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  1. Tired right now, just got back to Seattle from Dallas. It was alot of fun. I got 7 t-shirts, 3 of them the same Doom3/Nvidia t-shirts,one of them handed to me by Tim Willits :)

    I got a couple pictures that I'll post later on. Got pictures with Willits, Duffy, Hollenshead, and Nilsson. Also with Rick Johnson from Raven software. I was hoping to see Carmack, but he couldn't come since his wife had their son Ryan, born on Saturday August, 14th 2004.

    I entered a d3 tournament sponsored by nvidia, but lost first round lol. It was extremely nice playing the game on high quality/resolution with a geforce 6800. Very smooth. Got myself a very nice id software mouse pad as well.

    Anyways, had fun. Maybe I'll see more of you doomworlders at Qcon '05? This year was actually my first.

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    2. Melfice


      I'll be giong to QCon '05 :) BTW I wanna shirt too :P lol. If you want to give up the non-Tim-Willits-hand-me-one, that is. I'd payyou $10 for it. If not thats cool.

    3. Job


      I will give you perks for a t-shirt, hahah. (I'm going to the next E3, so I could send you a shirt, heh)

    4. Danarchy


      Seattle owns Dallas. I wouldnt leave this area if you payed me. :P