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  1. klif

    DBP59: Zeppelin Armada

    Love this wad. Great EFFORT all around! However, i found a snag trying to open map 12-17-& 18... using lvl skip... on PrBooM3DS (in cl 2 & 9) it just freezes and tells me " R_T Numbforname not found " (i dont expect this issue to be adressed, just leaving a note for anyone using the wad with PrBooM3DS )
  2. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    Thank you for that! I appreciate you passing on the knowledge. I will take them out.
  3. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

  4. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    its running now! im gonna check the playable map to see if all my textures work. Thank you. i took out the blank dehacked lump and moved the sky in between mt p start and p end.
  5. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    is it suppose to be PP_START and PP_END ? I HAVE IT AS P_START P1_START textures P_END P1_END Is this correct?
  6. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    Alright im on it...brb
  7. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    Oh... and this WONT have any effect on WHY its crashing as ive tested it before on my source port , just fine... i am testing BOOM on my prBooM3DS.Which typically works fine... which is why im almost sure its a problem i can fix in slade
  8. klif

    Crashes my prboom on startup

    So do i need to place it elsewhere outside of the flat defs? Its just MAP 1s SKY colored BLUE
  9. Im building a " MAP 1" ... NO custom textures ( as in NEW textures) However, I have copy pasted some doom2 textures into my map and recolored them in Slade3. Im not sure if this is causing the crash. Im pretty sure i have everything listed and labled correctly under the headers for textures and flats. Can someone open this up in Slade and DoomBuilder and tell me what im doing wrong?! Pretty Please. DooM2 (boom compatibility) ((Im almost sure its something i need to fix using Slade3)) OSCULUM BUILD.zip
  10. ive just now placed a zip folder in a comment. Thank you.
  11. I took it down because DOOMWADS uploaded it. Its back now. just below your original comment. Thank you again.
  12. Im just taking notes, advice, critiques. Keep in mind , nothing is set in stone and the lighting isnt focused on yet. This is a bit updated since i originally uploaded but not by a whole lot...its only a small chunk of what the map will be. I took it down because the wad was uploaded on DOOM WADS youtube channel. As much as i wanna have my map featured there one sunday morning...its not nearly time yet. thanks for any and all feedback...oh and i have a technical question. Is there any reason that my prboom wont start my wad if i have "COLORED DOOM2 TEXTURES"? I cant get it to open in my prboom and i think that has something to do w it. There are NO custom textures really,, i just copy pasted some textures from my main/clean DOOM2 iwad and recolored them in my Osculum wad file. What am i doing wrong? Maybe the wad isnt structured correct in SLADE?? Maybe someone can take a look at it and let me know if there is any obvious screw up?? Cus as of now... i get an error/crash before it even shows the DOOM2 title pic. Maybe its a SIZE of the map problem as its a map 1. (Without map 1 in mind) REMEMBER NO FREELOOK OR JUMPING OSCULUM BUILD.zip
  13. Wow , Thank you so much for trying it out. NO freelook OR JUMPING allowed, in fact, THAT is what was tripping you up w the revs. In the starting room, you missed 2 secrets. Your Armor is in there. The blocking line defs in the furnace/drain tunnel area are intentional. It hides my shadowing effect on the crispy bodies. oh, by the way... Bright-maps looks great how you had it. Though its not made w it in mind so far. The switch across the cliff from the rocket launcher will OPEN the door to the temple...i left the door open for testers as i haven't implemented it yet. It will be a switch you SHOOT. Also there is a secret at the end of the drain tunnels room. Also, ty for pointing out that the guts effect was interfering with my portal wall descending. i will be moving it. The new enemies on the cliff just in front of the mancubus are being removed. This is all i got so far, but if you open it in doom builder... you can see a few things i am preparing. This is going to be a very large map...very much in the vain of WARP OF TIME. (map4 from Hell Ground) You will be taken to 4 separate versions of Hell. NORMAL HELL ... which you 'arrive' in at the start of the map...then, after reaching the main HUB of the map,( which you called the big temple) You will BE TAKEN to what will be a very FUTURISTIC HELL . After that, you will go to a BLUE HELL...AND THEN A VERY FUTURISTIC BLUE HELL. Eventually, returning to the main HUB where you will fight 2 bosses. 4 hells Basically lol. RED HELL, FUTURE RED HELL, BLUE HELL, FUTURE BLUE HELL and back again. Its not alot so far but i have a distinct vision for my finished product. Its taking me forever. I started on November 1st 2022. Its gonna be pretty awesome. I wont give up as long as i can get some encouraging feedback. If the map just gets shit on a bunch ... i may loose inspirado. But thank you so much. I havent finalized any of the lighting as far as once you enter the main hub, but ive got some neat ideas and tricks i wanna put in. SO once again thank you. Please try it w no jumping and freelook. Find the secrets and help ive left for you before you take the teleporter out of the Furnace/ Drain area. Oh,,, and i dont know why 1 or 2 bodies arent blacked out in the furnace areas. They are spose to be BLACK.