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  1. Rainne

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Noticed by sheer accident: In Hexen, if you flag items as Dormant, they'll still work but won't frame-animate (for example, mana pickups don't spin), only bob up/down. And this only happens in vanilla/Chocolate, not GZDoom. (Dunno about any other ports.) Use this information wisely.
  2. Rainne

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    It's okay if you curate who you follow, and to some extent who follows you. I still read it but no one responds to anything I post so I don't post anymore; it's read-only. But can still be valuable to read; it covers news stuff the News doesn't, for example.
  3. Also, that Sound Cutoff page is about how the engine sends sounds to your speakers, not how monsters officially hear them. Also, peripherally related: the "Ambush" flag makes it so monsters will only wake up and come after you on sight but won't react to sound alone; useful for enemies hidden around corners or otherwise to ensure the player can't easily draw everything out of a room without at least entering the room first, without having to carefully embroider the map with sound-block lines to control who exactly hears the player's noisy fists. (Technically it's more complicated than that but that's the basic idea.)
  4. Imagine you have a bunch of separate rooms, each separated by a single layer of sound-blocking lines. A sound in one room will be heard in that room, and in neighboring rooms, but not beyond that. If the rooms are separated by two layers of sound-blocking lines (such as defining both sides of a door as sound-blocking), it will completely block the sound. UDB, ever useful, has a Sound Propogation Mode in the sidebar; the icon looks like an ear. (You can also find it in the Mode menu.) This will show the map divided into sound regions, with sound-blocking lines as their borders. Put the cursor inside one of these regions and it will show you where sounds originating in that region will go: throughout that region (green) and all neighboring regions (ugly yellow), but not beyond that (gray). You can also left-click on linedefs to toggle their sound-block flag.
  5. Rainne

    Random Image Thread

    "See All Images In The Image Thread" DLC coming out when? (And why does it only seem to happen with these two?)
  6. Rainne

    Testing Issue In DoomBuidler 2

    Are you sure you've set up the testing program correctly? Load your map, press F6, and review the settings for the game configuration you're building for. Make sure the application/executable actually exists, for example. (And if you're trying to test using the original, DOS version of Doom, you'll probably want to use something like Chocolate Doom in its place; easier than trying to figure out how to get it to launch in DOSbox.)
  7. Rainne

    How do i make a breakable vent?

    Hexen has breakable stained glass windows, and this looks like it's essentially the same thing, just a stylistic variant. And should be doable in the same basic way: It's basically a door with a midtexture, and closed from below rather than from above, and which opens instantly when shot. Lower texture = unbroken vent. Middle texture = broken vent (transparent). Upper texture = whatever, doesn't change. Set up the line so that when it's shot (trigger on "Projectile Hit"), it runs a script that: lowers the door's floor -- likely with Floor_LowerInstant, so there's no scrolling transition -- each door will need its own tag, which you can pass to the script as an argument optional effects like playing a sound or spawning debris; will most likely require a MapSpot, whose TID you can pass to the script as well and if it's like Hexen, put a "Silent" Thing in the door sector so it doesn't make a platform sound when it opens, which would spoil the illusion
  8. Rainne

    ultimate doom builder updates too often

    Press F5, turn this checkbox off, and it won't bug you on startup anymore. But then you'll have to remember to update it from time to time when convenient; which you can do from Help > Check for updates
  9. Rainne

    Of Doom and Darkness

    This is one area where being Vanilla-compatible is helpful. You can aim for lighting to look correct in Vanilla, which is the standard that all other versions/ports revolve around. If it looks wrong in another port, the fault then lies with that port; and it is then the player's responsibility to configure their port properly in order to get the intended lighting experience. (This can happen even in Vanilla if they abuse the Gamma Correction function to make it look brighter than it should.) There's a reason a lot of games have "calibrate your display's brightness so XYZ is barely visible" screens. For example, when you ultimately release your WAD, the release can include screenshots showing how the lighting should look, as reference.d And I agree, GZDoom's "Dark" sector lighting comes closest to how Vanilla actually looks; that's what I have mine set to.
  10. Rainne


    A sector is just an area where the following are the same throughout: floor/ceiling heights floor/ceiling textures ("flats") light level special effects (damaging floors, pulsing lights, etc) tag (reference handle for linedef actions, such as for doors and platforms) If you want any of these things to change between different areas, they'll need to be different sectors. For example, each step in a stairway is a different sector, each with a different floor height. There's other stuff to learn about sectors (such as sound propogation), but this is the basic idea.
  11. Rainne

    Unexplored Themes?

    Hell invading Techbase? Been done. Techbase invading Hell, though...? Like a UAC outpost set up within Hell in order to explore or extract resources from it. I'm sure it's been done (Doom 4 comes to mind) but how common a theme is it?
  12. Rainne

    Unexplored Themes?

    So basically, as a Heretic or Hexen map instead of as a Doom project? In any case, "important cult of the dead" should fit quite nicely!
  13. Rainne

    The "Ask a Simple FPS Question" Thread

    If you mean a full-on modern AAA remake/reboot cut from the cloth of Doom 4 / Doom Eternal, that would be slightly awesome but I doubt it'd ever actually happen. The rights are probably tangled up in layers of bureaucracy. And in the classical Doom fandom, Heretic/Hexen only matter as sources of assets/tech for Doom, but only Doom itself is important. For the modern Doom fandom, Heretic and Hexen aren't as memeable, and therefore ignoreable. As such, a modern take on Hexen isn't likely to resonate with either side as much as Doom did. 🤔 Unless they try to leverage the enduring influence of Skyrim and make it Brutal Doom But With A Fantasy Theme Instead. But this wouldn't really be Heretic/Hexen, which are as much about atmosphere and exploration as glorious combat. If you mean a straight release of the original games, you can already get them on Steam then use the IWADs in your port of choice.
  14. Rainne

    Unexplored Themes?

    Magical medieval, Mesoamerican, ancient Egyptian, ancient Roman? Hexen II confirmed antithesis of Doom. 💁🏻‍♀️