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  1. #1DOOMGUY

    Guitars and other instruments

    i play bass guitar and i have a tanglewood rebel 4k bass and a fender bassman amp
  2. #1DOOMGUY

    PSone DooM

    do you know where to find these 2 pics on the web?
  3. #1DOOMGUY

    PSone DooM

    what about the rabbit sequence in doom2 wasnt that a video sequence or summint.
  4. #1DOOMGUY

    What makes a good pizza?

    thin crust, lost of tomatoe paste, ham and pinapple
  5. #1DOOMGUY

    What is the Doom BFG9000?

    yeah i read that good it was too.
  6. #1DOOMGUY

    Where would you rank DOOM in your list of shooters?

    1.doom 2.doom2 3.final doom 4.wolf 3D 5.halo
  7. #1DOOMGUY

    first time you played doom

    i remember being about 4/5 and every time i went round my grandads house he would load up doom(at least i think it was doom) on his old pc. he thought i loved it! the thing is i can only remember playing the start area of E1M1 mainly because thats as far as i ever got! i never worked out how to open doors or shoot the gun in front of me i just remember looking out over the land out side!! i was only 4/5.i geuss dooms in my family!! and an important part of my childhood. what the first time you remember doom??
  8. #1DOOMGUY

    secret games/levels

    on X-box when you complete the game (on any mode) you unlock wolfenstien 3D
  9. #1DOOMGUY

    secret games/levels

    no i dont mean turn classic maps into doom3 maps. but when you complete the game to you think that youll be able to unlock a classic style doom game/levels completely new for doom3 but in CLASSIC doom stlye.
  10. #1DOOMGUY

    doom movie

    the point is that this could be like a cheesy low budget horror movie (the type everyone knows and loves) but imagine the fun you could have re-enacting you favorite doom moments and then watching them over and over againn on the tv. as for special effects thats what the "vampire blood" you can get down your local store during halloween times for. i've already got this all planned out in my head. you can use red pieces of scrunched up paper as the fire balls imps throw, and your dad can be a cyberdemon after you wake him up very early on his day off!
  11. #1DOOMGUY

    Just a comment regarding flashlight

    i all ways assumed that the light would scare off the little spiders and such instead of wasting bullets on them.
  12. #1DOOMGUY

    secret games/levels

    do you guys think youll be able to unlock classic doom style levels/games. like in return to castle wolfenstein on X-box you can unlock wolfenstein 3D. i hope you can!!!
  13. #1DOOMGUY

    doom movie

    no this is not another post about the proposed doom movie. infact its an idea, and a great one at that!! what if we were to make our own movie? strap a video camera to our sholder, get our hands on some toy guns and some halloween masks then get a group of friends to wear the masks whilst you pretend to blow their brains out using your younger brothers toy rifle and cowboy guns. we could all do one level each and start our own doom movie!! that way it can be crap because you will have made it your self!!
  14. #1DOOMGUY


    wouldnt it be cool to make DooM warhammer. they did it with lord of the rings so why not DooM? personally id love to send a collection of imps into battle against an army of pinky demons!!
  15. #1DOOMGUY

    favorite Doom song

    all the music is fine except for Mt Eerebus (on the PSX version at least) due to the annoying sound of babies crying in the background.