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  1. oh good call. nodes got rebuilt in the compiled version probably and the map obviously broke. here's the original (working) file 1line.zip
  2. El Inferno

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Map Name: map.wad (MAP01) Author: El Inferno Resources: stock doom 2 Format: cl 9 Comments: A fairly ambitious map I was working on in Jan-Feb 2023. It wasn't really shaping up as I wanted so I lost interest (and run short on time) in finishing it. Actually turning this into something I'm happy with would take a lot of effort so I might as well start from scratch at this point. Texturing is final, by the way. Everything is extremely raw but a few fights and areas are playable. Screenshot:
  3. finished ep 1 21 - are imps meant to not be stuck? (gzd testing problem maybe: they wouldnt be stuck on gzd ports) 29 - 1 sector and monsters dont attack bug? tho I like it if its intentional
  4. El Inferno

    Maps by El Inferno

    Yeah I remember those times :p Your feedback on my first maps was quite valuable for me back then, so you're also partly responsible for me not giving up on this hobby early on and having made so much stuff later, thank you :)
  5. El Inferno

    Maps by El Inferno

    An annual reminder that this thread exists. Updated the list with 15 or so new entries since last time, now I am at (roughly) 89 maps in total, including couple soon tm ones.
  6. A short map I made today. Just one silly arena fight. The difficulty is quite mild by my standarts but don't be shy to use lower skill settings. cl 9, stock doom 2 resources, music - "Killing Time and Space" by Nekrogoblikon Download
  7. El Inferno

    1x1 [MBF21] (RC4)

    play this its not dimenos difficulty i promise
  8. El Inferno

    4 speedmaps

    Some speedmaps from last month, each took only a few hours to make. Expect slaughter, platforming etc cl 9, stock doom 2 resources, tested with dsdadoom link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wth3876ajwm8qky/37.wad?dl=0
  9. El Inferno

    Megawads Where You Like Every Single Map?

    Screw the breather maps part, Abandon fucking slaps from start to finish. There's no filler really, all 17 maps are very memorable and uniquely challenging
  10. Jack Builds a Techbase https://doomuniverse.com/topic/120/rc2-jack-builds-a-techbase-4-maps-cl21?lang=en-US
  11. El Inferno

    Your favorite doom airplanes and flying craft (not spam)

    DIY map 7 by @Peccatum Mihzamiz is amazing.
  12. Pictures A small collection of maps where you fight against Icon of Sin spewed armies. All maps use a scroller setup from https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/120985-ios-machine-v01/ to sort different types of monsters into groups and prevent them from getting stuck in each other (which would normally happen in a non-map30 slot). These are mostly proof-of-concept type of maps, made fairly quikly and with not too much attention to detail. Skill settings are implemented and they mostly affect the number of monster spawners in each map. There are no exits in any of the maps but you can come up with your own arbitrary goals, say, survive for 10 minutes or whatever. Map31 slot contains a template of the icon of sin scroller setup, for those who want to experiment with it (if you do make a map in this style, I might include it the wad). Doom 2, stock textures, complevel 9, slots 1-5, 31 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/93o226uiqauqtqk/noescape.wad?dl=0
  13. El Inferno

    Bad map concepts

    this one already exists
  14. El Inferno

    [Complevel 9] Cyberdemon 2 Shot Map

    Didn't play doom in 2 weeks, attempt 2, 12 cybs inferno_cybers-00002.zip
  15. El Inferno

    Dance on the Water - /idgames

    Most of the 6-7k closet monsters are awake right away, the map hits the 65k linedef limit, occupies 30k x 30k square area. It also doesn't have a build in reject table. Stacked on top of each other items on a scroller sometimes cause lag. There could also be other line of sight or sound propagation things going on which clutter the engine. I don't know what'd be the main contributing factor though, gzdoom is just not optimized for such things. dsda should run fine though