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  1. Someone above already mentioned it, but I second the idea of a monster with the BFG or similar weapon. I thought the Spider Mastermind would've been a much bigger threat if she had something like that. Maybe some sort of slow-moving monster that really forces you to hide or risk turning into goop.
  2. Castelia

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I had a feeling it would be something like that. Thank you, I'll try resizing my map a little.
  3. Castelia

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Sorry if this has already been asked. There seems to be a certain area of my map where if I create a new sector, one of its corners will create this long line extending to some other vertex halfway across the map. What's up with that? Using SLADE 3 if that helps.
  4. Castelia

    Balls Thread.

  5. Castelia

    Female Slayer

    Duh, that's why it curves upwards.
  6. Castelia

    Your own coined terms for occurrences in Doom

    I use the term "double-barrel buckshot", taken from the song Loser by Beck, when I defeat something with the Super Shotgun. I also refer to slaughter maps as "no thanks". Maybe when I'm better at Doom.
  7. Castelia

    New members of Doom World, what brought you here?

    I like when the funny green man shoots monsters in the head.
  8. Castelia

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    Save-scumming. In all seriousness, I'd say that regardless of the perceived quality of my maps so far, I'm alright at creating the atmosphere that I envision in my head before making the map.
  9. I've said it plenty of times before, but John Romero's head unnerves me the most of any Doom asset. Maybe it's the fact that he looks too realistic compared to everything else, maybe it's the way he's tucked away behind a wall, I dunno. I can look at his pain sprite and the original magazine scan just fine, but his standard face sprite unsettles me to this day.
  10. Castelia

    Doom Ports as first Doom experience?

    Whoops. I've mentioned before that my first experience with Doom was the Switch port, before the major updates, and the same for Doom 2. I suppose my very first experience was the Shareware version on Newgrounds, but that was just as a taster. I only got into Doom last year, so I suppose there's a good excuse. I do own Doom 64 on its original cartridge, though, and it's pretty fun, though a lack of mid-stage saves definitely makes it tougher and means I have to commit to every move.
  11. Castelia

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    Finally, your partner is not the only one getting pounded. Damn it, someone already said they'd sleep with John Romero's head. My next option is either the empty space outside the green armour room in E1M1, or maybe the Archvile's tiny closet in Doom 2's Map11? 😳
  12. Castelia

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Those domains certainly are disjointed. This map looks really good, well done to everyone involved. It's awesome to see this in actual map form, and I had fun comparing the map to everyone's original drawings and seeing what was included and changed.
  13. Castelia

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Rest well and take your time.
  14. Castelia

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Loving the screenshots so far, this is shaping up to be really cool.
  15. Castelia

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Just above, Ola J has a design for E1, but Spooky Explosives might've missed it.