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  1. cr0ma

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    Because anime & manga
  2. cr0ma

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    Speaking of favorites ; I like a lot Ghost in the shell, Gunnm and Berserk
  3. cr0ma

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    I hate that initial music I awalys ear it when I test my levels It's a curse
  4. cr0ma

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    That's the endgame of Internet
  5. cr0ma

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    What disturbs your prefrontal cortex so much? It's because you are too pretty for wearing anime avatars?
  6. cr0ma

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    Unfortunately, I'm running trough one error that I can't understand. With the packages mono-develop libgdiplus libx11-dev: g++ -std=c++14 -O2 --shared -g3 -o Build/libBuilderNative.so -fPIC -I Source/Native Source/Native/*.cpp Source/Native/OpenGL/*.cpp Source/Native/OpenGL/gl_load/*.c -lX11 -ldl In file included from /usr/include/c++/8/memory:80, from Source/Native/Precomp.h:29, from Source/Native/OpenGL/OpenGLContext.cpp:22: /usr/include/c++/8/bits/unique_ptr.h: In instantiation of ‘typename std::_MakeUniq<_Tp>::__single_object std::make_unique(_Args&& ...) [with _Tp = OpenGLContext; _Args = {void*&, void*&}; typename std::_MakeUniq<_Tp>::__single_object = std::unique_ptr<OpenGLContext, std::default_delete<OpenGLContext> >]’: Source/Native/OpenGL/OpenGLContext.cpp:904:57: required from here /usr/include/c++/8/bits/unique_ptr.h:831:30: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type ‘OpenGLContext’ { return unique_ptr<_Tp>(new _Tp(std::forward<_Args>(__args)...)); } ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Source/Native/OpenGL/OpenGLContext.cpp:458:7: note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘OpenGLContext’: class OpenGLContext : public IOpenGLContext ^~~~~~~~~~~~~ In file included from Source/Native/OpenGL/OpenGLContext.cpp:23: Source/Native/OpenGL/OpenGLContext.h:34:15: note: ‘virtual bool IOpenGLContext::IsCurrent()’ virtual bool IsCurrent() = 0; ^~~~~~~~~ make: *** [Makefile:15: native] Error 1
  7. cr0ma

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    How? Dare I say but, maybe it's the same on Linux.
  8. cr0ma

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    That's interesting. By built you mean that you compiled? Or are you using some prefix configuration on Wine?
  9. Currently on map03. I like how this is going. map02 is my current favorite. Maybe because I can use the berserk all the time, or the japanese style.
  10. cr0ma

    SHMUP game I'm working on

    *barks internally*
  11. cr0ma

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Forgetting about the Berserk durability
  12. cr0ma

    Need a little help

    Delete cache and app data and retry. What smartphone do you have and android version? Maybe it's old or too naive.
  13. cr0ma

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Can you link the /idgames page? Can't find it even by searching with other criteria. I'm curious to play this.
  14. cr0ma

    Need a little help

    Can you reproduce the steps you've done to install Delta Touch? Like going to the play store, run it.. etc? Perhaps you've touched something it the settings in game, which you should do care to edit because they are not fully supported; also you can reset the config everytime to the side menu before running the game. Otherwise, in the details of the Play store apps there are some contacts; and the author is open to refund everyone in case of serious problems.
  15. Played trough the 4/5 of map01. Like it so far the difficulty is reasonable in this one for newcomers like me. Had to quit before reaching the exit and I didn't saved, like usual.