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  1. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    I must say. i didnt care for the character models or the weapons at all. I was impressed by the Doom 3 ones.. and the Unreal 2 ones but not the Kreed enemies. I could make the Kreed enemeis... well come to think of it i could make the Unreal 2 enemies aswell :) Also the weapons where... pathetic and had no kick behind them. I was impressed by the enviro.. but it kinda seemed overboard. Saying 'Look what our engine can do' rather than Doom not needing to say 'Look what our engine can do' it just did it :) Does that make any sense :) no probably not
  2. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    Cheers Dima... those links are better
  3. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    I cant get any of the links working...
  4. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    A new Kreed Video has been released if anyones interested. http://www.shacknews.com/files/fileshack2.x?kreed_video_21_12_2001_b3.exe http://files.dailytelefrag.com/download.php?lang=eng&file=Action/Kreed/movies/kreed_video_21_12_2001.exe Only 2 links I know off. Sev
  5. Seven

    trains in "doom 3"

    LOL.. not a mapper then
  6. Seven

    Vehicles for multiplayer

    well im assuming id will include vehciles in the single player... so why cant they use single player vehciles for multiplayer ? just a thought
  7. Seven

    Any British Doomers out there ?

    Im a British Doom type person and im afriad to say there is nothing in the new issue of PCGamer ...nothing D3 related at all :( Sev
  8. Seven

    New 'multi-player id game'

    Look its obvious that this new game is the Quest we all heard about or some variation of it. Im beting NeverWinter Nights, or the Board game 'Hero Quest' (amazing baord game..best ever!! ) in a FPS style. A dungeon master..he creates a dungeon and can control everything about it...people join forces (the heros) and play through the Dungeon Masters home built dungeon. Go play Hero Quest and you will know what I mean Seven
  9. Seven

    woohoo QuakeCon tomorrow....

    and the next day....and the next day :)
  10. Seven

    DOOM Showing

    We can only hope..not long now 2 / 3 days ?
  11. Seven

    Doom 3 ideas.

    Is there an e-mail address to send ideas to iD for Doom 3? Seven
  12. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    Let me get this straight...at the end of Doom 2, the hordes of hell were banished from Earth and sent back to there realm ??? 7
  13. Seven

    Corpse Art

    That was a Tech demo to show off the lighting abilities of the GF 3..end of story. That was not Doom 3 so please try not to think of it as what Doom 3 is going to be like, its hard I know :) I am sure Doom 3 will have those kind of elements in it. 7
  14. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    Oh found it...its not very complicated then :)
  15. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    I have had a truely wicked idea for a good story for Doom 3, but I would like to link it in with the Doom series more. Could someone give me a run down of the story so far? Doom 1 and 2 ? Please 7