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  1. Far too young and have only beat it on ITYTD cause the marauder is a pain in the arse
  2. Hydroact

    The Extra Life Feature could use some work...

    Really good idea, it drops you back into the combat with the game frozen for like 5 seconds while you prepare mentally to go back into combat Just like a prep time
  3. Hydroact

    What do you want for DLC?

    People said they wanted like a hoard based gamemode so his time with the sentinels could be a way to fit that into the lore
  4. Hydroact

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    You don't have a single valid point here Everything you are arguing has been seen long before its release You could have noticed it before and just not bought the game
  5. Hydroact

    Crucible Gameplay

    "Epic crucible sword gameplay" Hmmm. I wonder what this could be referring to...
  6. Hydroact

    Crucible Gameplay

    Title says (unlimited ammo) which leads me to believe that it requires fuel to work like the chainsaw
  7. Hydroact

    Crucible Gameplay

    This is Ultra Nightmare but for demons
  8. Hydroact

    Competitive mode

    Would they ever add a ranked competitive mode to Battlemode? It would really increase the replayability of the game and wouldn't even take that much to add
  9. Never watched the anime but won't complain about more content Sir you have my signature
  10. Hydroact

    Collectors Edition Unboxing

    Trying not to look at this post cause I ordered one myself. This is a spoiler for me but oh well
  11. Hydroact

    Expansion speculation: Phobos

    Doom eternal is about double the length of Doom 2016 (which had 13 levels) so that means that Eternal could possibly have 26? We've only seen about 6 of those levels so it's possible that Phobos is a level
  12. Hydroact

    Personalize Your DOOM Slayer

    I love the unicorn skin and would use it in multiplayer given the chance cause its hilarious Imagine playing as a mancubus and having your heart ripped out by a unicorn and it's magical wand
  13. The mods on r/Doom mentioned it here Anyone else know about this? How did it happen and where? EDIT, REMINDER FROM DOOMWORLD MODS: Posting leaked versions of Doom Eternal is a bannable offence.
  14. Hydroact

    Doom Eternal collector's edition

    GAME restocked PC copies but before then I was considering buying it in Australia and having it shipped here