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  1. What would they be without Wolfenstein 3D or Quake? But those haven't remained as enduringly popular despite being just as important to the genre's advancement.
  2. Apparently the standard symbol for health/healing is a white cross on a green background. I whipped these up according to that, and a corresponding WAD. For lack of a faded green to blend the edges of the cross with, I had to use a vivid lime green shade; but I find it makes these stand out amidst the carnage. They also look more "medical"/hospital-y, which suits their purpose. Although then I wonder, why would modern hospital supplies be available in Hell? Perhaps there should be alternate, more "magical" versions of these for use in Hell-style levels, for the same reason they use skull keys rather than keycards. (Perhaps crib the Crystal Vial and Quartz Flask sprites from Heretic/Hexen?) Conversely, the Soul Sphere is pretty much exactly that already for 100% health boost, so perhaps a corresponding mundane "Megahealth" item for human/techbase settings? (The Soul Sphere hasn't been a 1-up since the Alpha days anyway.) So much for the Red Cross making things simpler! 😖 medgreen.zip
  3. I think the main reasons a game that's older than many of the people playing it is still relevant in a world where things get old in a month: The engine is portable. It's not tightly bound to any particular system and therefore flexible enough to be adapted to different host environments. And because it's open-source, that's exactly what has happened. The game is moddable. Many modern games are too, but Doom modding (making new levels, etc) is much more accessible for mere mortals. The game itself is okay but, by itself, would probably be obscure today; a regular in lists of classic DOS games but not something relevant outside of a retro gaming context. But the engine serves as fertile ground in which seeds can be planted. There is magic to video games. Other media such as movies and books, they are platforms for an author to tell the audience a story. A video game is a platform for the player to tell their own story. Being moddable brings this full circle, in a way. Information and power flow both ways. In many ways, Doom is our game.
  4. Rainne

    Vanilla monster scripting tutorial guide

    No, you can't add new enemies to Vanilla; all you can do is edit enemies that are already defined. DeHackEd is more akin to ROM hacking than modding. This is what Doom 4 Vanilla did, which is part of what makes it such an impressive feat. The only way to properly add new enemies to Vanilla is to start with the Doom source code and a compiler; which means basically creating your own port - and certainly straying from Vanilla proper.
  5. Rainne

    Share Your Sprites!

    Exporting sprites to a playable form is a good way to smoke-test the animations/posing, to check how consistent everything is between adjacent angles and adjacent frames. GZDoom is pretty handy for this since I can whip up a custom actor that uses the sprites and see how it goes. Did that again earlier and noticed her walk animation seemed a little odd from one particular angle. Here's the B6 frame, along with the posedoll snapshot it began from (before being scaled down to sprite size). What's wrong with this picture? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  6. Rainne

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    "Nightmare isn't meant to be played." "Wrong! I play it and do well!" Posts like that don't actually refute the original point. If you weren't meant to do something, and you do it anyway, that doesn't mean you were meant to do it. If you don't allow yourself to do something without approval, and thus need to invent approval after the fact whenever you go off-road, you're selling yourself very short. You're not meant to play on Nightmare in the same sense that you're not "meant" to speedrun the game either. They are unnecessary challenges defined as an extension of the core gameplay rather than as a fundamental part of it. (Meta-games, in the original sense of the term.) The fact that a thriving scene has built up around doing it anyway doesn't change the fact that doing so is going beyond Doom itself.
  7. Rainne

    if we have a doom general?

    There are Doom Sergeants: either the shotgunners or "pinky" demons, depending on who you ask and when. And on the topic of implied hierarchies: Baron of Hell Viscount of Hell Earl of Hell Marquess of Hell Duke of Hell
  8. I remember seeing a mention of it in some sort of kids newsletter in grade school, and it mentioned the modding possibilities, like being able to put classmates' heads on monsters. (Those were certainly more innocent times...) The potential of modding is what stuck with me. My earliest memory of actually playing it was renting the Super NES version, although I remember the appeal of that being that I could play the other two episodes too, so I must've been familiar with the Shareware version by that point. The music was better too, honestly. And to this day, E2M1 sounds better with E1M9's music, like in that port.
  9. Rainne

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    Back when calling a difficulty level "Nightmare" meant something. When it wasn't even in the original game and thus wasn't really tested for playability: when you play on NM, you're entering a world that really wasn't designed with you in mind. I've completed a few other games on their respective "Nightmare" modes. It's pretty much just "the hardest normal difficulty", and all they require is that you know what you're doing, and be at the peak of the game. Doom's Nightmare is something fundamentally different. It's like playing a data-corrupted version of the game; there's no guarantee it'll even work, let alone be fair. It's like dealing with a natural disaster; if a building collapses, it doesn't do so in an artful way that carefully ensures there's some way out. There is no God in Nightmare.
  10. If the only things it'll do are run in place and die, perhaps whip up a new actor from scratch that uses the demon's sprites and is killable. If you want it to be fully functional if attacked, perhaps derive from the original demon actor and replace its idle state with an appropriate animation and which doesn't call A_Look; then I think it would only respond to actually being attacked.
  11. Rainne

    Sprite query

    I think they're supposed to be like a floating rock or stalactite or something. It reminds me of the floating island screen leading into Shores Of Hell. In both cases, illuminated by fire from below. Doom Builder 2 calls it "Floating Skull Rock", and the sprite prefix is FSKU, which bears that out. They're basically just there to add to the style/atmosphere. Hell is a weird place.
  12. Alright, I'll concede that. (Although then I think stimpacks/medikits should use a white cross on green background, like that text says, rather than a Dr Mario pill, like the associated WAD has.) The key point that convinced me: that the Red Cross/Crescent is a symbol of neutrality rather than of healing per se. That said, I maintain that the red cross graphic on stimpacks/medikits is still fine; no one's going to confuse it for a real-world situation. Perhaps they could add an in-game option to choose which set to use, with white-on-green as default, or red-on-white for the original experience. That should satisfy both camps. For the Wolfenstein levels, just keep the original graphics: everyone knows who that guy in the paintings is supposed to be and there's no point insulting anyone's intelligence by pretending otherwise. (Real-world modern-day nazis are already used to using discreet messaging in public; they will know who it is too.) Perhaps tweak the intro text to make the Wolfenstein shoutout clearer, being 25 years removed from when Wolfenstein 3D was fresh in players' minds.
  13. If they don't want their symbol associated with health, that's more on them than on us. 😕 Red Cross doesn't own the concept of healing. Their icon serves an important purpose in a real-world battlefield. Doom isn't a real-world battlefield. It's been interpreted as pro-demonic too. I remember when it was still called a Cyberdemon; never did care for the "Cybermonster" name, which sounds kinda generic. (Although I will concede that Baron Of Tearin' has a nice ring to it.) Fortunately, those were just superficial changes with no impact on gameplay, and everyone just kinda got used to it since those roots didn't run 25 years deep at that point. They had time to build new memories before the old memories were declared illegal by some inconvenienced lawyer. They didn't touch anything that matters. They can be trusted not to do that.
  14. Rainne

    Share Your Sprites!

    Trying my hand at buffing her up a bit to better fit her role; with varying levels of quality. She does look more muscular, yet also more scrawny rather than big; like I've taken mass away by doing this. Not an unfixable problem but remains to be addressed. Also tried adding a studded leather headband. The studs are so it doesn't look like a golf visor. Hopefully she looks more like someone who can drop an Ettin in three punches. Also frame IDs for reference. Also And I redrew the punch sprite last month; in fact that was the first major thing I did toward this goal since it's the main thing you see when playing, for lack of a status bar face. You normally only see the player sprite when someone else is using it: another player in coop/DM, or the Necropolis bosses. (Speaking of the latter, I need to keep in mind that the sprites need to be "evil-compatible". Which again brings me back to that Brom painting from a few posts ago.) This one is more clearly based on the original punch sprite rather than being drawn from scratch, but I did try to make it a bit more unique, such as claws in place of an armored hand. The purple ribbons were meant to be a feminine touch and to obscure the lack of detail in the bracer, but that may be redundant now so I could easily remove them. While drawing it, I realized the Fighter's armor is basically leather with a metal casing around it, rather than being just metal. It makes sense, and explains the little leather buckles. Looking at this punch sprite again, I should probably recolor the trim accordingly. I've also been going over the player sprites and converting them to that: metal with leather trim.
  15. Rainne

    Technoir- Cyberpunk mapset

    Yeah, and having the colored lighting be more localized (like focused on the stage) will give it more impact than making the whole level look like a BSP debugging readout. But these are details that can be ironed out later. How much do you have in place for the overall level, and the map pack? Any spritework or scripting in place?