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  1. Fayonetta

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Steel Panther lmao If I get another Imp response, I'm changing to my actual face.
  2. Fayonetta

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    I don't serenade. http://soundcloud.com/faeleficent/logic-under-pressure
  3. Fayonetta

    Doomworld Discord

    Does this forum have a discord server or do we have to deal with the official Doom discord?
  4. Fayonetta

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    I have them on PS4. It's good, so far. Brought them when I brought Doom 2016 Slayers Collection. I think they count
  5. My objective is to play and complete all the doom games readily available for me, even both versions of Doom 3 (Xbox version and i think the BFG Edition on PS4). And possibly not cry like a bitch doing Doom 2K16 on Ultra- Nightmare.
  6. Fayonetta

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The bot with a big iron on his hip.
  7. Fayonetta

    Ultimate Doom Not Working Right

    In Vanilla Doom or GZDoom?
  8. Fayonetta

    Ultimate Doom Not Working Right

    I'm not sure if it's because I have GZDoom on my computer or what, but when I open UD, the mouse acts like the arrow keys for some reason and moves doomguy forward. Is there a fix or should I just stick to playing GZDoom?
  9. i have to wait 24 hours to reply. but to answer your question: sure

  10. Fayonetta

    I Think I Messed Up Project Brutality

    I found the problem now, but thanks anyways. I'll remember that
  11. I was trying out some stuff in Project Brutality, and decided to use the "PB_ALLOW_SV_CHEATS.PK3" file. As soon as I loaded it up, there were no enemies. I'm like "alright" and took it off. I open it again without the pk3 and there are still no enemies. What do I do?
  12. Fayonetta

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    He has seen some shit, son.