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  1. Hey man, just finished Loveland Factory. Has to be in my top 5 all time favorite maps so far, although I'm still new to the community. Thank you for this amazing work.

    1. Lawrence


      :) Glad to hear you liked it.  You'll find a lot of really good maps here from people better than me.  Thanks for giving it a spin.  

  2. Lawrence

    Blue Fire Park

    Thanks everyone for checking it out and posting videos. :) @ScrappyMcDoogerton the blue text is pretty cool. you were so close to the rocket launcher switch. :) @Biodegradable it was entertaining to see you fall into the red key trap. :) @Clippy lol sorry about the yellow key. Glad you made it through. Thanks for catching the texture errors, they'll be fixed on the idgames upload.
  3. Lawrence

    Blue Fire Park

    Name: Blue Fire Park Map Format: PC DOOM (.WAD) Ports Tested: GZDoom w/Brutal Doom MOD, w/PSXTC MOD, DOS DOOM v1.9 IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Map(s): MAP START (GZDOOM MAPINFO included) Music: Me Gameplay: Single, deathmatch player starts included but not tested yet Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: Yes Build Time: About 2 weeks. Textures: None new Requirements: No jumping Blue Fire Park is another short and minimal WAD with a par of 8 minutes. Blue Fire Park.zip In my previous WAD, Venom Pits, I was originally trying to make a WAD that would fit into Playstation DOOM limitations. I might have actually met that goal with Venom Pits because the sidedef limit is something like 2000, not 1500. Anyway, Blue Fire Park clocks in at 1911 SIDEDEFs - and I mention SIDEDEFs because that seems to be the most difficult thing to keep under control for me. I also kept the texture selection limited, as that's a necessity for PSX DOOM. The screenshots below are from GZDoom with Brtual DOOM MOD - the added flammable weeds and grass add to the challenge - and GZDoom with the PSX Total Conversion mod. I'd like to try to get it in a PSX ISO and see if it works in an emulator or actual hardware someday ... However you choose to play it, I hope you enjoy the brief jaunt through Blue Fire Park. Screenshots:
  4. :) Screenshots look very good and quite intriguing. I like the stalagmites in the 4th screenshot. 2,000 monsters is a LOT! Sounds like this will be a huuuuuuge quest. Will give it a spin once you finish it. Music: My vote is embedded audio file (it's what I do in my WADs) just so the music can have effects and be more atmospheric. I bet you can do both MIDI and e.g. MP3 with some MAPINFO trickery somehow.
  5. Lawrence

    Venom Pits

    @Delisk - I was so hoping you could find the rocket launcher, lol. I think I could almost hear you cussing at the very last arachnotron lol. @Biodegradable - I'll fix that texture. Regarding the music, surprisingly I haven't actually ever played Fallout. I checked out a bit of the soundtrack and see the similarity though. @azerty - I'll fix that unpegged texture, too. Always some stragglers. You were so close to the 2nd secret ... I'm glad to see that the wad is completable without the rocket launcher (I didn't try doing that myself.) Thanks all very much for taking it for a spin and posting. :)
  6. Lawrence

    Venom Pits

    Weird. I'm using 4.5.0 64-bit with Brutal Doom v21 and it does not crash. Gonna download and try 4.7.1 now ... Update: Just downloaded 4.7.1 and ran through the map. Didn't crash on me.
  7. Lawrence

    Venom Pits

    Name: Venom Pits Map Format: Doom Ports Tested: GZDoom w/Brutal Doom mod, kinda sorta DOS DOOM V1.9 IWAD: DOOM2.EXE or compatible Map(s): START (enter command `MAP START`) Music: Me Gameplay: Single player, multiplayer co-op, not deathmatch Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: Yes Build Time: About a month Textures: ID Software (no new textures) Requirements: Recommended but not strictly needed: freelook Here's a WAD I've created called Venom Pits. Venom Pits.zip It's been about a year since I've last created/released a WAD - my previous ones are Fairchild Island, Loveland Factory, and Serenity Castle. Originally, I was trying to make a level that fit into PSX DOOM limitations, but gave up (could not make the 1500 SIDEDEF limit). I nonetheless decided to keep going, and try to fit into Vanilla DOOM limitations. Venom Pits will probably take about 10 minutes of your time to play. While this is likely loadable in DOS or Vanilla DOOM, I don't think it will be fun to play unless you have auto-aim disabled, and GZDoom's freelook, close-range aggro behavior of Brutal DOOM monsters, and the cool fire and lighting effects of GZDoom/Brutal DOOM. I quit testing in DOS DOOM about 2/3 the way through development. This map has no revenants, Arch-viles, Cyberdemons, or Spider Masterminds. Thanks for checking it out and I appreciate any and all feedback. The latest version's home is here: https://github.com/lawrencecandilas/venom-pits and on there is also the older WAD meant for DOS DOOM (VENOMPIT.WAD) - it has a different design for the last room than the WAD here. Here's the map: Screenshots:
  8. I made a quick WAD to see if the following could be done: - Press a switchbutton. - It triggers a ceiling crusher above a barrel, off screen. - Barrel explodes. - Item next to barrel is pushed by the explosion over a teleport line. - Item teleports to room player is in. Unfortunately it doesn't work with items. It does work with barrels (at least in GZDoom/Brutal Doom) which I tested and is in the WAD now, so it's another way to be excruciatingly mean to Doomguy. Is there a way to make powerups and items respond to barrel explosions though in GZDoom or Dehacked? I think it'd be cool if a soulsphere spit out of thin air after a switchpush. teleport-experiment.zip
  9. Lawrence

    How there were wads in the 90s

    When they made Doom, they made a level editor with it - Doomed. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DoomEd I remember using WADED in the early 2000's.
  10. No. However, the hardware needed to develop and test Doom maps is pretty modest these days. The DOS version of DOOM runs extremely well on anything Pentium or later and requires no graphics card--as in as long as you have a computer made in 1994 or later you should be OK. Limit-removing source ports and GZDoom isn't particularly demanding for machines made since 2005 or so unless you load extremely huge maps on it. Brutal doom adds some requirements on top of that. What I'm saying is if you get some cheap old laptop from 2011 you'll be mostly fine. WADs aren't huge files, so even if you have no permanent Internet connection the files can be moved back and forth easily via a cloud service on something like a hotspot or public Wifi (you could even use a USB drive to transfer to a friend's house if you wanted), and it won't matter if you have an SSD or not.
  11. Lawrence

    Mount Promethei - My first map!

    Oh this was a lot of fun. Really liked the overall concept of being atop and within mountains and that aspect came through very well. Getting attacked from underneath was interesting. Really enjoyed all the object details. In particular this "caught my eye" lol. And these tiny 3d switches and levers were really cool. Thoughts: - Enjoyed this map. It was fun to run through, lots of intricate details and not boring. - I feel the room near the beginning where the spectre comes out and you get locked in should have come later in the map, like right before the exit switch or something. That part was hard and everything after that room was less hard as far as combat. - Any WAD where I can shoot enemies off the side of a cliff is awesome, and I was able to do that to a chaingunner toward the end of the map. :) - I really enjoyed the jazzy music. It went with the level in a weird and interesting way. - Also if this is your first map, really good job. I wouldn't think this was someone's first map.
  12. Lawrence

    Storage Room B

    I gave this a go. I played on Hurt Me Plenty. The following is just my opinion. - Generally, I liked it; it's definitely basic and short. I see how you were trying to capture the Doom 1 "vibe" with this. - I liked the door decorations. - First cacodemon seemed out of place. Two Demons would have been better. - This is pretty major for me: you present the player with 2 locked doors close together, then a key that unlocks one of them, then the key to unlock the 2nd is right there in the first door. This is too simplistic of a pattern. A key should be something you spend major time fighting and/or hunting for; in this WAD it seems like you're just handing the player the 2nd key too easily. - When you enter the wide open area with the red brick towers - the sudden jump from "manageable levels of zombie soliders" to "total ambush of soldiers and a couple Cacodemons" is an uneven game flow. There like needs to be one more room in between with a smoother "transition" if that makes sense. - I hit all the switches in the red brick tower area then was able to leave the level. I didn't know what each switch was supposed to do. They didn't seem to serve any more purpose than one switch.
  13. Lawrence

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Thanks for including me here! :) Glad to also see Mutabor here. That was a great WAD.
  14. Lawrence

    Fairchild Island

    Thanks everyone for the kind words so far. I really appreciate it. The detailing took a lot of time. :) I'm hoping the gameplay is enjoyable. Things are pretty well tested but I'm not sure about the "finale" (place in the last screenshot). I might make some improvements there. It'll honestly be fine without it, but might be differently balanced in some places. Ahh ... did not know that. I'll try that out.
  15. Lawrence

    Fairchild Island

    Download WAD here (it's too big for here): https://github.com/lawrencecandilas/fairchild-island Name: Fairchild Island Map Format: Doom (WAD) Ports Tested: GZDoom, DOOM2.EXE, BOOM Ports That Work: GZDoom Ports That Have No Chance To Ever Work: DOOM2.EXE, BOOM IWAD: DOOM2.EXE or compatible Map(s): START (enter command `MAP START`) Music: Me Gameplay: Single player, multiplayer co-op, not deathmatch Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: Yes Build Time: 3 or 4 months Textures: ID Software Requirements: Freelook recommended but not strictly needed Story: You like to go fishing from time to time near a large lake. Well, you were out on your boat, hit some unexpected craggy rocks, and crashed ashore on Fairchild Island. Your boat is split in half and it's too far to swim back. The island is rumored to have a hidden gateway to an ancient water shrine that's infested from demons of Hell. Luckily you have your trusty shotgun ... and hopefully there's another boat somewhere. GZDoom required; uses DOOM2.EXE or compatible WAD; developed with Brutal DOOM mod in mind and very recommended but not needed. This has a MAPINFO with a 1-level episode and ending like my earlier WADs, just start the game, or enter "MAP START" to restart. Because of the MP3 music file, and the fact that this WAD has a very large number of sectors and linedefs, this WAD is big. The par is 30 minutes. There is NO WAY this will work in the original DOOM2.EXE. BOOM segfaults when trying to load this WAD. Sorry. You'll want freelook anyway to look at all the pretty ceiling decay. Thanks for checking out this WAD. Here's the map: Screenshots: Thanks for checking this out. I appreciate any and all feedback. Also feel free to check out my other two WADs I've made earlier this year: Loveland Factory and Serenity Castle.