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  1. I can appreciate the irony of this statement as I recently got KOF 98 for sale on Steam and spent about an hour-and-a-half practicing combos for a handful of characters. I can play SC2 and Smash, but even looking at some of the combos for Guilty Gear previously made my heart skip a beat, so it has been an experience trying to learn to play a more "traditional" fighting game again. I doubt I'll be ready to do well in Arcade anytime soon, but there is something very appealing about seeing those combos, and I was very proud of myself when I executed the Special a few times.
  2. 666shooter

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Thank you so much, hobomaster! I was horrified I had lost all of my files and tabs for good! That is crucial to know it keeps backup states and where to find them, as I am probably going to have to replace the hard drive in this laptop soon and was worried about losing everything then as well. Thanks again!
  3. 666shooter

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    So I had an error trying to update my Doom Launcher and have just deleted about 2 years of organizing along with my existing set up, because Windows refused to recognize the file path and told me to uninstall the program, saying it did not exist when I tried to repair in order to run the update. Is there a config file saved separately? Why did this happen and how can I fix it? I don't think I can reconfigure everything I had set up previously.
  4. 666shooter

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    I've been able to download all previous DMB projects in the past, but for some reason, this file is giving my computer issues when trying to download it from the link on Media Fire. Is there any way you could provide me with an alternate link to the file so I can try downloading it elsewhere? I'd hate to miss an entry due to strange technical errors.
  5. Honestly, D2TWID is one of my least favorite reinterpretations of this fight; I find the timing immensely frustrating to pull off properly and have never been able to finish the level as a result. My favorite IOS remaster is definitely Memento Mori (though I don't wholeheartedly love the rest of the Wad, this fight just feels smart and satisfying; good space to maneuver with a clear direction and goal), followed by something like Running Late, where the IOS is used as an interesting mechanic more than an actual fight. (Though this can be used atrociously as well- see, 1994 Tune Up Project, or, So You Think You Can Speed-Run?) In general, to relate to this thread, I would have rather seen a new enemy entirely, though outside of something like Winter's Fury, I think a lot of Wads tend to overpower their "boss monsters" in a way that becomes tedious and grindy rather than satisfying to kill. Maybe something like a teleporting summoning monster, keeping the IOS theme, where you fight it in different arenas, could be an interesting replacement? It would probably need MBF21 or something even more flexible, but it would be nice to have it summon a small grouping of different demons every x-tics, and then teleport when it takes enough damage, summoning a different type of enemy type, until you kill it in the final area. ... And now some psychopath is going to do that from archviles to Cyberdemons for the challenge lolz. :/
  6. 666shooter

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    The one with all the precision running around the pit, where you have to stay inside the candles, running around the alter, and hit all four switches and then time your run through the lava pit to get past the elevators, I think it was 24? Except the linedefs didn't seem to match up exactly where the borders with the candles were, so I would always hit a teleport line and never could get the switches in time. I'm pretty sure I ended up NoClipping just to finish that horrible map. I am also very guilty of using IDDQD on really obnoxious Icon of Sin fights. I love most of the rest of Realms of Chaos, but I am not going to run around trying to figure out which switch opened what door on the other side of your map. Also... Three's a Crowd map 29. One of the first times I just stopped caring and used that cheat. But as much as I complain about Memento Mori... that Wad has a superb Icon of Sin fight. Anyway, timed switch runs under pressure, bad platforming, and cramped combat are three other things that make me hate maps.
  7. 666shooter

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    I wholeheartedly agree with most of those critiques, except for the "mandatory healthpack in a narrow corridor" becomes "mandatory Cyberdemon fight in a narrow corridor" or even worse, "mandatory Cyberdemon fight in a narrow corridor you aren't going to win if you can't two-shot it with the BFG"... which I can't. I've had bad maps ruin entire Wads for me (here's looking at you, Jenesis), and a few minor instances of frustrating fights or item placement bring down otherwise solid maps (anything with a single shotgun forcing me to grind more than 2 or 3 mid-tiers, or more than 2 Revenants before a better weapon is obtained). Everyone has their preferences, and generally I try to find Wads that are closer to what I like, and have dropped plenty of Wads (even supposedly really high end Wads- I forced myself through Hell Revealed, despised it, except for map 25 [I think?] and then played about 4 maps of HR2 and decided it wasn't worth the effort). I think the best way to deal with Doom burnout is to go back and find the key features you loved about the game in the first place- for me, its a well-balanced fight with plenty of health and ammo (I even like slaughter if its more Stardate 20X6 and less 20X7), grand exploration and set-piece maps, and creative use of textures or portals. You take the bad with the good, but if the good doesn't outweigh the bad, can the Wad and find something better.
  8. 666shooter

    So i just registered the domain DOOM.gay...

    That's- ... Is that gay? *thinks about life choices.* In seriousness, I'm not really sure how many LGBT Wads exist. That could be an interesting topic to focus on?
  9. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    I just wanted to say thank you for that advice. I did a clean install and created a "Saves" folder within the GZDoom 4.7.1 base to mimic earlier versions and updated the save_dir with that path in the ini file. STATS ARE BACK! I know it's not what you had intended with the update, but for now that seems to be my best and simplest fix. Thank you again for your all of your patience and advice in helping me troubleshoot this frustration. I know we are an independent community, but it is always humbling to see a software developer so willing to work with their users to ensure their product works as well as possible.
  10. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    At this point, I think it might be best for me to wait until the next version, as I'm not sure how to redirect the saves back to the Program Files and the GZDoom folder. I'm not sure if DL would read from there as it has with 4.6?
  11. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    I don't understand; I thought you needed me to direct it to the located of the Saved Games in order for it to locate the statistics readout for Doom Launcher? Unless this is also an issue on Doom Launcher's end, but Hobomaster said he didn't experience the same problem.
  12. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    I have tried it with and without, and have not seen a difference. Edit: I also added the zdoomstat.txt to the end C:\Users\x\Saved Games\GZDoom\zdoomstat.txt, but this does not appear to be correct either. What should I try now?
  13. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    Bumping in hopes of receiving more assistance? I'm willing to keep trying if anyone has any further suggestions?
  14. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    I must have entered this wrong, because I changed it from the zdoomstat.txt as it was set originally (as it functions in 4.6 according to the older pathing) to statfile=<C:\Users\x\Saved Games\GZDoom> and it is still not generating the statistics as expected? That folder contains the save files as you instructed? Did I enter something wrong?
  15. 666shooter

    Save Game pathing issue with GZDoom 4.7

    Thank you for the reply; I still haven't figured out what to do about this issue. I have considered moving the INI file but wasn't sure if that would disable certain features (especially MBF) which are exclusive to GZDoom 4.7? I'm not sure how much is contained within that file, but I know for 4.6 it included fairly extensive settings for all of the IWADs, and when I tried adding the line for "statfile" and copying the file path from the new Saved Games folder 4.7 creates, saving this new line as a cfg file in the 4.7 base, it still doesn't affect Doom Launcher's parsing for statistics. I considered adding this command to DL's config file, but was afraid that would affect its parsing for any source port other than 4.7.1 if I did that?