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  1. stooge999x

    Need help finding good total conversions

    Thanks for all of your replies, I'm checking some out now. I should have mentioned some that I played that I liked, like The Darkening 2, Army of Darkness, Zombies, Wolfendoom, Batman, Icarus, and Daedalus. Also, I misspoke in my request. I'm not exclusively looking for TC's (as in everything changed), I'm looking for partial conversions too. Anything that will provide a great gameplay experience for doom/doom2/doom3. So if your favorite wasn't posted here, please feel free to mention it!
  2. I'm an old doom fan who's been out of the loop for a LOOONG time. Can anyone help point me in the direction of some really great total conversions (for any doom, 1-3). Or is there maybe a cool site with a list of some of the best? I've been craving some doom but want something new to play.
  3. Hello, I'm a longtime doom fan, but I haven't downloaded any mods or wad files in about 8 months or so, and even before that I'm only really aware of some of the really big TC's. I was wondering if anyone knew a page that had a great list of TC's available, or if anyone could just recommend some for me (I like all kinds/themes). Thanks in advance.
  4. stooge999x

    question about DooM 64 engine

    I admit, DooM 64 was my first doom, and I still love it, although the original doom for pc is my favorite. My question is about the engine in doom 64. If I'm not mistaken, doom 64 uses 2d wads like all the other doom games. I was playing through some old levels though, and I noticed in level 10 or 11 or so, that they had bridges that could be crossed or walked under. I'm still new to editing, but I did see a tutorial on this on this page, and how it uses the floor raise and lower technique. Is this how they did that in doom 64 (I think I did hear the floor raise and lower), or is doom 64 actually 3d? On another note, the n64 sucks. In honor of doom 3 coming out, id should rerelease doom 64 for the pc.
  5. stooge999x

    Creating transparent spaces

    well, thanks for the help, I was using wintex, and editing with mspaint, and it wasn't working. then I tried deepsea and did the erase thing like you said, but now when I load the wad it crashes doom.
  6. stooge999x

    Creating transparent spaces

    I'm working on my first wad, so I'm a total newbie. It's a total conversion, maybe a bit ambitious for a first wad, but it will keep me busy. Anyway, I think I'm getting the basics down. However, I see in a lot of resources (mostly the wad designers handbook and a book, "Tricks of the DOOM programming gurus") that say to have transparent spots in textures, they need to be patched textures, but none say how this is accomplished. Actually, I'm not worried about textures yet, I'm working on the title menu logo (M_DOOM in doom2.wad). I'm completely changing the logo, but I can't figure out how to make the negative space transparent. Any help?