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  1. Senor500

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    Listening to it in your streams it sounded really good, felt very complete already, can't wait to try it out later today!
  2. I remember recreating an elusive Skulltag map I stumbled upon and remember liking, sadly never found it again and my recreation wasn't good at all, don't think it would have helped finding it, also lost the recreation. Another one I tried to re-create was an old wolfenstein styled map and I tried adding ZDoom stuff on it, only remember half finishing it but I felt like it turned out good, sadly again I lost the maps, had a lot of wads on an HDD that's now dead.
  3. Senor500

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    The credits map caught me off guard! Damn you!
  4. You're all Civvie bandwagoners! You only hate GMan for his Sigil video! Screw Civvie!
  5. Senor500

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Three maps in, great stuff as always, but I got this at the end of Birdemic 3: My source port is PrBoom+.
  6. GZDoom is the best port for modding, no discussion there, and also really good for convenience, both being reasons why people use it so much. Sure, there's better ones for vanilla play, but most people don't really care about the small differences while playing Doom. Saying that a vanilla port should support GZDoom mods is bad though.
  7. To be fair, he did say he couldn't complain about getting that for free, as shown in Doomkid's video too. As for the rest of things, yeah he definitely has an attitude.
  8. Honestly I don't like how everything went down, but at least he recognized the video had bad points. But to feel abused and insulted, you could say it is just victimizing but some people were really going overboard with this, and he said he's done with OG Doom content for now, I think he took it the wrong way.
  9. I'm loving the look of this, won't join but I wish you all best of luck on making this. RIP Steve. :(
  10. My best bet is Final Doom. Title.
  11. Really happy to see it out, as always, your use of DEHACKED made it the most unique. Good challenge, had a blast playing it, enemies and weapons feel so fresh too. My feedback is: Your best as of yet!
  12. Now this is interesting! I've been trying out Linux after years of Windows usage and this will certainly make me enjoy it more... Doom!
  13. Don't force the creativity ;) make it true, like the true blue, but 21 days seems doable. Best of luck.
  14. The cave looks pretty tight, I don't think I want to be in there with demons... Happy to see progress as always, sleep well.
  15. It does give life! The talk of the development during the making of the maps makes me excited to palying the episode, it's pure HEART.