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  1. Oh hey, I've been following this thread on /vr/ and been wanting to play this for months now Nice, congrants on the beta, hope it's a release soon!
  2. ***So what is Nitpicking Corner?*** ***Today's Theme*** IWADs Any IWADs really, Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Freedoom, Hacx, Miniwad, you name it! Here's mine: For Freedoom phase 2, I always thought the Technospider looked horrendous, I mean yeah it's cool because it makes me want to kill it quicker, but idk, all the other Freedoom assets look really good but this one just looks weird, it creeps me out. For Miniwad, and since I know it has no actual levels to try and reduce the size as much as possible, but idk I always thought it'd be funny if it had some really short levels ala Demonfear That's it, I hope we can get together and enjoy our time!
  3. RemoveUwU

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder

    Alright so I tried to do something, it's not a gamebreaking thing but idk the statusbar was kinda bugging me off, so I made a widescreen version for my use I tried it and it doesn't work in PrBoom+ for some reason, but it goes well on GlBoom+ Here it is, please if someone knows what I'm doing wrong and would like to help me further extend compatibility, do it, I'd like to see it! dbp36_customsb.rar Again, I'm not experienced or a master of editing wads and graphics, so please forgive me Also this is the load order! Here's an example
  4. RemoveUwU

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder

    Oh nice, been waiting since last month for this and on God I'm gonna enjoy it Thanks again for your work, DBP crew!
  5. RemoveUwU

    Doomguy’s Face, Big HUD - Yay or nay?

    When I'm not using the default HUD I get confused and die more often, 'cause I can't see Doomguy's face so my brain doesn't feel danger or anything at all really
  6. RemoveUwU

    Piter's RanDOOMizer: Full Release

    Oh hey I've been testing this mod It's lots of fun! Thanks for making this! Can't wait for the final release
  7. RemoveUwU

    How do you pronounce the word "Cacoward?"

    /keikowah-ds/ or something like that idk english ain't my mother language yet
  8. There's this lad, I don't know if he's eligible Gaming Room He's brazilian so his videos are in portuguese, but he has a box next to the portuguese text where he puts text in english He showcases mods+maps and tbh I like his content It's worth nothing that I can understand portuguese so it's not really a problem for me, but idk
  9. Sorry for responding too late. Just do everything the same, except you change the function of the inner switch I'm assuming here that the teleporter is in the same height as the monster closet. I'm not really versed about this, but I think the maximum height a monster can climb is 16px, so you make this form: Which in 3D would look like this: Three levels. Then, you make three of these pillars with inner switches, and give each one the same tag (Same as the entire tp sector), and set them to the function #18, S1 Floor raise to next higher floor. It doesn't matter how large is the tp sector, as long as three inmediate sectors are set like this, one at 8px higher, one at 16px and the last one at 24px This way, the monsters will stop being able to reach the tp linedef once the player actives the three switches
  10. Aight, do you know how to use dummy sectors? That way you can make the monster tp deactive after hitting all the switches, but make sure you have something planned to get 100% kills, like a crusher that's activated after leaving the arena I'd recommend two or three radiation suits if it's gonna be a hurting floor, filling the rest with healthpacks, that way it's more of a challenge to manage the time before the suit run out correctly, instead of a nuisance
  11. Not really, if you highlight them good enough, the player will automatically see them, but if you want, you can give the player some useful resource like ammo or armor if your switch actives some kind of trap or something
  12. Yeah, that way you don't have to worry about texturing
  13. Yeah, like that, just add the outside rings I made for a consistant look with the blood
  14. Just move vertices until it's a plain surface, or you can just put a switch on one of the sides, not a problem!
  15. Nothing really, it works with your size too, just choose the side you like best, if possible just flatten the wall on that side to add the switch. If anything, I'd say an important part are those small ledges I put, they're mostly decorations but I use them because I don't really like the Change texture function, also those ledges work better because it covers the fact that there's no Marble Switch with blood If anything just copy everything for parts and resize it
  16. test.rar Here Make sure to make tons of noise Also the size might be too big, but the idea is the same
  17. Wait, let me make an example map for you
  18. I'd say don't go with the first or third one, it's bad to be so cryptic with switches and stuff, and being surprised by a boss you can't see it's not very fun either I like how the fourth one sounds tho, just make the switches clear and easily distinguishable For that, I recommend lowering the lighting the the room and make the switch sectors brighter
  19. Demonfear is pretty easy in comparison to Plutonia, tho it's harder than Doom II sometimes, you don't get to feel it that much because all maps are really short
  20. RemoveUwU


    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you guys found the map fun!! I added another exit sing, this time in the wall next to the door, so it's impossible to miss As for the sound of the floor moving, I'm pretty sure that's the sound of the crushers, I put no stop linedef as they're part of the "residual water cleaning machine" in the room with a single switch and the cesspool that fills with water, so yeah, no fix for that I guess Themegada_map02.rar Map's name, uhhhh, Fetid Fable If you can think of something that soudns better please replace it, I'm not good with names, sowwy
  21. RemoveUwU


    Oy After having some troubles with my hard drive and having to do all the decorations from the ground up, it's here, a more complete version of Map02 I just wanted to make an easy, fun map. Don't want the player to feel pressured but just to blast through, that's why I chose such an early map! Please let me know if there are any problems, or your thoughts on it in general! (Edit: Changed some things that a friend noticed, mainly the fact one button was set to "R" instead of "1" and that would break the water effect after being pressed repeatedly, something me, as the maker, couldn't think of doing, also added MP spawns) Themegada_map02.rar
  22. RemoveUwU


    Oy There was no deadline, at least for this year, right? my Hard Drive kinda died so I'll have to do all the progress I was making on MAP02 again
  23. RemoveUwU


    Thanks Thanks a lot for your feedback! The enemies and some texturing problems and stuck enemies have already been solved, I'm still working on everything else. About the slime-to-water sectors, some of them already have other tags, I'll think of something that looks okay tho. As for the softlock, I'll change it too, I wasn't aware the SR tag would do that, thanks! I used Support2 mainly because I associate Support3 with hellish or more industrial infrastructure, but that's just me. Again, thanks a lot for your feedback! btw, about the slimetrails, I don't really know how to solve them. I've been testing the map with GlBoom+ so I couldn't see them.
  24. RemoveUwU

    Brightmaps-like lighting for Vanilla Doom!

    My God this looks amazing! I've always wanted to have something like this for Software Rendering, and saw D4V had it but there wasn't any for Vanilla Thanks thanks a lot!
  25. RemoveUwU


    Oh, I haven't properly tested it on lower difficulties, thanks for telling me the monsters were stuck! I'm gonna add some more details to some rooms I intentionally made it short, because it's the second map of the Piece of Cake difficulty Again, thanks for the review!