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  1. A Dense Goblin

    Need help with editing a monster

    I'm making a wad for doom II, and i decided it would be a cool idea to use the Nazis found in the secret levels, but I want to make a few modifications to them, first. I know the basics of modifying monsters (using slade), but how would i load it so that the enemies show up within the level data on slade?
  2. Hi. I'm making a doom level and while working on it I decided to try and add some custom music. The music worked . When I was doing this, I had Slade and GZDoomBuilder open, but then I took a break. Later, when I got back on, I decided to change the MIDI, but in a stupid lapse of judgement, I had closed GZDoomBuilder but not slade, and I saved the version of the level that was on Slade, thus kind of undoing a lot of progress in the level's geometry. I don't want to spend 2 hours redoing it so is there some sort of recovery feature?