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  1. FortressOfDoom

    Battlemode new footage

    My main concern was that the demons would be unbalanced vs the Slayer and that playing as a demon wouldn't be as interesting, but I was pleasantly surprised after seeing the video. That's why I have *hope* that id has thought through the problems that tend to accompany assymetric multiplayer. I wonder if they'll have other modes in addition to the main 2v1, maybe a version of CTF.
  2. FortressOfDoom

    Battlemode new footage

    Though I'll mostly be playing single player, this looks pretty dope...
  3. FortressOfDoom

    The Platforming Appreciation Thread

    That's awesome, I didn't know that. Hope they are like Quake.
  4. FortressOfDoom

    The Platforming Appreciation Thread

    I hope DE has a surprise quake-style underwater level as well. Would be another fun traversal element + underwater demons would be cool
  5. FortressOfDoom

    The Platforming Appreciation Thread

    The platforming allows more engaging level design, breaks the monotony, and also trains the player in movement mechanics that will be very useful during combat. Love it.
  6. FortressOfDoom

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    If Id makes a sequel then it will be on next gen consoles and I'd be interested to see how the new tech can drive enhancements to the gameplay. I think someone at Id did mention in an interview that real time ray tracing had scope beyond just being a lighting tool (though I may be confusing this statement with another interview). There are problems that better tech can potentially solve, for example the disappearing corpses problem. I'd also love to see more physics incorporated into the destructible demons model - I was watching the 15 min gameplay videos again (for the umpteenth time) and was thinking, wouldn't it be great if the cacodemon was more squishy i.e. when you kill a caco, it falls to the floor and goes SPLAT instead of the discrete, solid chunks we see rolling around. Would love to see a sequel on next gen!
  7. FortressOfDoom

    Is Doom done being serious?

    OG Doom/Doom II were at times dark but never horrific. Yes there was sometimes a sense of trepidation entering a darker portion of the map, or right before you triggered a trap, or when you saw a new enemy type for the first time. But it wasn't a horror fps in the sense that FEAR was. Sure, OG Doom's version of Hell was filled with hellish traps, dark corridors, catacombs and occult symbols, but at the same time handed you a super shotgun and rocket launcher to make minced meat out of its denizens. And it wasn't all dark either, some levels were positively...cheerful. I feel like the crux of OG Doom's tone was to take the concept of hell and make it...fun. So on the one hand you'll see people writhing about stuck on spikes, lost souls screaming out of the walls and desolate (yet colorful) landscapes, but it wasn't horrific because the art style, level design, and gameplay never compromised on the fun factor of shooting demons and figuring out the red/blue/yellow key puzzles. IMHO Doom Eternal, with its strong sense of environmental storytelling and over-the-top action, hits that balance of atmospheric immersion and fun, notwithstanding some tongue-in-cheek references and self-aware comedic elements. Id COULD make it darker in future, but I hope they don't compromise on the 'hell is a fun place to be' tone that I think OG Doom was based on.
  8. FortressOfDoom

    Post interesting screencaps from the press blitz here

    Love doomguy's reflection in the helmet when he picks up a powerup. Nitpicking but I *wish* they could move the reflection just a tad up to show a hint of a 😈 smile on the bottom half of his face.
  9. FortressOfDoom

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Your 2 cents are worth just that: 2 cents. Meanwhile DE is going to sell by the fucking millions and is probably going to be Id's most commercially successful game in decades. And based on all the previews I've read today, it will be a critical success as well, hell it might even be 2020's GOTY. However, as many others have already explained to you, it is perfectly alright to not buy the game. Everyone has different tastes and I can understand if certain aspects of the game do not appeal to certain people. However, the reasoning YOU have offered thus far only speaks to your idiocy more than anything else.
  10. FortressOfDoom

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    I just bought the Collector's Edition, and then signed up to Doomworld only to post this. I did this out of pure spite for some of the whiny b****** on this thread.