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  1. Grieferus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Like this. I don't have enough time and desire to polish it up, so here you go.
  2. Grieferus

    Share Your Sprites!

    You might lift the angle of a wrench a bit, so that would look more natural.
  3. Grieferus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Oh sheesh, looks ebic! Now we need an entire classic bestiary to be rerendered!
  4. Grieferus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Can you send separate frames?
  5. Grieferus

    Nyan Doom v1.1.6 (July 16, 2024)

    This is what I meant.
  6. Grieferus

    Nyan Doom v1.1.6 (July 16, 2024)

    Will the "fixed" spectre effect be implemented?
  7. No, neubejiita, WE are the demons.
  8. Grieferus

    wozniak's doom mod - version 7.0 out now!

    And I thought it was about Steve Wozniak.
  10. ЦКЩТП! If the portal opens in Russia, the demons would either freeze to death or die from heat stroke. Or our Guarantor would force them to pay taxes (And he can force literal ROCKS to pay taxes).
  11. Grieferus


    Real Doomguy doesn't need guns. He can kill demons with just his stare.
  12. Grieferus

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    Don't be so demanding, it's not polite. The developers don't post often here.
  13. Grieferus

    Any Cool Grenade Launcher Sprites?

    Just take them from Brutal Doom.
  14. Grieferus

    Post your Doom textures!

    They look good but none of them loops properly.