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  1. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    A new Kreed Video has been released if anyones interested. http://www.shacknews.com/files/fileshack2.x?kreed_video_21_12_2001_b3.exe http://files.dailytelefrag.com/download.php?lang=eng&file=Action/Kreed/movies/kreed_video_21_12_2001.exe Only 2 links I know off. Sev
  2. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    I must say. i didnt care for the character models or the weapons at all. I was impressed by the Doom 3 ones.. and the Unreal 2 ones but not the Kreed enemies. I could make the Kreed enemeis... well come to think of it i could make the Unreal 2 enemies aswell :) Also the weapons where... pathetic and had no kick behind them. I was impressed by the enviro.. but it kinda seemed overboard. Saying 'Look what our engine can do' rather than Doom not needing to say 'Look what our engine can do' it just did it :) Does that make any sense :) no probably not
  3. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    Cheers Dima... those links are better
  4. Seven

    New Kreed Video

    I cant get any of the links working...
  5. Seven

    trains in "doom 3"

    LOL.. not a mapper then
  6. Seven

    Vehicles for multiplayer

    well im assuming id will include vehciles in the single player... so why cant they use single player vehciles for multiplayer ? just a thought
  7. Seven

    Any British Doomers out there ?

    Im a British Doom type person and im afriad to say there is nothing in the new issue of PCGamer ...nothing D3 related at all :( Sev
  8. Seven

    New 'multi-player id game'

    Look its obvious that this new game is the Quest we all heard about or some variation of it. Im beting NeverWinter Nights, or the Board game 'Hero Quest' (amazing baord game..best ever!! ) in a FPS style. A dungeon master..he creates a dungeon and can control everything about it...people join forces (the heros) and play through the Dungeon Masters home built dungeon. Go play Hero Quest and you will know what I mean Seven
  9. Seven

    woohoo QuakeCon tomorrow....

    and the next day....and the next day :)
  10. Seven

    DOOM Showing

    We can only hope..not long now 2 / 3 days ?
  11. Seven

    Doom 3 ideas.

    Is there an e-mail address to send ideas to iD for Doom 3? Seven
  12. Seven

    Doom 3 should be HL mark 2.

    I was reading other posts on this forum and something came to mind. The old doom had say 20 monsters in a room. You walked in and they were just standing there waiting for you to arrive. Now with Doom 3 enemies should make an entrance. For example, if you want a room full of bad guys for u to have a go at, then make sure there is a reason for them being in that room. When you walk in have a platoon of soliders ingaged in a fire fight with hords of demons. Have a little scriped sequence that you watch (ala HL) were the soilders slowly get slaughtered as the demons progress. Then after all the marines in the platoon have been slaughtered its your turn. That gives a reason for them to be there. As many people have said, Doom 3 should take HL to a new level. Or take inspiration from STV:EF. Were you can interact with the sequences. In this example you might be able to save some of the marines from death, and in turn they could help you in the coming battle, or later in the game. Other intereactions could be that there are other ways to kill the enemies apart from your trusty weapons. In my example there could be a large acid tank over the top of the demons as they are attacking the platoon of marines. Firing at the tank would crack it and send hundred of gallons of acid down on the demons killing them and saving all of the marines. If you save them all they could call in APC assistance, you along with them could pile in and drive off through to the next seciton of the game. If you didnt save them all you would have to kill the demons..and progress alone, or if you save only afew you would have maybe 2 marines helping you but not the protection of the APC or 20 + soilders. Doom 3 should include lots of these kind of sequences. They not only can forward the story but immerse you in a game like nothing else can. Imagine it (one possible out come), you walk into a large room and at one end you see hords of demons slowly walking across the room firing whatever demonish weapons they have :). On the other side you have a platoon of Soilders taking cover behind a fallen wall. All hells breaking loose. You can see the platoon of marines are loosing the battle as more and more demons pile into the room at the far end. The marines see you and yell 'TAKE COVER!!!!!!'.You can hardly hear them because the room is awash with gun fire. You hide behind a crate, looking up you see a acid tank. You put 2 and 2 together and fire your weapon. The explosion breaks open the tank and unleashs hundreds of gallons of acid down on the demons decintigrating (sp) them. You walk over to the platoon steping over dead bodies on your way. The platoon leader thx you and calls for APC backup. Moments later a APC comes crashsing through the wall behind you. You and your new team mates all jump in and the APC drives off, past the victorous battle ground and off to the next section of the game. WOW...I want to be in that situation. I would lov it if iD could incorportate many of such scenes. 7 Just picture it....
  13. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    I have had a truely wicked idea for a good story for Doom 3, but I would like to link it in with the Doom series more. Could someone give me a run down of the story so far? Doom 1 and 2 ? Please 7
  14. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    Let me get this straight...at the end of Doom 2, the hordes of hell were banished from Earth and sent back to there realm ??? 7
  15. Seven

    Corpse Art

    That was a Tech demo to show off the lighting abilities of the GF 3..end of story. That was not Doom 3 so please try not to think of it as what Doom 3 is going to be like, its hard I know :) I am sure Doom 3 will have those kind of elements in it. 7
  16. Seven

    The Story!!!!!

    Oh found it...its not very complicated then :)
  17. Seven

    Doom 3 should be HL mark 2.

    You could have some truely amazing sequences... How about you have just imerged from a building into a large U shapped valley. Then all of a sudden from over the horizon hordes of demons come running or flying down the side of the valley heading for your position. Then you look up and see 2 Terrain drop ships landing near to your position. They open and 2 squadrons of marines pour out and start engaging the demons as they get closer to your position. Some marines set up machine gun turrets, etc Think StarShip Troopers... The enemy becomes to much and you and the squadrons have to retreat back inside were the demon hord can be broken up in the small corridors. You all get through the entrance to the building just in time before the hord surrounds you, and a marine starts to weld the door shut. Then scilence. You and the marines prepare for the coming battle and all you can do is wait. Cool or what... But...Doom should have a mix of large scale battles and solitary stuff...a lone solider against the world. I cant be bothered to post my ideas about solitary seqences...i'll post later. 7
  18. Seven

    Interesting screenies (young Doom marine? :)

    Thats not Doom. If it was iD would shut them down :) Its not Halo either, its WAY to good looking. It might be FMV from a game. Actually it looks like that StarShip Troopers animated cartoon on Sky One. But it does give you an idea of what Doom 3 might / possibily be like...maybe 7
  19. One thing that Doom 3 needs is imagination. In every FPS for years (ok with the exception of maybe HL and AvP) you knew what was coming. Enemies were the same as the last FPS you played with slight differences and better graphics. The problem with FPS games is that you know what the enemy is going to basically look like and do. Its going to be roughly your size, be humaniod, and have some sort of fireball or gun as its attacking method. Dont start listing enemies to me because this is just a steriotypical bad guy from the past 10 years of video games. HL was the first game to try to break from the norm, it had enemies that had different skills, some hunted by sound, others had shock waves. HL started the progression to unique bad guys. Developers need to let there imagination go when designing enemies. For starters why do enemies have to be your size? This has bugged me for years, Anyone? Why cant we be fighting creatures twice or three times the size of our beloved hero? Unreal 2 is the only game that I can think of that is trying to genually think up differnet enemies. Take the Striders for example. These little buggers are (on there own) about half your size. But when you come along, they can jump onto each other, attach themselves to each other and become a much larger and smarter enemy, a Strider Villan. Then when you go through a small opening, and the Villan cant follow. The creature breaks down into its smaller, half your size, Striders again. These follow you through the opening. Then reassembles into this huge creature again. Another example from Unreal 2 is the 'N'. These are like sub dimensional things (theres only 3 of them) who travel in time and space. They can make it look like there are hundreds of them in the same room. When you fire at them you only push them out of our reality for a brief moment so you can escape. You cant actually kill them as such. See were i'm going, Legend is trying to make enemies that are differnet. Enemies were you have to change your tactics when facing them. Games designers should take ideas from the movies. Anyone seen Aliens (who hasnt). Were the marines went into the generator room near the beginning of the film and whats her name was outside in the APC and the walls came alive. The aliens were the walls and they attacked from above, the side, everywere. Imagine that scene and imagine your self in it..that would scare you. You wouldnt expect the actual walls to start attacking you and ur team members would you? How about Fready from Nightmare. This is just an example that i came up with. Why do enemies have to be bound by our world physics. Why cant enemies be able to reach through walls and grab you when ur not expecting it. How about a bad guy like the T1000 ??? Fear is the unknown. If you dont know whats comming then you will be afraid. I'm not talking about what human sized fireball firing enemy is coming next, but if every bad guy that has come before has supprised you and scared you. They have been all totally different. Then you will not know were, or how (how is the important word here) the next enemy will come after you and that will scare you. Picture the Blair Witch Project. That worked on not knowing what was out there, what was screwing with your mind by making noises and placing those wooden shapes out side your tent. If you were in those students shoes you would be crapping your self. Why cant Doom 3 do something like that. OMG that would scare the hell out of you. Imagine walking along a corridor. You hear these noises somewere in the distance. The lights suddenly turn off for a split second. When they turn on again the room has changed, boxes have moved and there are these symbols all around you. You know they werent there before so what has put them there. It happens again and this time when the lights turn on all the boxes in the room have changed position again. They are now slowly surrounding you...it happens again and the boxes have moved into a circle around your possition. Where ever you move the boxes follow you (each time the lights turn off / on ) and the noises return getting louder. That would scare you..I say again..fear is the unknown!!!! Unexpected!!!! AvP scared me partly because of the motion detector (great atmosphere generator that) but mainly because you didnt know were the aliens were going to come from. They couldnt just come from infront of you on the ground. They could appear from anywere..a small crack in the roof or a pipe in the wall. Again..it was different..so it generated fear. Please iD, I DONT just want variations on the standard demon with a larger fireball. Use your imagination!! Seven
  20. Seven

    Use your imagination..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    Take the Unreal 2 idea for the Striders. I had that idea in my head years ago for a bad guy. I thought of it when I was very young watching Transformers. I dont know why it took so long for a games company to think of it, it really is a great idea for a bad guy if it is implimented correctly. Its an enemy you can't get away from. The usual going through a door or hole in the wall, moving onto the next stage of the game doesnt work because it can follow you. It is always chaseing you. Thats another great way to up the fear factor. Knowing that there is always something following you in the shadows and it could strike at any time. 7
  21. Seven

    Use your imagination..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, the cyber demon is an exception. The barrens of hell may have been slightly larger than you, but they were still humaniod, fireball. I'm bored of the same old bad guy. The same old tactics to defeat it. The same old thing that has been going on in FPS since they were created...I want enemies that you have to think how to defeat, enemies that take you a while to figure out how to kill. Not just walking into a room with a big gun and shooting. How about an enemy that draws its life force from the lights in the room. And is v.v.v.v hard to kill until you figure out that in more well lit areas it is stronger and in less well lit areas it is weaker. So to defeat it you have to knock out all the lights in the room or area. No light, it falls to the ground unconsious. But do you really want to knock out all the lights ??? Things like that... Vehicles are great fun to fight i will aggree but they are more Counter Strike, not Doom. I could think of loads of ideas that would make the player think, and up the fear factor. It just takes a bit of patience and time. I say again..unknown will generate fear Seven