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  1. Bomberman9000

    Mcdonalds Map

    Indeed he did, Mine was first released about a week after his. About 6 months ago.
  2. Bomberman9000

    Mcdonalds Map

    I thought I might advertise my mcdonalds map here. Get it at bomberman9000.com02.com
  3. Bomberman9000

    Suddenly you died

    Nice work ;)
  4. Bomberman9000

    CFT Maze map

    Hi people I have made a CTF Maze map Check the screenshots Blue Team's base And download it at geocities.com/lord_vader200/doom.htm
  5. Bomberman9000

    Preferred weapon

    trooper: shotgun, SSG if in big groups sargeant: shotgun, SSG if in big groups imp: plasma chainguy: SSG lost soul: ssg demon: SSG at point blank :D caco: Plasma pain: caw, chaingun, ssg reverant: SSG knight: ssg mancubus: Plasma, BFG babyspider: ssg baron: plasma archvile: ssg, chaingun, plasma spider: run-away, bfg, rockets, godmode :D cyber: run-away, bfg, rockets, godmode :D