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    E1M1 music remake

    Last night I finished a pretty cool remake of the E1M1 music from Doom. Basically it's Bobby Prince meets Front Line Assembly, but I tried to be a little more original than that.... I think I managed to capture some of that 80's synth/club sound a little bit :) Equipment used: Yamaha DX7, Yamaha CS1x, Roland U220, Roland R8, Akai S3000XL, Lexicon MPX-200. Mixing through Behringer MX1604 and recorded with Sound Blaster Live 1024. Sequenced with Cubase SX. Anyway, if anyone's interrested, here's the URL to download the music: http://karantan.fegis.nu/tmp/mp3/e1m1.mp3 Hope you like it and feel free to post any comments about it :)