but the brutality of the main path can send you looking for alternatives into extra maps, making the tradeoff of skipping one difficult scenario but committing to an unknown alternate path", because that's exactly what happened to me during my playthrough of Alien Vendetta.
  14. head_cannon

    What's your greatest Doom accomplishment?

    It's just modest IWAD stuff, but I'm proud to have finished saveless runs of each individual Plutonia level. Similarly, I'm glad to have eventually finished a deathless single-segment run through Thy Flesh Consumed after many, many attempts were ended by the first two maps. I tend to pick my battles very carefully when it comes to PWADs, but it's gratifying to be able to indulge in a bit of completionism with the foundational texts.