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  1. markanini

    Whiplash concept?

    Wow, some people are eager to express their preference for boobs on a male character.
  2. markanini

    Whiplash concept?

    They didnt have a choice. id/Bethesda/Zenimax is a shareholder owned company. None of the game designers had the final word on what models would be used and everyone was beholden to marketing considerations, literally under threat of breach of contract. This is totally different from how early id worked. That makes the original concepts more interesting than your or mine personal preference.
  3. markanini

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Call them reboots if you want. Duke is still the protagonist with the most longevity.
  4. markanini

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    At the same time, Caleb had the least longevity, only one sequel. Low Wang had tree. Duke had numerous.
  5. markanini

    Whiplash concept?

    Here Hugo Martin talks about how the Whiplash was originally meant to have more female attributes. Has any original concept art been available to the public?
  6. markanini

    what is the best build engine game quote

    Yet you insist on calling it racist despite the fact that it doesn't offend you personally. How do you think people get overly sensitive these days?
  7. markanini

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    I don't know what's worse. People dismissing evidence in plain, just because their news network of choice claims its wrong. Or screwballs that give actual whistleblowers a bad rap. Let's not forget that Edward Snowden was thrown under the bus by government and media for revealing crimes by the US military.
  8. Yes, with one caveat. It's currently having teething problems.
  9. CBLOOD7.MID from the game Blood has a erroneous pitchy effect on harp and strings. Here's the source midi:http://vgmpf.com/Wiki/images/b/b7/Blood_(DOS).zip Compare to a SC-55 capture: https://youtu.be/lBk2YKacZa8
  10. I get amazed by the the number of VST instruments and effects emulating hardware devices through meticulous analysis to the point where even the white noise and 60 cycle hum of the original unit has been recreated. Does it always have to be that ambitious? Probably not, but understanding how the steps in the signal chain effect the sound as a whole would help the dev focus on what's most important.
  11. Only mapping the waveforms to a new format gets you part way there. All the atmosphere of famous game soundtracks come from making use of the SC-55's proprietary effects like filters and reverbs. For the latter part maybe the effort is better spent on creating a stand alone soft synth. Looking at SFZ documentation the filtering parameters look promising but reverb uses a single wet/dry parameter which isn't enough to approximate the SC-55 characteristics.
  12. markanini

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    I don't mind Civvie for the most part, but his style of delivery gets tired on occasion. A quality channel I haven't seen mentioned is RetroAhoy.
  13. markanini

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    Yes and no. Parts of the the original engine is used, other parts like collision detection is recreated and actor logic is exported to Angelscript.
  14. markanini

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    I'm very glad that that Raze fixed the weird movement.
  15. markanini

    Should there be a new Quake Port?

    A number of id titles are less than perfect shape currently. Doom 3 BFG was released with nerfed positional audio and was never fixed.