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  1. d_e1m3 is suburban shells, d_intro is stress, thanks for being so interested ^-^" also just as a fun fact d_victor is like a second of stress just distorted to shit
  2. I saw @Lippeth post his soundtrack on here, and to celebrate the recent release of URE2020 on /idgames, I thought I'd post mine too. Sadly, I have no convenient Youtube link like Lippeth does (I tried and the video was too long), but I do have a Soundcloud account. You can listen to the album here. It features most of the map soundtracks. You can download the PK3 here. Note it only works on more recent sourceports that support MP3s. It was a blast to work on this project with @Zylinderkatze, and I hope to do so more in the future.
  3. Yes hello hi I made the HD soundtrack I've moved on from doing much Doom-y stuff, but 'grats again on the release @Zylinderkatze, was super fun getting this whole thing together with you and watching it grow. Anyways, I go back into the darkness now.
  4. tam

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Oh yeah, dw! I'm not offended or anything, you know your stuff :p
  5. tam

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    PK3s are more compact, and I didn't really mean for the music to work with Crispy Doom. A midi OST is on the way as @Zylinderkatze has mentioned, so yeh. Good that you're thinking about this kinda stuff tho :p
  6. There is none yet, I'm implementing slow monsters into it behind the scenes. As for the rest of your comment, yeah, I agree. Something I'm surprised nobody has pointed out (or that I figured out myself) is that doing 100% kills is kinda... A thing? lmao, I completely forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me ^^"
  7. Yeah, if you kill the mancubi before the script triggers it breaks, I'm trying to find a fix but in the meantime it'll just stay in it's goofy broken state @dei_eldren ^^"
  8. tam

    An old E1M2 cover song of mine

    I love it! It feels like a weird Mick Gordon/Andrew Hulshult style mashup, only thing I could complain about is that the part at 1:40 could use some form of synth, or additional guitars, to fill a bit more of the frequency range, it feels a tad empty as-is. Still, great job!
  9. Aight, I'm seeing a lot of the same critiques, so I'm gonna make a little 'response post.' Let me preface this by saying the following: None of this is meant to attack or offend the people that said these things, they're all lovely and just wanna help me improve, and I thank them for that! However, I'm very stubborn, and I'm seeing some criticisms that are there for the wrong reasons, so that's why I'm making this post. This being said, let's begin! 0.- Doom's a very old game. Doom came out 27 years ago. Doom 2, as well. We have had a decade and 3/4s to get good at the videogame. 0,5.- This quote from Dario Casali. "Plutonia was always meant for people who had finished Doom 2 on hard and were looking for a new challenge." Same applies here. 1.- The Lost Soul Stairway This one is fun. See, I know that it's annoying, it's meant to be, that's the point. As I said in a previous reply, it's made that way to prevent people speeding through, like that door in SIGIL that goes very far down. It stalls you so you can't just run past the cacodemons and imps. It's not even that hard to deal with if you take your time; You just gotta deal with everything outside first. 2.- The Chaingunners behind doors I establish that there's gonna be hitscanners behind doors in the first room, with the zombiemen. You should expect that kinda thing when it's shown that early, kinda like a tutorial. Congratulations for figuring it out! 3.- Archvile in map 1? Yes. Deal with it. Congo did it. I even give you full health, armor, a SSG, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun and a ton of shotgun ammo in the form of the shotgunners specifically for this fight. Also, what did you think the switch was gonna do? Open the door that explicitly stated it required a blue key? Because the BFG would've made the fight easy. It's why I hid it in a secret. 4.- The Revenant Switch Room Again, I establish that the green switches glow in every room before this one. Going to an off switch will do... Nothing. Because it's off. I also give you full health and super armor. 5.- Hiding enemies in secrets is a bad idea! Have you ever played Blood? 6.- The maze in MAP02 with the zombiemen and the barrels Yeah, they're right there so you don't just shoot on first sight and think a little bit so you don't take the splash damage. 7.- Archviles in red key door in MAP02 being hard Yeah? That's why the boxes are there. So you don't get zapped. 8.- Very condescending. Overall, I hope this clears up some confusion in the why I did these things. I really enjoyed Clippy's playthrough of it! He was just groovin and killin shit with a neat lil sense of humour and that's all I really want!
  10. For those interested, I made the OST available on my SC. I'll update it as the songs are, uh, made. :p
  11. People who tried Thorium.pk3 - A thing I'm working on for GZDoom - said that the OST was the best part, so uh... I'm gonna upload it to ma Soundcloud as more songs are made, and put into the mod. Das it! Cyu~
  12. I'd say you were too early: Map02 is now live! xp
  13. I might just redesign the map when I get more time, but as of now Imma start working on map02. Ty everyone for your comments hehe