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The Bug

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  1. 666 profile views

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    2. Hitboi


      wtf it was 667 then it turned into 669 when i reloaded it

    3. The Bug
    4. Hitboi


      holy shit it's the satan number with the funny drug number at the same time

  2. dang, you are really active on doomworld compared to me.......
    i just kinda quit doom for 4 months so yeah, it's understandable why i've got so little posts.

    1. URROVA




      yeah i think im connecting all the days... also participing on some collabs

    2. The Bug

      The Bug

      i'm completly solo
      i haven't done any collabs cuz my maping skills are GARBO 
      (or maybe i'm underestamating myself?)

  3. dude you're about to hit 1000 content count

    make a wise desition.......

  4. pinky drip
    pinky drip


    1. The Bug

      The Bug

      nice shoes bro

  5. hello mr newest member

    1. Metal_Slayer


      Oh, hello there, I'm actually impressed that I am the first one with the username Metal_Slayer.

      I was using the Zdoom forums to find wads but most of these were for GZDoom and Zandronum only, but this site seems to be more focused on Vanilla and Boom.

  6. i really like your profile picture
    it's cute :3

  7. last time i posted something was last year...
    jesus christ.

  8. new pfp haha funny seiruze brick cat

  9. bony member not

  10. i'm about to drop something big so be ready

  11. your profile picture makes me uncomfortable

  12. avatars do suck indeed

    yeah sure

  13. dog gif man vr cat gif man

  14. junior member

  15. bro stop posting crap unrelated to the subject
    this will get you banned bro

  16. mr.ok xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD\


  17. little kitty cat on the fire bluuuu !
    what he gonna do ?
    what he gonna do ?
    he's gonna make a mod for doom 2 !

    what he gonna do ?
    what he gonna do ?

    he's gonna make maps better than than all of u

    giphy (2).gif

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