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  1. I use Reshade to add a CRT filter amount other filters I use.
  2. Introducing QuickCharge, a weapons mod built upon a version of the SuperCharge mod by @Tango, specifically v1.3 (no monsters b). Welcome, what we have here is a simple set of weapons, nothing outrageous, there is no alt fire and only two weapons need reloading. The mod doesn't interfere with monsters or anything just the player weapons. Big thanks to Tango for making the awesome SuperCharge mod and the Doom community for the countless hours of enjoyment I have extracted from all the Wads and Mods, I hope you like the mod it took much longer to make than I expected! -----/////DOWNLOAD V1.4 HERE/////----- Fixed a small issue with V1.4 28/02/2020 FEATURES: A classic family of weapons customised for more immediate demon slaying. Weapons balanced close to vanilla as possible but this is not meant to be 1:1 with vanilla, you will be a bit more powerful(I suck at Doom so I'm ok with this). RNG for weapons is back( I do like a bit of randomness). Dynamic lights for every weapon and item where apllicable. Weapon switching is almost instant, I added just a slight delay to it. Updated the weapon and flare sprites a lot, mostly subtle changes though. New or remastered sounds. Three abilities! Kick, Dash and Taunt that spice things up (you don't have to use them but they are damn fun). Player hitscan weapons fire tracers - this was included in the SuperCharge mod but not used for some reason, I just reinstated it and tweaked it a bit. Use of the word remastered a lot, really in most cases I just took the original sprite/sound and overlayed some extra stuff to it. Tonnes of other stuff changed or added/removed that I can't remember. CHANGE LOG: SCREENSHOTS(need to update these): REQUIREMENTS: I have tested the mod with GZDoom v4.3.3 and v4.3.1, I have no idea if it will work with other source ports, GZDoom is all I use. THE WEAPONS: ABILITIES SHIZ: BONUS SHIZ: YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: CREDITS:
  3. Sorry for the bump, just a small update. QuickCharge updated to version 1.4 26/2/2020 v1.4 Pistol fixed AGAIN. Berserk SFX made translucent. Berserk fist SFX size reduced. Plasma rifle light when firing toned down a bit. Minigun sprites cleaned up and animation given some attention. Moved QuickCharge settings to the options menu so the main menu doesn't overshoot with some Wads - noticed this with Running Late 2 and it bothered me hehe. Chainsaw given some "Shake".
  4. 6DB

    SPAWN Redux released!

    Gave this a quick go and it seems really cool, don't have time to play more right now though. It's a looker, reflective surfaces and detailed enviroments. Make sure you go to control options as there is a bunch of stuff to bind. Certainly seems like a lot of work went into this Wad, I'll play some more later.
  5. I'm not familiar with Delta touch but I see that it suppports GZDoom. Are you using GZDoom with Delta touch? I've only tested the mod with GZDoom.
  6. 6DB

    WAD: GOingAGain [EPISODE 2 playtest-RELEASE!]

    Very good from what I just played of the first map. This is designed for continuous play?
  7. QuickCharge updated to v1.3 Added options for Weapon dynamic lights(default on) and Old style lights(default off) in the mod menu. Fine tuned some of the GL lights. Pistol should no longer quickly fire two shots if holding fire after reloading. No more updates for a while I think, I'm happy with the mod for now.
  8. Finished UV, constantly run out of ammo, think I was a bit poor with my shots and exploiting explosive barrels so ammo is probably fine tbh. Died a few times, I suck, normally play on HMP. Noticed you can run past the last enemies and end the level by hitting the switch to end the level, don't know if intentional or not. Tis a good map.
  9. Hello, I gave your map a go on HMP. It seemed to be well balanced, I like that you have to make quick runs across the lava. Only one problem I came across, you have a medkit in front of a switch, I had to squeeze round the med kit to hit the switch as I didn't want to waste the medkit. The design of the map felt quite open but not too confusing which is good. The music was excellent. I'll give it another go on UV.
  10. Let there be light! I have updated QuickCharge to version 1.2 All weapons and projectile impacts now have GL lights. Appropriate items now have GL lights(most of these are contained in the Quick_Charge_Items.pk3) Damage amount when quickly firing the pistol has been fixed to what it should have been. Deleted a bunch of unnecessary stuff. I will update the lighs further in a future update I think as they need some fine tuning but for now they are solid enough from what I've experienced from a megawad I'm currently playing. Screenshots Thanks! This means a lot to me. This mod wouldn't exist without SuperCharge.
  11. 6DB

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    Have you thought about adding PSX lighting* to this map, it can really add a whole new level of atmosphere to a map and give it a moody feel beyond what is already a great looking map. *Check out the Threshold of Pain and Fall of TRITON remake wads, both have PSX lighting.
  12. Thanks. I will look into GL lights at some point then, just need a break for now. Edit: Didn't want to bump the thread for a very minor update but I have added some GL lights, I will add more in the very near future.
  13. If I knew how to do that then there would be GL lights but seeing as I've only been using Slade for a month I wanted to keep things simple, you dig?
  14. 6DB

    Your wads, hand em over.

    I loved Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday, I hadn't thought to check out what other stuff you have made, a lot it seems. Just gave Doomed in space a blast and I do enjoy the light hearted flavour of your work, most excellent, I will play some more of that later and check out the rest.
  15. 6DB

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    Thanks. I was happily playing through continuous but altered a mod I was using and had to start map 4 with a pistol start, I had no problem getting back to killing demons though. So far I love this Wad, no problems to report but I'm not an eagle eye like a lot of people around here so I'm sure they will find a misaligned texture or something.
  16. 6DB

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology

    Just burned through the first map, seems like great stuff so far. Is this Wad designed for continuous or pistol start? I'll try and play through this Wad later as I do prefer short Wads over Megawads.
  17. Hell yes, that orange sky with dense spooky detail looks superb. What is HTC3 and where can I find HTC 1 & 2? Found it.
  18. 6DB

    The Dig - First WAD

    Gave it a go and it was great, refreshing to play a map with the BDLite mod built in. Appreciated the puzzle elements, not something I see often. Played on HMP, died a couple of times due to not being used to BDLite. Encounters seemed fair and nicely balanced. Well done, hope you make more maps.
  19. 6DB

    Cross Contamination - MAP 2 OUT NOW!

    Dude, I just played through this on HMP. Lots of detail throughout the entire map, insane amount of work must of gone into this. I never felt lost and the challenge felt just right the entire time. Many cleverly scripted events and unexpected things happening, I was engrossed. An episode of 6-9 maps like this would be something very special, I demand more.
  20. 6DB

    Cross Contamination - MAP 2 OUT NOW!

    Hell yeah, looks groovy,
  21. 6DB

    Cross Contamination - MAP 2 OUT NOW!

    Any screen shots? Regardless I'll give this a blast later.
  22. 6DB

    Moonfire (Boom) - WIP Episode

    I just gave it a quick go, sure is pretty but damn it's hard on HMP. Monsters in front of you teleporting suddenly behind you, felt kinda cheap. Awesome stuff though and early days of course, hope the final version will have new midi music.
  23. 6DB

    WAD: GOingAGain [EPISODE 2 playtest-RELEASE!]

    Just played through this map on HMP, enjoyed every second. It was short and highly detailed and flowed nicely. The secrets were not hard to find which was appreciated. I'll check out some of you're previous Wads fo'sure.
  24. 6DB

    Gameplay mods - Do you like or dislike them?

    Forgot to mention, I love that some Wads have custom status bars so I use the fullscreen huds mod that let's me split the bar but keeps the graphics untouched, delicious.