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  1. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    BTW if anyone browsing was triggered by the last pages and it made you relive any past bad events feel free to reach out to me in PM.
  2. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But if someone is so insecure about theirs that they manically want to fling crap on someone else for theirs, then, that's not worthy of respect in my mind. That's nothing but crocodile tears. These people have shown their true colors and many others will know better than to encourage that.
  3. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    You said it, not me. I think some people will read it that way and some wont. Either way I earnestly think a game like Prodeus isn't the win for the community some people would like to believe it is, and the quicker people learn from this the better. If you are skeptical consider if I directed any of the same critique toward mainstream games maybe you would agree with me. In that case what does that say about who's being inconsistent? Think about it.
  4. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    That's on you then, because I'm stating simple facts and opinions. I just think it's worth talking about whether the last years of retro shooters are a cash grab or offer quality gameplay. More so by the number of responses that passionately defend games that hardly anyone plays despite solid media coverage(Prodeus Is Really Good (Early Access Review) - YouTube), which is weird outside of bot activity. It can't be that controversial.
  5. markanini

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    Congratulations on the big 1.0! The VSync feel very snappy to me.
  6. markanini

    Mouse Recommendations

    My Roccat burst has optical switches that haven't failed me for the two years I've owned mine. Can't say the same about the Logitech and Razer mice I've owned before.
  7. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    I'm 100% certain I will singlehandedly make Prodeus break records. Everyone knows that.
  8. markanini

    John Carmack resigns from Meta

    I surprised he stayed as long as he did. Unless he bought a lot of Meta stock back when the the valuation was still going up.
  9. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    There's nothing more important than expressing your outrage and indignation about an issue that you are uninformed about. Di-hydrogen Monoxide Ban - YouTube
  10. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    In this thread: Some people get mad for someone pointing out that cash grab Prodeus got fake praise because no one wants to play it.
  11. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    This is a week old review of a modern game that uses old school combat mechanics, Doom Eternal. It's more substantial and sincere than any review I've seen of the freeze-dried, knockoff retro shooters which even the loudest proponents are disinterested in actually playing. Why My Problems With The Gaming Industry Made Me Fall In Love With DOOM Eternal - YouTube Prodeus has a soundtrack by AAA composer Andrew Hulshult, multiple console ports like AAA games, developed by former employees of Raven, a AAA studio.
  12. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    I've just taken an honest look at how the data relates to your claims and yours point to the same conclusion. Don't blame me. :)
  13. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    Continuing to play? Finds it's audience or loses it? Should a good "retro" shooter not be played more for at least a few months over a 90's game that partially inspired it? Seems the positive reviews, kickstart backers and and praise within this thread wasn't worth that much after all.
  14. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    That's a chart showing players, not market share.
  15. markanini

    Fake software look in recent games

    You acting like I said that doesn't make your point any more correct. Because most gamers don't care enough to really hate any of the games discussed. This apathy is actually bad news if you care about fast paced shooters. Devs doubling down on retro visual styles is not the antidote. The fact that it's treated like it is is bad news. It's a very Emo road go down. But don't take it from me: