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  1. 666shooter

    Recipe for a sandwich.

    "Come bite the..." Waitaminute.
  2. 666shooter

    He's baaaack

    I just played through most of The Invasion recently (I wasn't able to finish E4M6 with the Cybers cornering me repeatedly), and was really impressed by the interesting sprite replacements and vibrant texture work. I loved the color contrasts and some of the temple architecture in Episode 3 especially. I do think the first episode has aged the best of the package, however, and ran into a lot of balance and navigational issues in the later half of the set, particularly in the first four maps of the third episode, where the ammo was completely insufficient to deal with the opposition. This may have been an issue with pistol starting on UV, but I couldn't help feel that a re-balancing of some of the rougher edges would've improved these levels immeasurably, allowing their better elements to really shine through in terms of the bizarre and otherworldly atmosphere you took such care in creating throughout the Wad. Given the recent re-creations of classic Megawads within the past few years, such as Doom Core Delta and the upcoming VileCore remastering, would you consider a re-release of the first Invasion once the second has been completed? I'd love to revisit the Megawad with some of the issues of navigation in E2 and ammo placement in E3 and 4 reconsidered, and I can only imagine what years of experience and modern builders could afford to the architecture and atmosphere of the Wad.
  3. 666shooter

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but I'm in Map 02 and I can no longer tell where the gameplay ends and the sky-box begins... (I'm not sure if this happened because I loaded RC3 over the data for RC2, but I didn't want to start from the very beginning after just finishing that level.)
  4. 666shooter

    Recommended WADs for Average Players?

    I would caution that Episode 4 of Lunar Catastrophe on UV is no walk in the park, taking distinct inspiration from the first two maps of UDoom's E4, and keeping that streak of absolute spite throughout. The first 3 episodes are mostly reasonable, but be warned that the boss fights are very nastily designed. (Though I can't speak for the lower difficulties, and the rest of the maps are still worth checking out). I'm shocked no one's mentioned one of my all-time favorites and a Cacowards Classic: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/tvr Also, if you want something short and sweet: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/dmonfear
  5. 666shooter

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.3.1 (5/2021)

    Thanks, I will try that. I did find an option to reassign it in the Controls when I did some digging; it was on Sys Req which I couldn't find on my laptop for whatever reason. One thing I wasn't able to figure out, pertaining to searches, is there a way to clear the results of a search so I can display all the other files listed in that tab once more?
  6. 666shooter

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.3.1 (5/2021)

    Thank you very much. I actually just realized the answer to the second and third question about an hour ago myself. I downloaded the full Zip for Reverie and that fixed the issue to include the patch. But as Alt+Print Screen isn't working, what is the command for taking a screenshot using GZDoom?
  7. 666shooter

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.3.1 (5/2021)

    I just installed Doom Launcher the other day and I'm very impressed with the advanced features it offers and the ease of uploading Wads (I put a bunch on my Drive and downloaded all of them this afternoon). I am having some unusual trouble with the basic features, though, and I wasn't able to find any solutions in the Help document, so I was hoping to get some answers here. 1) Anything more than unloading a Zip file (ironically not a problem and even a detriment here) tends to give me some issues as I am computer illiterate. I tried Alt+Print Screen but how do I properly take Screenshots so I can get those sweet Titlepics instead of this Doom II background? 2) The bottom buttons are greyed out and do not function for me, and as such I am not able to move files and rearrange them. Clicking and dragging does not seem to work either. The Delete function doesn't work unless I right click the file and select it from there. 3) This is a very strange issue, but for some reason the Wad files are not reading properly with the IWADs. I played two maps from Reverie last night, and while they functioned perfectly well, the Interpic was carried over from the IWAD but not the Fonts for the titles and statistics. I thought it could be a DeHacked problem, but the level names display correctly, so I am not sure what causes this to happen. [This actually may be a problem with Reverie itself upon testing the other Wads which seem to display correctly.] Thank you for any help or feedback you can provide. I see a lot of promise in this Launcher as a replacement for my old ZDL and am looking forward to seeing more of its capabilities.
  8. 666shooter

    He Came From Beyond

    I'm just now reading through "At the Mountains of Madness", so here's hoping this turns out great! Love the atmosphere and the use of the ambient soundtrack to create that signature growing sense of dread.
  9. 666shooter

    Any Peeves You Have With Custom Doom Wads?

    Generally platforming in Doom as part of the "challenge" of the level's navigation is a recipe for frustration and rage. You aren't supposed to jump in most Doom Wads, but apparently diving headfirst into a pit is usually still an option. Unless its part of a completely optional secret, I don't want to have to run across that series of tiny platforms suspended over lava and miss that gap by a centimeter fifty times until I get it right. Lots of platforming usually equates to lots of savescumming for me. Good platforming? If you're running in the right direction, and it looks like you can bridge the gap, you technically shouldn't be able to fall.
  10. 666shooter

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I have a question about Settings running the latest PRBoom+ and I apologize if this has been asked before, but I recently downloaded the port to finish playing Slaughtermax and thought it would be easier to just ask than going through over 100 pages reading each post. Is there a way to change the default mouse movement controls? It's very unwieldy for me having Doomguy rush forwards when I push my mouse slightly, or suddenly veering left when I'm just trying to turn. I tried reassigning the buttons but this seems to be a default setting I can't overwrite. Also, just a personal preference that I've grown used to from GZDoom, but is there a way to set the Always Run to Off? [Probably not a good idea with Slaughtermax, but...]
  11. 666shooter

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    I'm playing through Slaughtermax on UV Max and this map right there is the first time I have ever used IDDQD just to be done with it. Speaking of truly terrible IOS fights, boy oh boy, that is how to ruin the penultimate map and leave a bad taste. Honestly, I strongly disliked the map but didn't despise it until the end. While we're on the subject of bad ways to use the IOS: Avactor Map 11, 1994 Tune Up Project Map 30, and my personal choice for awful map in a great Wad- Ancient Aliens Map 18. The best IOS fight I've seen? Memento Mori Map 30. I think the Wads are pretty average on the whole, with some good aesthetics (I do love you, Corporate Hell!), but credit where credit is due, that was an intensely satisfying IOS fight, and I can count those on one hand.
  12. Thanks for taking these things into consideration, Jaska. I'm glad me and @Lampenpam were able to provide feedback that was useful to you. I've never recorded a demo before, but if someone can instruct me how to do so, I'd be willing to try it with the updated version for you?
  13. I finally got it to work by creating a new folder and launching it via drag and drop from there, and it worked fine. Having gotten it running and finishing the demo, I am going to be very critical in this review. Please don't let my words dissuade you from continuing to develop this project- you have a fantastic start here, and as I've stated on multiple occasions, the first Lost Civ is a masterpiece of modern Wadmaking, so I want to see the sequel become the best it can possibly be. So I will try to be detailed in the hope of offering things to consider as you go forward with your development. Visuals- There are definitely a few moments, such as first disembarking from the boat and when you approach and autosave point, for instance, when the game overwhelms the engine and the framerate tanks, but its not gamebreaking. In that regard, much like the original, it is an absolute feast for the eyes. Your work on small detailing is impeccable and creates a believable environment that is begging to be explored inch by inch. I love the different interiors from the bars to shop windows to the balconies of the hotel, and that genuine feeling of a world of luxury fallen into decay. This is above and beyond your strength, and I have no suggestions to improve. Keep up the great work. Layout- The first game was heavily into exploration, but it takes on a new depth here, thanks to using items in the inventory to progress and the light puzzle elements that this entails. Simply by exploring the environment, I was able to find all the components I needed to solve a puzzle, and sections like the generator in the garage or fixing electrical wiring all seemed intuitive; this wasn't Resident Evil or Silent Hill, and it gave me satisfaction because it made sense. On the flipside of that, the navigation of the environment can be confusing at times, and while this was occasionally a minor point in the original, here finding my way around proved confusing at first. I wasn't sure what to do in the garage, and I was wandering the alleyways at the start looking for the next area for several minutes. I think perhaps using monster or item placement could make this a bit clearer. Again, not a deal breaker, but some players might find being lost in this civilization more frustrating than others. The only time I was about ready to quit due to confusion was the big fight near the construction site and hotel before the beach near the end of the map; I think your use of crates can be confusing since the environments are so detailed and blocked paths are easy to miss. Gameplay-I'm going to separate gameplay from combat since I have much more to say about the latter, and I'll use this section to touch on the weapons and navigation. I normally hate platforming in Doom Wads- too often it feels forced and clunky, but thanks to your integration of manteling and very simple jumping sections, it never felt frustrating to move around here. The guns are- a mixed bag. I felt woefully underpowered at the start of the map and the initial single shotgun handles atrociously, its accuracy almost completely nullified if you aren't close to point-blank when firing. The slow firerate of the plasma blaster pistol feels terrible when faced down with multiple chaingunners (especially the Uber variants) and the auto-pistol just feels flimsy. The axe is a joke of a weapon in this current build- too slow and weak to be effective in combat, and even a chore to use breaking those surprisingly resilient crates (I think those big ones might have a little too much health, as I whacked away a good six or seven times before they finally broke). In brief, I think the starting weapons could use a little more heft, because I often felt unfairly outmatched with the inaccuracy and lower-power of the weapons combined with the low starting health. Ammo and health themselves were a huge problem in the first half of the map until I got the riot shotgun (the one from Winter's Fury), which improved the combat dramatically, but I was dying a lot and became extremely frustrated by the slow trickle of supplies at the start. I get that it's an uphill battle, but it isn't fun and feels like it could use a lot of rebalancing. Maybe medkits could be a little more effective or enemies could drop more ammo when they die? Sometimes I got a few shells or a clip or two, but this was never consistent. Combat- This brings me to the final section, which I currently feel is the weakest part of the Wad- you've nailed the exploration, the design is excellent (with maybe an additional marker or two so the player doesn't get too confused), but the combat itself ranged from decent to outright infuriating; I was never having a good time. I played on HMP, and I got hurt a little more than just Plenty. I'll be blunt- there were many, many times this Wad left me angry and frustrated, as projectiles came seemingly out of nowhere, I was sniped from all sides, my health dropped from 50 to 0 in a matter of seconds, and I was cursing in the search for better guns, ammo, and more health. The sniper section epitomizes my frustration- the enemies kill you in seconds before you have time to see where the projectiles are coming from. I don't think the custom enemies are the issue here, necessarily- its that its too much, too quickly. From the homing attacks of the new imps to the instant-kill psychic wave of the Arachnorb, to the poison projectiles of the Roach and flying Mancubus, and the hyper-fast stream of projectiles from the former human (the one with the yellow plasma bolts) I just didn't like this very much at all. But being surrounded and fighting off multiple powerful enemies is part of Doom; look at slaughtermaps after all, and those don't necessarily have to feel unfair of unbalanced despite the extremity of the fights being part of their design philosophy, right? Hurt and Bad Religion both use a lot of custom monsters, and those are great maps. So... why isn't it working here? Part of what I think makes things frustrating is how easy it is for enemies to hide in the detailed environments and ambush the player- this was one of the few big problems I had with the first one as well, but since they were standard Doom enemies, once you knew how to spot them, you could get the upper hand because the balance still felt right. With such a complex environment seeping with so much detail, and the homing and high-damage nature of so many of the new enemies' attacks, coupled with the health and ammo restriction that forces constant scavenging, things just never tilted the other way for me, and I spent the entire map annoyed as I was dying and savescumming just to move a few inches. I'm not an expert in this field, but I think rebalancing the weapons and monster damage and attacks could be helpful, and pay special attention to how often RNG puts the player at a disadvantage; my shotgun shells were always dwindling with the chaingunners and Mancubi; the sniper rifle's damage output seems all over the place- RNG might not be the best approach with a weapon like that, or maybe just tighten the range? On a final note, the NPC dialogue might benefit from a dedicated translator or translation app or service. I'm not trying to make fun of you here; I've worked with students in my last job who barely spoke any English and using any language different from your own is very difficult, as I found when trying to speak Spanish to them in return. This again wasn't gamebreaking- I could understand what was being communicated over 90% of the time. It's something to consider addressing, if you have the time, just to create a more polished final project. To summarize in brief- keep building on what you have here, but maybe consider tightening up the combat, removing a few monsters perhaps or buffing some of the weapons for accuracy or damage or reworking some of the custom monsters' behaviors and attacks. Take some time to reconsider the enemy placement and how health and ammo are distributed, particularly in the first half of the map. Or don't. It's your Wad of course, and at the end of the day, playtesters like me can only offer suggestions, in the hopes that the final project will be even better for it. Thank you for releasing this demo, and I very much look forward to playing more of the game as it develops. Best of luck and success, 666Shooter
  14. I would love to run this for you, but I cannot replace all of the Saves for my GZDoom 4.4.2 right now and this gives me an error for anything less than 4.5. I tried downloading GZDoom 4.5 and running this separately by dragging the file, but there's a "IWAD Info: Bad Syntax Line 107" error whenever I try to start it up. The only way I know to fix that would be to replace all of my existing GZDoom files, and I don't even know if that would work.