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  1. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    Recorded a playthrough of map 3 to demonstrate my strategy for the fight. I used 3 saves and it took only a couple of attempts for each part. So the map is not that bad as it might look.
  2. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    I recommend HMP, that should be more than enough for the first time.
  3. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    Yeah, I don't see this fight being done without some serious routing but that's what I was aiming for. I'll record a playthrough video at some point (I'll die a lot for sure :D)
  4. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    After some playtesting by @Arbys550 and @Lucky_Edie, it turned out that map 3 is too easy. So I added a couple of cacodemons to make it slightly more challenging! Also made a couple of subtle changes to platforming. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7fhz8hfmyd7d7t/dotw.v54.zip?dl=0 Let's pretend that this is the final version of map 3.
  5. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    Understandable. This is a wip project and I'm still learning from this. You can take a look at my finished projects in a meanwhile. Not planning any major changes to map 1 anymore though. And I'm not patient enough to post only a finished product so there always will be a ton of changes in the process.
  6. El Inferno

    The DWIronman league dies to: Violence

    Edit: I forgot to type -skill 4, idiot. Category 1. Dead on: Map04 Time: ~48:40 (12:25 in the last map) Kills: 223/444 dwi_el_inferno_violence_cat1.zip
  7. El Inferno

    [Short 2 map wad] Hidden Base (UPDATED)

    Hey, to make midtextures not extend into the floor, you need to make a small sector around them with a different light level. See wad below for an example. midtex.zip
  8. El Inferno

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW on a map/mapset you played?

    Thank you for a great review @terminator :)
  9. El Inferno

    (DoomTube) - Comprehensive list of Doom YT Channels

    Some noticeable stuff: SKYWARDS Brainfreezzzzz Red Recluse Azuruish (not active) Ruinen1000 Vladislav B rbk I also have a channel.
  10. El Inferno

    Run From It Style Maps

    Ah, after looking at this thread I finally decided to make a scythe 28-inspired map I've benn thinking about for more than a month... Map 3, here.
  11. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    Hmm, what is this? I promised green but here we go -- a new red map! I made this today, in one long 12 hour sitting... Anyway, the map features a relatively difficult platforming section and a big slaughter arena -- all what we love in doom! Ex-map 3 is moved to slot 5. Map 4 will be blue and somewhat different from these two. Edit: new version is up, see OP. Now with difficulty settings!
  12. El Inferno

    Open World

    MUSINFO allows to do this in basically any sourceport (prb+, crispy, ...). Up to 63 different songs is possible inside one map! The only limitation is that the only way to switch the music is by stepping on a certain sector (so, say, you cannot do this using voodoo-dolls, as far as I know). Ancient Aliens map 1 is a good example. Should be a lot easier to do in UDMF format, I think. But I know nothing about that.
  13. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - three maps [New map is here!]

    Thank you! If you are not a fan of inescapable pits and platforming, choose HMP or lower difficulties. It shouldn't be a big deal then. I probably need to make a couple of adjustments to HMP so I'd appreciate some feedback.
  14. El Inferno

    Your favorite gimmick maps?

    Wormwood Expanded Universe for sure. Bouncy walls. What else do you need? Also Magnolia 2 (turrets, pacifist, math(!)), totg 1 (a very unique type of combat and cool platforming), sunder 5 (you know), esp 30 (wallrunning and stuff), sunlust 32 (best map ever) and some more which I forgot about Also *a gimmicky map I want to build for over a month already but can't quite get to it because of I of some behemoth standing in the way*.
  15. El Inferno

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Purple is overhyped Orange is true love