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  1. Ness

    Try my level?

    Ill try it! :) scottcc@shaw.ca
  2. Ness

    what if the cyberdemon dropped a rocket ...

    Man Caco, you need to calm down my friend. They're just throwing ideas around. Who knows, someone might make a necromancer mod where you revive monsters to fight with you because of the ideas expressed in this thread.
  3. Ness

    Need Help with Caverns 1

    I've past the part where you need to call the giant lift thingy. Ive gotten as far as the room with the elevator, the computer that tells you that the artifacts have been packaged quickly. There are some bunk beds with a dead guy in one of the beds. Ive killed the spiders but I dont know where to go! The one door in the room is locked! :( How do I call that lift?
  4. Ness

    Romero's episode

    Have you guys read Masters of Doom? It basicly explains what happened to ID, before and after. Did you know that ID made Commander Keen? Crazy shit.
  5. Ness

    Romero's episode

    I don't believe Romero and Carmack are working on Doom 3. I think they split up after Quake because of DaiKatana.
  6. Ness

    The /newstuff Chronicles #164

    About the Screenies being bright: When you take a screenshot, it uses the gamma on your desktop, so those shots seem bright because Grazza probably has his gamma a little high.
  7. *spoilers*

    Thats right! I finished all thirty-one levels (I couldn't find the secrect level in the secrect level) on ULTRA VIOLENCE!

    It was tough, it was difficult, and yes it was frustrating!

    The archviles, the Cyberdemons and the tons and tons of Revenants!


    I love map 30, amazing.

    Anywho, Hail me! :D

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    2. Mivalekan


      HR2 still has excellent music. :)

    3. Julian


      Jeez... what does a blog do here?

    4. Chopkinsca


      I am quite far into it right now. I just started playing it again a couple days ago and got into it. before that it took me about a week to get to level 9... I would play part of a level one day, and finish it the next. I found that the first 9 levels were quite hard, then after that it wound down. (then again, could have been me really getting into it.)

      I beat level 10 while being drunk...

      I tried some levels before hand with god and such on, and I thought level 8 was going to be hell. I finished it on my first try when I got to it legit.

      I enjoyed map 12, even if I hid in the spider demon's house sniping at the archviles. ( I use freelook, shoot me)

      map 15 was the reason I got back into HR2, I had played it on one of my random cheating levels, and I really wanted to get to it without cheating. it was fun to play, required some strategy too.

      Map 22 was the only map so far I almost ran out of ammo on. (maybe because I killed all the spectres and hell knigts that teleport in. I could have just left them and had so much more ammo. :p

      I'm on map 24 now... haven't played it yet, might be a while before I get a chance to, that save is at a different house.

      The thing about HR being easy at first is because it didn't have anything to live up to. HR2 was expected to live up to the first one, so it didn't have a learning curve.

  8. Ness

    I'm an ass.

    "Hey Jimmy, what are you fishin' for today? Bass? Trout? Jimmy: Nah, just fishin for compliments." :p Sorry, people get inspired from within, not from constant approval.
  9. Ness

    CChest1 Map 10 help

    Im in the same boat here, I was playing around with the platforms and I can succsessfully make it to the second platform, but not to the third (third to fourth is easy).
  10. Ness

    Can Zdoom handle my project?

    Ok, I'm a Zdoom Noobie but I'll try to help ya :) If you're just replaceing old monsters, then you don't need Zdoom. Dehacked can do the same thing you need. I believe so. This isn't hard with scripting. Just execute a scrip that runs a random number, depending on the number it spawns different monsters. I think it can.. but I'm not too sure. I know you can strip them of the pistol, but I dont know about the fists. Yes. Thats honestly quite easy to do! :) Hope that helps
  11. Ness

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Vrack3 is amazing! BUT, on UV I couldn't get past the Cacodemon + revenants + Archiviles. It was too damn tough!
  12. Ness

    MORE Zdoom Scripint questions.

    Thank you SO much! I've some some C++ Programming so the if else statements shouldn't be a problem! Thank you so much for the help! :D Ness
  13. Ness

    MORE Zdoom Scripint questions.

    Thanks, but with the CheckInventory, how would one set that up? Is it a boolean? (True false?) do I have to input the number of the item or it's actual name? I tried to look for it on the editing part of zdoom but it's kinda wonky! :)
  14. I checked the FAQ's, I checked the Zdoom forums, and I checked our forums. No Dice. How in the hell can I get my script to do this: Player walks in a room Script checks if he has an item (Certain key) (THis is my problem!) If he does, he passes (this is easy) if not, he cannot pass (This isn't really relevant how he is stopped).
  15. Honestly, Im a dumbass. Thats why! :D