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  1. It's very rare to find a chaingunner in my map, shotgunners take the second place perhaps. It's just not fun kind of challenge they present imo and in big scale combat they disappear pretty much instantly anyway. If I want some area denial I'd rather use viles or smms.
  2. Found a mistake in my map while messing around with beta version: Flower Garden v4 (map24 slot in the beta compilation) https://www.dropbox.com/s/61w144makxw1tvx/flower_garden_v4.wad?dl=0 Btw, there are some fantastic looking maps in the set, excited to play the whole thing properly when it's finalized!
  3. El Inferno

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 2 UV-Nomo in 3:14 dmn02o314.zip
  4. This map was inspired by a quote from 30 monsters community project rules: So here we go, a map with playable area contained in (roughly) 1024x1024 sized box with a ton of stuff to kill. It's not feasible to achieve nuts.wad monster counts in such a small area without making it incredibly tedious but 500-600 bodies is still pretty dense. Specs: - stock doom 2 resources, cl 9, tested on latest dsda-doom, par time 4:00 - midi: Always Watching by Lippeth from Plutonia midi project. - all 3 difficulties implemented: uv is unfair and utter bs, hmp is pretty hard, hntr is ok I guess... monster count: 485/528/666 - build time: 3 days, maybe 12-15 hours in total, idk Mandatory screenshot: Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ur3o7iqufvb7hr/nt1024.wad/file
  5. Foople Flump Fart Fart Fort: fffff.zip (fdas) My map: "If no ideas, sewers" elsp2.zip, tested in dsda cl-9, stock doom 2 resources. Build Time: 56 minutes Inconsistent damaging floors warning.
  6. @SleepyCat cake.zip (played wrong map) @Melemesh q-00005.zip (it took 5 attempts to actually launch the map, didn't know it's for doom.wad) elsp.zip "Lovely castle", doom2, cl 9, vanilla assets. Went a bit over time fixing a couple of bugs. 1st fight can be annoying, but other than that nothing too crazy here.
  7. El Inferno

    Most confusing map ever?

    Poogers map29.
  8. I always had enough bullets to clear them in testing. You need to infight one rev with HK, rev always wins and gets pretty low on health. Idk about viles, I've seen enough vile spam in other maps for this project. I'm not even very happy about having the cyber in the final fight, since so many other maps use them... But you can make a dickish vile arena yourself, there's still a whole week for mapping :)
  9. Average frog_and_toad enjoyer ngl

  10. El Inferno

    How Do You Design Fights?

    There are two methods I've been using lately to design fights in my maps. First one is to prioritize the geometry over combat: -Before starting a new area I have a rather clear picture of the arena I want to make. If the layout is complex enough then the chances are it may lead to some interesting combat scenarios. -After finishing a rough layout I start placing monsters/monster spawners to apply enough pressure and avoid obvious camp spots etc. Then I may faceplant into the resulting mess to figure out what going on in the fight and what would be the strategy to beat it. -With this strategy in mind, do the final balancing around the particular route I have in mind. This approach is great for speedmapping and usually leads to rather chaotic gameplay. Examples: - Sol Ank map05 (3 or so hour speedmap): first I made a compact interconnected arena layout, then placed monsters and monster teleporters around, after playing the fight a bit I placed cell ammo and health to force the player to move around, then placed keys to the exit to make sure you can't escape too early. The result is not exactly great map but very fun to run around and bfg stuff in a complete mess. https://youtu.be/ZEG3Bxa15hs - Sol Ank map03 (1 hour speedmap): I had an idea of a big city layout where you have to avoid large hordes of cybs and whatnot. First I tried to draw the layout on paper but it wasn't really looking good so I just went straight in the editor to draw something similar but was not really copying the paper drawing. The result turned out good enough and I didn't change it after that. Then just mindless placement of monsters everywhere and two large hordes of cybs and revs on opposite sides to hopefully create enough pressure. The rest of creation was rushed without too much though. There's actually a video of the process: https://youtu.be/fzxFnXNfTlA - Sol Ank map08 (initially 30 minutes speedmap) is an example where this approach gives undesirable results. I made a small maze-like map with the idea of player running around and fighting a ton revs in it. But the actual strategy turned out to just hold all revs in a corridor, essentially camping the fight. There was not much I could do to save the fight idea without completely changing the geometry so I went to balance the map around this boring strategy. https://youtu.be/U4HuPk4Cw2I - A non-speedmap example, for a change: Advent, map01, the big fight in the castle. I was really struggling with making sensible interior areas at the moment and so I was mostly trying to get some geometry done, only after that I started placing lots of monsters in there to create a meaningful fight. The result is a pretty difficult to figure out but not too exciting gameplaywise encounter. Second method is to focus on combat over geometry, obviously. For this I should have an vague idea of how the fight is going to play before making any or almost any geometry. Then I figure out what kind of geometry will serve the fight, and after that the usual balancing/testing iterations. Examples: - Hyperload. All key fights in this map were designed using this approach. YSK: the fight is designed with direct sl29 reference in mind: raising and lowering walls which hide you from a group of viles forcing you to move quickly around the area. RSK: a platform with revs on 2 sides and the only cover is a raising and lowering crusher so you have to time the moment to destroy all missiles following you. This one didn't really work out well in the end. BSK: this one is kind of based on an older map of mine (Cave Maps, map01), or more specifically on the playthough of JohnSuitpee of that map. The idea was to have a big horde of enemies which you can get around only using a certain path which becomes unavailable once you cross it once but which can be opened again by pressing a switch or whatever. The final fight of Sunder map17 uses a similar idea btw. - Inferno's Cauldron final fight. The fight idea was inspired by HRII map29 final arena, totg01 caco fight and a certain fight from my wip project DotW, maybe also by the early cacocloud fight in okuplok. The idea was to have a large cacocloud which you have to circle around on boundaries on the 'cauldron' while doing some medium difficulty platforming. Pretty simple concept, but by adding area denial viles in the middle and limiting cells, it gave an ok-ish fight. It often happens with fights like this that the actual strategy the fight is built around is not terribly hard to execute, but figuring it out might be the main issue. I haven't posted non-speedmaps in a while and don't really want to write about wip stuff, so I'll stop here :^) Nice thread idea btw
  11. El Inferno

    Inconsistent Boom/GZDoom Voodoo Closet Behavior

    In boom, if a voodoo doll touches several scrolling floors simultaneously then their speed will add up and it'll scroll faster. This is not the case for gzdoom iirc and this leads to the inconsistency between the ports.
  12. @xvertigox, my map Flower Garden should also be updated to v3 in the doc https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2445157
  13. Neter Khertet v2 - Added death exit - Hopefully made the second ressurection sequence more reliable - Removed bfg from UV since it felt unnecessary, removed 40 cells from HMP
  14. I played with cl 21 default complevel if that somehow matters.