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  1. Old-Doomguy

    What was the community like around Doom 3's release?

    I myself wasn't active here on this forum, but on the swedish Sweclockers is where I discussed Doom. I've always been discussion classic doom since 1994 but it didnät occur to me that I should join this forum until just recently. I've read this forum for years without registering though, even so back in the Doom3-era. I was very hyped for Doom 3, I even "played" that leaked alpha or whatever it was, lol, just go get a taste of it. The alpha fried my PSU at the time, because it wasn't really enough to fuel my Radeon 9800pro which I had then. When the game was released I did play it but I actually got bored by it. Because it was all fun and good looking for the first few hours, with cooler monster closets and tight spaces rather than less linear and more open maps. But since the entire game was pretty much more of the same rather than rich and varied, I grew tired. Eventually my computer got totally fried in which I had to resort to a pc with nvidia FX5200, which wasn't good for anything at all, I just stopped playing doom for a long time, but in 2008 I actually played it through on the original Xbox :D
  2. Well you once rekd that dudes video about "The Doom unity remake" so he removed it, which was entertaining. You a good man.
  3. Old-Doomguy

    [ SOLVED ] Why does the HUD appear SO Tiny in GZDoom?

    GZDoom is "ok" for LANplay but if you wanna take it online you're better of with for example Zandronum.
  4. Old-Doomguy

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    The Vortex/Quantum project. Had some really great fun with this game back in mid-90s. There was also som strange game called The journeyman project. Both of these were some kind of FMV-games/Myst-like games. I also enjoyed Novastorm which was a good arcade shooter-like. Theres also Wetlands which is a cool storydriven onrails-game.
  5. Old-Doomguy

    Do you guys even lift?

    So moving forward, I've found that my squats aren't perfect, but tend to become a good-morning on the way up. So now I'm gonna work on that before progressing the weights. I'm gonna try some highbar squats for a few weeks and squat without shoes. Continuing on without good form is a recipe for injury.
  6. Old-Doomguy

    Elden Ring

    I might buy it when it's cheap. I've really only played Demons souls and Bloodborne. Ironically, the Soul-game I've actually only felt compelled to complete was a souls-copy known as Lords of the fallen.
  7. Old-Doomguy

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I tried this with my 2013 ROG Laptop with i7, 16gb RAM and 670mx. A few years back, dont think there was a low-spec version at that time. Anyway, it didn't work good at all on that machine but I've gotten a more powerful desktop form my brother, with Ryzen and 32gb of ram and a 980ti. Gonna give this a go on that PC.
  8. I skipped this because I figured my old gaming-laptop wouldn't handle it the way it was meant to be played. But I got a more powerful desktop now so Im gonna make sure to try this Soon(tm)
  9. Old-Doomguy

    need some help with GzDoom

    You could always try LZDoom which is more lightweight.
  10. Old-Doomguy

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    I've only ever had input lag on consoles when I've forgot to activate game-mode on the tv. I've played Doom64 on the handheld switch, didnt notice any lag there. It actually feels smoother than on the PC - but these arent Unity, correct?
  11. Old-Doomguy

    Do you guys even lift?

    Here's me doing 55kg military press. I did 5x5 of these. Very close to failure, hopefully I can add some weight next week.
  12. Old-Doomguy

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    I cannot scale myself, lol, but I enjoy playing with GZDoom because it's easy and most all wads work - I have a very limited play-time so I don't wanna spend anymore time that what it takes to download the wad and then drag n drop it to gzdoom. I prefer limit removing but I generally avoid mouselook and jumping. I tend to not enjoy gameplay mods or TCs much though.
  13. Old-Doomguy

    Doom 1/II on iPod/iPhone is impossible.

    Are you playing UV? Did you try syncing a controller?
  14. Old-Doomguy

    Do you guys even lift?

    I'm at the gym three times per week, don't think I can manage to squeeze in any more days. Day 1: squats, bench, barbell rows - 5x5 on all Day 2: squats, deadlifts (1x5), military press Day 3: squats, bench, barbell rows I keep increasing 2.5-5kg every session but I stall and reset back to low weights in order to try again. I stall at 130kg squats, 80kg bench and 160kg deadlift for reps. So I reset back and try again, that's my usual approach. I've recently had the covid so I'm not stalled right at thus moment but will probably be stalled within 2 months or .
  15. Old-Doomguy

    Do you guys even lift?

    👍 Any tips for a good switch up when stalling on the squats, bench, deadlifts, military press with 5x5? What kind if variety could be beneficial in my case?