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  1. cnidaria

    In need of advice

    Is PrBooms freelook allowed as it doesn't actually allow free vertical aiming? I've heard that it is compatible with demos and simply parsed out
  2. The first thing that made me knew I was gonna love this game was how fast doomguy was and how zombies and imps reliably died in 1 hit to my shotgun at mid ranges. It's that simple, moving and shooting just felt so good all the time. I tore through knee deep so many times before even moving on to Doom 2. Move, aim, fire, repeat. There was absolutely nothing put there to get in my way Doom 2's additions just made things even more visceral. The relationship between the SSG and the new, bigger enemies was perfect. Revnants die in 2, hell knights 3, rocket/point blank SSG damage is largely the same and so you always feel in control of just how much damage you can put out and take. Sure you have that rng on damage but the ranges never seem too wide That and infighting is it's own barrel of fun that just adds another intuitive layer to large scale brawling. I honestly haven't played another game that makes shooting stuff feel so good
  3. I did name an exception specifically for projects such as Eviternity and AA. My gripe is with mods that do things 99% vanilla and just change a few little, largely inconsequential things. The offset frames of the shotgun, the sprite for armour bonuses or the sound of doors opening. It just gives me an uncanny feeling whilst not adding anything to the gameplay in the slightest. I get wanting to give things your own flair but it throws me off
  4. cnidaria

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I finally played it and I I really enjoyed it. The constant oppression made me feel like I did during my very first play through of Ultimate Doom - every single step was made with trepidation, every single shell and rocket was important, every single enemy was a threat. It's a feeling that I've not had from any other WAD since. Whilst I love Final Doom and the map sets I've played since that largely seem to use Plutonia as the design source, SIGIL was a reminder of why I was so drawn to Doom originally and I think a very fitting follow up to Thy Flesh Consumed I can understand why people don't like it though. The maps weren't "fun" to play in the manner that more open maps stacked with enemies and resources are. There were no real standout fights or combat scenarios, just a constant slug forward versus a consistent stream of enemies. Nothing about it was gratuitous in the slightest, and none of the maps are ones I would load up drunk late at night because I just felt like listening to some music and blasting some demons. It demands your full attention I would say that it is an incredibly fitting episode 5, but also something I'm glad that I've beaten and will now not be returning to on a particularly regular basis
  5. I like both vanilla and TC's, and only tend not to enjoy those that fall in between. I started with GZdoom and only moved onto vanilla doom after a couple years, which is what I favor now, and I pretty much consider them separate games. Whenever I play a mod that has largely vanilla weaponry and enemies but with a few tweaks, it just throws me off and makes me wish I was playing vanilla, but I think GZdoom is a brilliant engine and modding platform for straightforward, visceral shooters such as Ashes 2036 and that the future is bright for such "TC's" There are passes made for extremely well produced projects such as Eviternity, but I feel like most most that try to hit that middle ground fail and would've been better served just using vanilla assets rather than trying to add anything new unless they were going the TC route
  6. cnidaria

    Need help and advice

    I haven't made any Doom maps but have previously been heavily involved in the modding scene of another game. I was going through what you were for a long while. It finally dawned on me that I hadn't actually played the game or anyone else's work in nearly 2 years, I was just sat with the editor and forums open every day. The trick was going back and actually playing the game and other mods to remind myself what I loved about it in the first place, which in turn reinvigorated my desire to work on it
  7. Doomguy can take far less hits than most enemies in the game and is always massively outnumbered, but he's really fast. That's his thing. I wouldn't enjoy any mechanic that screwed with this
  8. cnidaria

    unpopular retro opinions

    All three classic build engine games feature incredibly unsatisfying weaponry and irritatingly bullet spongy enemies that leads to an overly arcadey, a-visceral and inherently flaccid experience
  9. cnidaria

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    Halls of the Damned, Unholy Cathedral, Tricks and Traps Mt Erebus I don't hate but I always manage to get lost so I don't like playing it
  10. cnidaria

    What device do you use for aiming & turning?

    Mouse with mouselook and crosshair
  11. Start making my way through what seem to be the essential megawads... scythe, alien vendetta, ancient aliens and BTSX are my main goals. Bonuses would be hell revealed and eviternity I'll save sunlust for next year
  12. cnidaria

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    I use the regular shotgun at every remotely viable opportunity and have genuinely considered making my own mod that gives it precedence over the SSG in slot 3. I just love the thing, nothing feels better than quickly nailing a shotgunner rounding a corner when he might have dinged you were you still reloading the SSG. I tend to carry it a lot when blind playing maps for that reason. I don't have the same affection that many players seem to have for the SSG, though I recognize it's immeasurable usefulness, it's just a tool to me
  13. cnidaria

    Is final doom worth playing?

    Yes, very much so. I started playing Classic Doom about 3 months ago, beat ultimate, 2 and TNT and am about 15 maps into Plutonia TNT was great. Most of it just felt like a much bigger knee deep - lots of basic enemies and small arms combat, large but often confined maps. It wasn't too difficult bar a couple of spikes. I've found myself replaying a few maps such as Stronghold a few times since because I really enjoyed the design. Definitely worth playing, but there are some irritating spots that you just have to plow through (central processing and a couple maps near it...) Plutonia so far is fantastic. Compact maps with great fights and just all around really well designed encounters. Difficult yes, but has yet to feel unfair and it consistently resupplies you after difficult encounters. I'm just really enjoying it, doing alright blind but I would definitely play TNT first - it taught me a lot of skills that I would've seriously struggled to play Plutonia without. The progression from 1 - 2 - TNT - Plutonia has generally felt very natural tl;dr, yes, they are as fun if not better than the base games imo