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  1. Fryuko


    I'm in, my two monsters are [archviles and revenants] 😎 And I'd like to claim the MAP27 slot if possible. *edit I was slow with my previous slot
  2. Fryuko

    Heretic episode: Sold Soul // Now on idgames!

    Thank you for the kind words and all the influence you had on my work! I had this picture about "completion" ever since I uploaded Sold Soul to the idgames archive and left it hanging for so long now. This made me think that I could not continue working on it. Now that you mentioned it with examples, having a sequel that is different in nature is not too far-fetched. I'd say differences would not be so apparent, as it is more of a change towards player feedback and accesability in my attitude. I learnt how important this is after participating in many community related projects recently, and I kinda wish I could make some later encounters less messy and lower difficulties more manageable in retrospect. Also plan new stuff accordingly.
  3. Fryuko

    Heretic episode: Sold Soul // Now on idgames!

    Thank you, glad to hear it! There is truth in the Hexen resemblance as textures and decorations are pretty similar. Originally I had plans to contunie it with a second episode, I still have the needed resources, some drawn layouts and a somewhat finished level, just never really get to it. I'm not sure it would be wise at this point as I would do a bunch of aspects differently, but I'd like to return to Heretic eventually for sure :)
  4. Fryuko

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  5. Fryuko

    [1.4.1] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Tried to make somewhat of a puzzle map. Both coop and deathmatch stuff included. Download -Name: Crawl Space -Slot: 27 -Vertices: 64 -Midi: "Take these pills and be who you are" by Jmickle6666666 -Format: Doom 2 Vanilla -Build time: 40 minutes
  6. Fryuko

    [1.4.1] v64 - Maps with only 64 Vertices

    Interesting restrictions. I'd like to claim a slot in the latter half of episode 3 if it's ok.
  7. Fryuko

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Some progress with hottest icy map of my set.
  8. Fryuko

    Heretic episode: Sold Soul // Now on idgames!

    @Muleke_Trairao Hey, thanks for playing. I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of the journey too. Yeah, this was my first attempt at anything Heretic related. As Caleb13 mentioned, it is not a bug. Here is a hint, if you do not wish to see the full solution right away.
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed what is there Thank you for the feedback, even nitpicks are important! I agree that the first encounter can be grindy, but simply adding more monsters would make it unnecessarily hard. I'll check how it plays if I replace some of the weaker enemies with something that can soften up the cybies more, and some other alternatives. I'm not sure how that monster got out of bounds, most likely teleported out there somehow but still seems like a super weird bug. I'll try to find a solution if I can replicate it.
  10. Unfortunately, this is still a work in progress. So far only two maps are finished from the planned six.
  11. Thanks! The genre and its unfinished nature might be responsible for it. I'd be happy to hear your opinion once you have the chance to try it. Especially about the lower difficulties you mentioned as they were not tested as much.
  12. Hypothermia is a short work-in-progress slaughter episode for boom(complevel 9) that mainly uses icy themes. Eventually, I'd like to expand it into a proper 6 level wad. For now, I'd rather release and update it map by map as I progress. It also gives me a better chance for balancing. I often included some smaller fights of this type in maps, but this was my first attempt at a full-scale slaughter experience. The wad currently has two finished maps and at least three more planned. They are balanced for pistol start and are doable without saves. New menu graphics are missing for now, and what is there acts as a placeholder. Help is always appreciated in that field if someone is interested. Secrets are only used as easter eggs for people and other stuff that helped and inspired me along my journey. Difficulty settings are implemented! -HMP is just a toned-down UV with fewer monsters. -HNTR is renamed to Imperturbable Journey now. The monster count is greatly decreased, it is a fraction of the original one. Some monsters are also replaced with weaker ones. Gameplay should mostly feel the same but without requiring much effort from the players. It's perfect for anyone who wants to play on autopilot and experience the levels. The story is pretty simple: You just woke up from your cryo sleep and realized that the whole base situated on the moon of Pluto, Charon is overrun by demons. And this makes you angry 😈 I can come up with some map-specific lore as well if there is interest in that. Screenshots: Built and tested with: prboom+ and gzdoom Download 0.23 Maplist: Credits: Ukiro - OTEX Props - Captain Toenail, Esselfortium Monster sprites - Amuscaria, skillsaw MIDI - MegaSphere, Myrgharok Special thanks: Somlói-G @lunchlunch @Dunn (& Dunn) Changelog:
  13. Fryuko

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    The first version of Hypothermia with two maps is just around the corner.
  14. Sorry about bumping the question again, but looks like changing the Nodebuilder to DeepBSP fixed everything. I'll try to be more conserving with geometry though.
  15. Thanks, it really means a lot. The Issues appeared in both prboom+ and gzdoon for me. Thank you! And sorry for not making it clear, but this is for boom format. I guess it's really a worst case scenario then. Fixing a bug or a mistake definitely would have been easier. Now it really willl be trial and error. Something similar manifested on map01 as well, where monsters shifted in and out of reality. Although deleting some stuff eventually fixed it and I completly forget it.