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  1. Hello there! I am looking forward to documenting my escapades in my quest to "Win at Doom, Quake and Wolf." I am noting that these lets plays through the various mods and various games are not record breaking. I am however looking forward to try and bring some form of wit and information to my sessions. Also, with upcoming projects like the mods, the quake engines, the wolfendooms and the wolfenstein engines, I will be requesting Red Cross Replacements for the various games I will play, such as TommyOliverMorgan's suggestion of "Red Es." (As in there will be a Red E on the Medkits and related.) I am not a furry but I will be looking forward to being a wonderful cat who will triumph over the odds. I am somewhat new to this joint but I will endeavor to make my adventures known. First Project coming tomorrow. The Project known as "JamesTCat aims to Win at Doom!"
  2. First upload. I hope to improve as I will aim to Win at Doom throughout this channel.
  3. Sorry it's taking a while. I will record first video late. Just have patience and I'll get to it.
  4. JamesTCat

    Medkit Sprite Request

    Hello there. I am planning on playing Wolfendoom on GZDoom. Would there be a medkit modification for Wolfenstein 3d style games, replacing the Red Cross with a Red E? I am planning on doing a series of let's plays and like Tommy Oliver Morgan, I am going for a "Better safe than sorry" mindset.