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  1. el_inf

    Dancing With Angry Demons - [BOOM] Slaughter/Challenge map

    I tried to play the map on UV. I don't see any reliable strategy for the first fight. The fight is cleverly designed but I got really frustrated trying to beat it. There is just way too many revenants and its very difficult to circumstrafe around them on those tiny ledges, without any cover at all and risking to fall onto the 20 damage floor and not being able to come back because stupid revenants are blocking bridges. Also those pinkies are randomly blocking your path and you cannot really kill them because of 100 missiles chasing you... How am I supposed to beat this without savescumming or dying 1000 times? Maybe I'm just too noob for this map but I'm still curious. I did get to the platform with 2 archies a couple of times but probably because I was lucky.
  2. el_inf

    Outer Base (DOOM II) RC1

    I've also beaten the map. Looks really nice and the combat is fun. I think there is a typo in the message "Ome more to go". I didn't have enough ammo to kill the last manc so I needed to backtrack to the caco trap to grab more rockets to kill him. Other than that - great map!
  3. el_inf

    Advent - 2 maps [New short map!]

    Very cool playthrough! Thanks for the recording! Yeah, I got tired a bit of map 1 and wanted to make something very different. The song also suggested how the map should look like) The floor is damaging only on UV, to make the ending a bit less dull. Symmetry sucks, I know, but this is not really a serious map Map 1 is definitely stronger, I spent on it way more effort
  4. el_inf

    Advent - 2 maps [New short map!]

    Thanks for playing my map! Now I released a new very short continuation (map 2), I updated the OP. Please try it! There are difficulty setting there and all of them are fun (imho)! Feedback on difficulty (in all HNTR, HMP and UV) and etc would be very appreciated!
  5. At least making slaughtermaps in zdoom format is a bad idea: mainly because of flying monsters behavior (I also prefer to have infinite height in such fights). This arena was too easy to really make a difference but it was already really annoying to clear them of. I recommend you to play sunder to see how to design a good slaughter arena. I haven't played it a lot but maps 7 and 17 are my favourites for now. Couple of solutions: you can make some pits on sides (behind the archi nests) so that you have to go through center to circumstrafe properly. You may also put some platforming into those pits if you are a sadist. If it was boom format map then you could make caco spawner on sides so that they block your circustrafe path. Some small geometry variation maybe (I really like how it is done in sunder map 7) If you just add another 1k hks and 20 cybers then the fight will also become a bit more interesting, of course But maybe its indeed better to just make another map)
  6. I finally played map 6. Couldn't find the last monster for some reason, maybe it was secret. Teleporters were a bit slow I think (especially cacos) Also I didn't really bothered but is there a way to backtrack?
  7. el_inf

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Making a short slaughtermap. Will release it tomorrow, I think
  8. el_inf

    blind wound single map

    I played the map. I like the overall architecture and combat but there are some issues with the map: -All locked doors are broken, I supose you made these doors rising the floor instead of lowering the ceiling. (or maybe you forgot to give tags to doors, otherwise they will not work in prboom) -Is it intended that you spawn inside PE at the start? Quite an interesting beginning -It seems that BFG is unattainable because of a torch below the passage to it -Those moving platforms are too slow Also I didn''t have enough ammo to kill archies at the end Link to the playthough:
  9. Also I dont really like big flat arenas, some verticality would make the gameplay a bit more interesting. But mb here it is not needed
  10. You can add some "wells" near teleporters with corpses. Another variant is to make a new monster, like comander keen in sunlust map 30, which is invisible, does not have a hitbox and resurrects monsters and place him on teleporters. But I've never made a custom monster so I am not sure if it's possible)
  11. I don't think you should rely on that, it's too rng. Maybe it's better to resurrect some stuff using underground archies?
  12. The fight felt like too easy. Maybe you will make the cover smaller (whose yellow things)? Or make them move up and down for example so that the player cannot hide so easily? (or maybe if you do so then the level will look too much like sunlust map 29)))
  13. Can this guy resurrect archviles?
  14. el_inf

    Advent - 2 maps [New short map!]

    I added the final fight. So except for some texture detalization and lighting the map is complete. I hope that you will enjoy playing it!