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  1. Ah yes, typical angry incel calling for different view or opinions followed by projections and tough talk. Totally haven't seen that before. Everyone can do that from behind monitor and keyboard, pumpkin. As for suggestion, thank you, but I'm not murderer, vandal or someone who despite knowing better proceeds to do reckless things, so I believe its best you take your own advice. For this case, some prison or solitary time for her to reflect on her accomplishment would be fit. Edit: Ban from social media desperately needed too.
  2. He's tipping his fedora and dusting off that knight armor, obviously.
  3. Huh? You talkin' to me? @Cynical
  4. Send her to prison. Several years in solitary with no chance for parole.
  5. You are working hard. Keep it up!
  6. High On Berserk

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    BFG is overrated. Plasma Gun is better.
  7. @Doomkid Snoop dogg is fookin' best, man.
  8. High On Berserk


    Oh boy here we go... I predict that new wave of threads is coming. This time around it will be "I do not want X or Y" instead of "X vs Y".
  9. High On Berserk

    Is 80-85 too old of an age to live to?

    Hiding in plain sight. Love that approach. Quality over quantity. So Duke Nukem is real person after all! I mean that grandpa is ripped like everyone's favorite alien ass kicker.
  10. High On Berserk

    Is 80-85 too old of an age to live to?

    I used to want to be able to live forever as well. Until one faithful day I woke up and realized it would be curse. Seeing not just your enemies but friends and loved ones dying. Being alone, making new friends and foes only to see it happen all over again... And again... And again. I suppose one could argue that, with eternal life they could get a lot more done than say mortal can. But I disagree with that. Something that has begun must also come to an end. With each passing day I am less and less concerned with ending cut-scene, I am more concerned about smoothness of my journey and being be able to do things I actually want. As for old age all I can say is this: getting old sucks. Like really old. Past age 60 you really become burden if you aren't one already.
  11. DooM 2 Ep1: Not so terrible levels Ep2: Terrible levels Ep3: Yeah, lets just get this over with Ep4: No Rest For The Living
  12. Gotta celebrate promotion to mini member somehow.
  13. That's gotta be one of most ignorant statements ever made.
  14. Learned to keep my musical tastes under wraps. Especially in this age of surveillance and dirt digging.
  15. High On Berserk

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Terminator's ugly relative.