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  1. Mischings

    Second experimental test wad.

    This wad is the second part (a sequel, you can say) of My first test wad. This was made with the objective of making me learn the basics of map creating and knowing what to do when creating. You can see in this wad what I wanted to concentrate more on to learn about it, others you can't so clearly. You can download the wad here. Now I'll talk about what each level I concentrated more and less on in this simple list: MAP01: I concentrated more on different textured sectors and areas to make a bit of a difference on them and not have you always look at the same textures for every level everywhere. I also tried to do a bit of ceiling and floor height stuff. MAP02: This one I concentrated on skies but also, different height floors and ceilings. (On this one I was kinda lazy.) MAP03: The thing I wanted to concentrate more on this was lifts, of floors and of ceilings. MAP04: I had little time to think of what I should make for the next map. "teleportation, lights or decoration?". Then I just decided to do all of them at once because yes. This was one of the most well made maps in my opinion that I've made yet because I took a bunch of time in it and I really think it paid off. I also had a bit of walking to the door to activate it but I really think I could've improved on that part. The wad in general has multiple maps on it, which was another thing I wanted to do. I'm thinking of doing two exits in my next wad, one leading into another series of levels, but that probably can't be made yet. Each map has one or two secrets, so try to find them all. It is recommended to play on GZDoom with free mouselook (vertical and horizontal mouse look) and to play it with the Doom 2 IWAD. It took 8 hours to make, MAP04 taking the longest. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. Mischings

    First speedrun demo

    Well, as this is my first, my demo is laggy and one of my worst (my record is 6:03 minutes by the time of posting this) speedruns. I used GZDoom with vertical mouse look, jump and crouching, but the next ones that I'll make will be on crispy doom without those things. demo If anyone can tell me some strategies to help me, it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Mischings

    How old is everyone here?

    13 with a mental age of 39. Saw someone comment their mental age so I'm commenting mine as well.
  4. Mischings


    I really don't think so.
  5. Mischings

    I did the new texture for the dark soldier

    This looks pretty cool. I wonder how hard this enemy can be.
  6. Mischings

    So... this game is hard?

    I just watched markiplier play Doom 2016 on UV a bit. Yes, it's hard. But it looks like there is a lot of health and ammo around for you to always get back on track fast, as much as I know. Even enemies drop health.
  7. Mischings

    First speedrun demo

    Thank you all for feedback and recommendations for where to post next! Anyways, I tried to do an ITYTD Speed run which is a category in the speedrun site, so I thought it was an official type of Doom speedruns. I didn't record it. I only have the 6:03 on my TimeSplit program. I guess you can still not believe me since I still don't have any proof, It's fine with me.
  8. Mischings

    plasma color mod

    That would be an interesting mod. Though I don't think that exists yet.
  9. Mischings

    The Ultimate Doom: E2M4 UVSPEED (0:43)

    What source port are you using? Just curious.
  10. Mischings

    How do I turn off mouse acceleration?

    Options > Mouse Options > Strafing Speed and Forward/Backward Speed. Atleast that's what I did to remove mouse acceleration.
  11. Mischings

    CWM - Weapon mod for doom 2

    Looks great! I really liked the smg, it gives me vibes of the rifle from smooth doom and also because I think it's better than the machine gun. The shotgun too looks awesome, its design is really good! Though, the pistol looks a little janky, you get me?.
  12. Your wad looks very good from the screenshots! It seems very open, which is to be expected from a 1024x1024x1024 map anymay, but well made as well! And from what I've seen from the 1st image, it looks like you can even go through the vents, which is not something I ever heard of before. This map appears to be very fun! Might try it later.
  13. Mischings

    Korax Mod is back!

    Just from the images I can already tell that I'm gonna have a fun time playing this! I'm gonna play it later though.
  14. I really don't know but as I think it's really hard to do so, good luck for you mate.
  15. Bummer that my 2nd test wad didn't get much comments and/or feedback but I mean, you get what you get.

    1. Misty


      Just keep working and people will notice you. If you use discord, you can join few doom related servers and get feedback here faster. 

  16. Mischings

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    I hope so. I'm thinking of a last game on the 30 years anniversary to finish off the series of doom slayer.
  17. Mischings

    Another "my first map" thread - wanna try?

    The map is good. The details are abundant, though well put! The scenery and how you fight monsters for me looks like rounds of armies to fight and that's a very interesting way to play! Don't have much to say now except... Did you forget to texture this? I also think you should put what wad that it needs to run on, like ultimate doom if you used it to create the map.
  18. Mischings

    i need help finding places to post my art.

    Exactly was I was gonna say.
  19. I find it so amazing that this franchise is still getting games for almost 30 years.
  20. Unreal Tournament. For years and years, I've been wanting to finish this game because when I bought it on Steam after 7 years of having it on my pc pirated without knowing. (My computer came with Unreal Tournament installed and just when I figured out it was pirated I uninstalled it and bought the original.) I just played for 5 minutes and stopped in 2017. But in early 2019 I installed and played the game again to finish it. After finishing I wanted to play more but multiplayer took too long to install the hundreds of mods on the servers just to get an error and the only campaign didn't interest me in higher difficulties, so after some time I decided to uninstall cause I knew I would play it after the campaign.
  21. Mischings

    WAD: GOingAGain [EPISODE 2 playtest-RELEASE!]

    It was very fun playing this map! The details, the placement, everything just looked very nice. In my opinion, my favorite part is the last one where enemies teleport behind and kill you, because you have to concentrate a lot if you have little health, as I did when i reached that part of the map. The secrets we're well hidden, not only because I took time to find, but because I only found one and I'm trying to find the other as well. The details and the geometry added we're absolutely astonishing! Basically, the map is amazing in many aspects, good job!
  22. Tomorrow's the day the wad will be launched!

  23. Mischings

    It doesn't load my map.

    I went in UDB to see the map and there were a whole bunch of missing textures. After filling up all the missing textures and trying to launch the map, it worked. Everything was fine, except that the map was really weird and buggy. A bit later I tried to launch it with the "EggFix" wad, and boy are things missing from that wad. It may be that too. I don't know, but you may have forgotten to texture some walls and ended up making the wad unplayable or the "EggFix.wad" had a lot of missing stuff and made the map unplayable. I may haven't solved your problem, but I'm just trying to help, and I hope it did.
  24. Just one more level and I'll upload the wad!