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  1. HellDemos3000K

    What are you listening to?

    I'm loving all of the music being posted here! I love these kinds of threads because they give me something new to listen to each time, be it an artist, song or album. I don't listen to vaporwave often, but this is really cool to listen to. Very cool.
  2. HellDemos3000K

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    1. I've never beaten DooM 1, it was my first DooM and I rage quit before I could finish and just started playing DooM 2, I did beat DooM 2 on UV though. 2. I can't play any DooM WAD without save scumming, and even when I don't need to save scum I still save scum out of habit. 3. sometimes if I die a lot on a WAD I use god mode and/or give ammo/all, that's unforgivable and I apologise sincerly.
  3. HellDemos3000K

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    Jesus, what awful news. My best friend really got into drumming and music in general thanks to him, what a shame. R.I.P. Hope his family is doing alright
  4. HellDemos3000K

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    looks like a visual novel character (is it?)
  5. HellDemos3000K

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    currently playing Nuclear Throne and it's a very good game. It's a rouge-lite bullet hell shoot em' up and it gets my adrenaline going better than most other games. It's like crack cocaine dude. 9/10. I prefer it to other games of the same genre like EtG and TBoI because it has much less of an emphasis on RNG, in TBoI if you get certain items you literally cannot lose, and in EtG there are clearly better guns than others, in Nuclear Throne even if you get the best mutations and weapons you still die just as easily, which is nice.
  6. HellDemos3000K

    Most Extreme Genre Of Music?

    gotta love noise. Pulse Demon is a personal favourite of mine, it doesn't get more extreme than this.