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  1. JadensWeb

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Here's a run I did of Map32 (the really hard one), took me about 100 attempts (not that bad actually), so it's definitely beatable, and I don't have a demo as this was just a little thing I did because I had time, and recording demos, at least in my experience, is a god damn nightmare. If someone has an easy way to do it, please let me know, as ZDE refuses to work with PrBoom-Plus, and GZDoom demos aren't compatible with anything (which I told Graf it's not that hard, just have a system that switches back and forth between the two internal engines, he didn't bite), so no demo because screw that, here's the video. This was made last year, can't remember exactly when, but it was in the middle of the year most likely:
  2. JadensWeb

    Freedoom 2

    I'm not saying to put it anywhere, I just want to put it out there somewhere relevant other than on YouTube, not on any "official" speedrun sites though, I know that obviously wouldn't get accepted into any of them. Thanks for the info regardless.
  3. JadensWeb

    Freedoom 2

    Thanks. I'll be sure to check it out.
  4. JadensWeb

    Freedoom 2

    I don't have a demo (because this was spur the moment and on GZDoom), but I got 1:55 on Map32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFBfFYOjOQc Who knows if this is relevant here, just don't see anywhere else it would be more relevant. If there's another place, please, tell me. Thanks.
  5. JadensWeb

    Freedoom speedruns?

    This was kinda a spur the moment thing but I got 1:55 on Map32 of Freedoom: Phase 2:https://youtu.be/7kn3eJc87LI Having a place for Freedoom speedruns would be awesome. There’s many people interested.
  6. JadensWeb

    The Archive Whore (Revision 2) Archive of Archives

    I mean... A- for effort lol
  7. JadensWeb

    The Archive Whore (Revision 2) Archive of Archives

    I guess I'm a little bit of a noob here, as far as Doomworld is concerned. How... do you delete a response to a post, like instead of editing it? I don't see an easy button to do so and I'll just ask here as well as searching for answers if there's some kind of "Doomworld for dummies" type of post around. Thanks!
  8. JadensWeb

    The Archive Whore (Revision 2) Archive of Archives

    Nah all you need is literally a hosted service and you could do it. I told a 14 year old to do it to me a year back and he actually did, and I ate my words XD I was afraid that would be the case. You tell someone to do one thing, and they do the exact opposite. For a sec I thought the software I used for file hosting was being dumb, but nope. What's also strange is that everything else worked, it was only my site.
  9. JadensWeb

    The Archive Whore (Revision 2) Archive of Archives

    Someone is trying to overload my network, I'll post back here when I get it working properly again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. JadensWeb

    The Archive Whore (Revision 2) Archive of Archives

    Also, if my Gigawad is actually the redist issue, please just contact me directly. It's a pain in the ass for me to have to repost this every time, and I can't know everything right of the bat. It's my project, you should tell me if MY old project is an issue.
  11. I got warned. I now have to repost this. Don't redistribute IWADs, got it. I'm no longer doing that. If you're looking in places the archive isn't, get off that page. It's not yours to browse. Thank you! So, I like having easy access to old things, and this led to me making a website for the sole purpose of archiving and distributing said archived pieces (however slowly) to my devices & the internet, but I've yet to post anything about this on a forum. I am doing this now, and seeing what happens. If my site goes down for a bit, feel free to DM me on here (it might not get fixed for a while, I barely check DOOMWorld), or on Discord: iRedMC#2117 - Thanks! This is my DOOM archive, which is on my site with a few small-ish archives already on it, I'm still in the middle of consolidating the folders that contain more stuff for the archive(s), so you'll see a lot lot more stuff pile in. It's even searchable. Well, nothing left to it but to do it, here it is: http://iredmc.us.to/pub_cdn/DoomArchive/ Point, click, download. It's that simple. Oh, also, happy late 4th of July everyone! (Also hopefully I'm not breaking any forum rules if any, I never really bother with that shit enough until it's too late, promoting your own site might be disallowed, except for the fact that it only as of right now has mostly stuff you can still get on THIS site itself so not sure what more good would come out of actually promoting it so yea) Thanks for testing! -j-
  12. JadensWeb

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Most of the videos are DOOM, don't even think about looking at the first one.
  13. JadensWeb


    I LOVE the choice of Portal tracks throughout the WAD, since Portal is my second favorite game ever. Isn't this WAD actually based at Aperture Science Laboratories?