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  1. DemonExterminator

    Worst Doom Source Port?

    Doom95 isn't a source port, it's the official port of doom to windows. Same way jaguar doom or whatever aren't source ports. Back to the topic... Definitely Risen3D, horrible compatibility, implementation of port features is literally retarded and often goes for the most inconvenient method possible (reliance on Things, scripts and stacking lines one on top of another), lack of the most basic cross-port features (e.g. loading pwads out of $doomwaddir), not to mention no multiplayer and no demos either I think. The framerate is prone to drops. No heretic/hexen/strife support, I feel like they could add Heretic at the very least. Also the developer has no interaction with the community whatsoever. Overall it's just a terrible port that should have never existed. On the plus side, its HD textures and models are kinda neat. Annnnd that's pretty much it.
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    2. Gokuma


      I've been recently informed of this delusional idiocy by someone who banned him from somewhere else.   And apparently he was banned from Doomer boards and here.


      Is that an accusation, DemonExterminator?


      And WHY are you posting this garbage on my profile?

    3. DemonExterminator


      Nah it's all gucci, I saw the thread over there and wanted to know what do you have to say about it, since you are main subject of the rant after all

    4. Gokuma


      First, Two things:


      1.) You don't link a bunch of slanderous bullshit on someone's public profile!   If you're really curious you private message about something like that.


      2.) Though you've now clarified you didn't mean it that way, the saying, "What do you have to say about this?" followed by such bullshit tends to imply guilt.   A better choice of words is, "What do you think of this?"


      Now regarding this ridiculous mess:


      I was totally unaware any of this was going on until someone private messaged me on here Thursday night, June 18th.   At first I thought someone impersonating me was cyberstalking someone.   I'm not even sure if that's happening, though I haven't ruled out the possibility.   From what I've seen, this nutbag thinks some copycat twitter account that posts and shares random stuff from the Doom community is me because they copied and pasted the title of one of my topics here.   Then he interprets some other post there as them somehow identifying as a character from the new Dooms that he wrote some spastic story about and thinks the post is directed at him.   It's like some whackjob watching TV and thinking a celebrity is talking personally to him.    Then he thinks I changed my name to my forum title/"rank" which I got sometime in the early 2000's, and thinks that's directed at him.    Has he posted any details of any real stalking or just these insane paranoid delusions?   I'm not sure how I even enter into it besides what I just said.


      Meanwhile this malfunctioning simpleton is actually stalking and doxing a well known renowned mapper who tried to reason with him, calling his work and trying to get him fired.


      He also thinks that mapper and I are staff members here when we're just regular members.   Apparently he's accusing the whole staff of stalking him.


      The weirdest thing is I don't remember ever having any interaction with this dysfunctional mungbat whatsoever.   I might vaguely recall seeing a username of his on a topic here and might have possibly posted on a topic, but I doubt he posted anything intelligent or interesting for me to comment about.


      So I'm going to take a page out of the book of famous people and try my best to ignore him and not engage him in any way, but keep this stuff as evidence against him if necessary and keep an eye out.   I thought of jumping in somewhere and telling him off (before he was banned) but that would probably only feed his delusions.   I'm also keeping in mind that there may be another crazy person impersonating me and messing with him, but I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.   This is like some Shutter Island stuff.  At least I hope it doesn't get that extreme.   Who knows if he's even really married as he claims and not separated or something?  Crazies do tend to flock together though, especially if they've been institutionalized together.    Any sane woman would get far away from someone like this.   He's probably supported by a parent or two.


      I hoping for the problem to solve itself as this lunatic doesn't seem capable of sustaining himself and he keeps getting banned everywhere.


      I will eventually delete this load of shit from my profile.   But I'll leave it up for a while to set the record straight.   I have purposely not mentioned any specific names in this post to avoid perpetuating others being continuously dragged into this.

  2. DemonExterminator

    Can't run Doom alpha 0.4/0.5 in DOSBox

    Yep, putting them one more directory apart worked, thank you!
  3. DemonExterminator

    Can't run Doom alpha 0.4/0.5 in DOSBox

    I tried playing around with the alphas a bit but I can't seem to run v0.4 and 0.5. I get the following in the console: I'm using the idgames upload. DOS4GW.EXE is present in the directory. I also tried switching it with a newer version from another game but it still gives the same error. What now?
  4. DemonExterminator

    DOOM Retro v4.4.2 (updated January 14, 2022)

    Hi! I've just downloaded DR 3.5.5 and I've noticed that, if your screenshot key is bound to a letter, when you're in the console typing something containing that letter, a screenshot will be taken when you press it. (I have screenshot bound to X, so when i type e.g. "map next", it takes a screenshot) One little feature request... can you please make "resurrect" and "kill" implicitly affect the player when there are no arguments specified? And a small question: how does the order of file loading work when using the built in launcher? It seems that, no matter in what order I ctrl-click the WADs, the loading order remains the same (apparent in the console as well). Keep up the great work!!!
  5. DemonExterminator

    DOOM Retro v4.4.2 (updated January 14, 2022)

    Hi, check this out. So we've got this: D*.wad is a resource file that has a demo map in it. m*.wad is a map that requires D*.wad. If you use the launcher and ctrl-click both files, you can enter ONLY the D*.wad map, but both maps will be in the console maplist (see screenshot). If you -file both files, then the map01 will normally be of the wad that was loaded last, but both maps will still be in the console maplist. Also have you considered adding wildcard support in file loading?
  6. Hello, I've been messing around with vanilla doom special effects and stumbled upon this WAD from the 90s with a lot of 3D illusion examples. I have noticed that many of them have linedefs that refer to two sectors that differ only by light level. If I make the light levels the same in Doom Builder 2, the effects break. Why is this necessary and how does it work? Thank you for any replies. Cheers!
  7. DemonExterminator


    Kinda short would be the main criticism, this is like 4 rooms and you can't really show off your creativity too much in such a limited space. I liked the map for what it is, obviously there's a loooooot more to work on, but for a first map yours is far from the worst. Mine was way worse xd Keep at it, don't take any negative comments close to heart. You'll be making kickass maps in no time I think. Don't get too carried away with zdoom features though, it's daunting for a beginner.