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Status Updates posted by Inferno

  1. I'm 21 today! WOOO!!! Now I get to drink.

    Anyway, to not make this topic pointless, for those who are now 21 or older, how did you celebrate your 21st? My friends have something planned for me this saturday which I don't know yet, but tonight I'm going to have dinner out with the family.

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    2. Grazza


      Inferno said:

      Anyway, to not make this topic pointless, for those who are now 21 or older, how did you celebrate your 21st?

      Went out for a really pleasant meal and drinks in Cambridge with university friends (it was in term time). My sister also visited for the occasion, which was nice.

      It was probably a Chinese banquet of some sort - I recall it was somewhere near the Grafton Centre. This was a bit of a walk, given that I was on crutches at the time, following a severe sprain suffered while doing judo.

      The most memorable thing about the evening was that I took my first steps without the crutches. I didn't get overly drunk for fairly obvious reasons.

      18th birthday was just a pub crawl near home. 17½th birthday was a house-smashing party where I must have been close to dying of alcohol poisoning.

    3. VileSlay


      my dad took me to his favorite bar, then to the stip club across the street. got drunk. got a lap dance. not to terrible of a night.

    4. spank


      Congratulations, dude.

  2. Wow... its such a sad thing to see a pet you had for 16 years just flop. Today I took my dog Mandy to the vet today with my brother to put her down. She was a 16 year old brittany spaniel. And I wasnt expecting this to be so sad at first.

    I'm just going to say, that during her youth, this was an awesome hunting dog. She was able to point out birds as if she just magically made them appear. She was also really attached to my mom, and gave her company when my dad, brother, and I were out or working.

    Well as she got older, Mandy developed a lot of problems. She was practically blind, and she could barely hear. Letting her outside was a pain in the ass because she simply couldent hear. Her right eye had developed inflamed tissue, possibly a tumor, and recently the side of her head looked like it was caving in, and it was due to loss of muscle mass. A few weeks ago, her legs were giving out more and more. She had a habit of taking a dump on our expensive rug in the dining room when we left the house for a long time, probably out of spite. During the past four days she kept getting up during 2:00 in the morning to take a dump on the carpet, but it wasn't solid. I caught her doing this last night, and I noticed her back was arched, and she was falling down real constantly. I took her off the carpet but she managed to crap some on the hardwood floor. She attempted to crap 3 more times on the carpet, and she went under the table and managed to crap some out. I was annoyed because I was trying to sleep before and didnt want to bother with this so I brought her outside. Cleaning up the mess was disgusting btw.

    Then this morning my mom decided that we needed to put her to sleep, because her chronic diarrhea and sometimes vomiting was getting out of hand. For a few days I thought the same thing, and I thought it wouldent shed a tear because this is what needed to be done. Boy was I wrong.

    I can't say how sad it was to see my mom crying when saying bye to the dog. When we waited for the doctor, Mandy jumped up and put her paws on my lap, like she was telling me "I'm really scared". She quivered a lot. They gave her an IV injection to calm her down, which made her go limp, then the final injection which put her down. Holding back a tear just wasnt possible.

    This was the fist time I seen a dog put to sleep, and those final moments really are heartbreaking. I'm much more collected right now, but still upset. She lived a good life though, and Im happy to see that her suffering is finally gone.

    R.I.P Mandy

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    2. GGG


      For a lot of people, it's harder initially to lose a pet than a relative. But the pain does go away faster in most cases. Especially when a quick replacement is in hand.
      Still, it's much easier to let an animal die on its own than to have it euthanised. If it doesn't suffer.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      i lost two of my cats that way, it sucks.

      they where like brothers to me. in our diffrences we were the same.if it were possible that their deathbed was mine rather that theirs i would have made it so...

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Bucket said:
      16 years is a good run.

      yeah. The last dog I had lived till 11 and the one before that was hit by a car aged 8...

      Shit :( and I was already feeling pretty down today.

  3. It's been two weeks since i was here, happy to be back i guess.

    Well i'll tell you guys where i spent my two weeks. St. Maarten and the Pokonos PA, 1 week at each. Let me just say it was an awesome stress reliever.

    In case no one knows, St. Maarten is an island located in the Carribean, somewhat close to Puerto Rico. It is divided by two sides, French and Dutch. My Father has family down on the Dutch side, so we usually go down every couple of years. The place is beautiful, and the people are very friendly which is cool so you dont have a bunch of arrogant prick drivers tailgating you. The Dutch side of the island is really cool for just hanging around, casinos, clubs, and fishing. There is nothing like Deep-Sea fishing, shit. Me, my brother, my friend, my dad, and uncle reeled in 215 lbs worth of Mahi and Wahoo, as well as 1 Yellowfin tuna.
    Oh yeah, the French side has a bunch of nice stores/resturantes but ofcourse everything comes at a price.

    The Pokonos is great for relaxing. Its a good place to do some outdoor stuff, like water rafting, swimming, etc. Nice if you wanna get away from home. I stayed at a Cabin w/ one of my friends.

    Besides me, have any of you guys been/are going on vacation?

  4. Fathersday 4:00, i beat D3. Yeah big deal...All i have to say is that it was deffinetly a good way to kill some spare time.

    I know the game ins't new anymore, but i recently had my old computer (Which didnt have a compatible graphics card) upstairs to my room for ROMS and paint, and a new Dell which just kicks ass downstairs. The game runs so smooth!!!!

    Well, i guess that means i should get RoE? Well...i dont know yet. I've been out a lot since im out of school and being off is too fucking sweet! Anyway, the game rocked.

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    2. Psyonisis


      I still can't run Doom 3 on my computer.

    3. AirRaid


      Janderson said:

      If you get a reward card from GAME you can buy it for £20 instead of £30...if you're in England that is.

      £17.99 delivered from play.com

    4. Johnny


      Yes, you should get RoE. If you liked Doom 3, then you'll think RoE is 10x better.