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  1. Smekk my good chap :> 

  2. To the Fellow Doomers: It's really nice meeting you all :) 

  3. Don

    Cursed Doom Images

    @Uni000 I agree with you on this uni :)
  4. I love this wad! ^^ It reminds me a lot like Alien Carnage!
  5. Hey, I'm one of your subscribers from Youtube :D Love your content mate

  6. If there is a Painkiller weapon wad For Doom, then why isn't there a Painkiller Music wad? 

  7. I'm a fan of your Edge source port :)

    1. Coraline


      :-) It’s always very warming to hear things like this, especially from new users.

      I know EDGE has its quirks and sometimes work on our goes from slow to ludicrous speed, but I’m happy to hear you enjoy the port!


      Plus, hehe, this is definitely motivating on my part to continue doing what I do and I’m sure the other team members will feel the same! 


      Feel free to join our Discord, ZDoom+EDGE Official, I’m always logged in (as the others are as well), so I’ll always be available to help even if I get a little busy:



      We also have a Wiki for general Engine editing and other cool stuff:



      See you around! ☺️

  8. I welcome any Fellow Doomers Willing to Frag Zombies with me