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  1. PsychEyeball

    Should Doom have had a BFG-wielding enemy?

    The Sky May Be featured imps that shot BFG projectiles and experiencing them should teach you this is a bad idea.
  2. PsychEyeball

    Was there a 32mb gpu available in 1999?

    The Geforce 256 launched in 1999 and had 32 MB of memory.
  3. PsychEyeball

    Play Halflife in Windows 10?

    I bought my copy of Half-Life in retail around 2000 or so and first played the game without having Steam installed. But the second time around, as many many years elapsed and Steam became what it is, I read that old serial keys to Half-Life could be used to activate the game in digital form. So I entered my old Half-Life serial key through Steam's activation process... and it worked. To my surprise, my old serial was also eligible to get me about every HL related game of the time as well. So my purchase of way long ago got me Half-Life on Steam, but also Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Team Fortress Classic and some game called Ricochet. Essentially, the easiest way to play Half-Life is to install Steam. You shouldn't have to do anything special to run the game on a modern OS, I played it some time ago on Windows 7 and it was a snap.
  4. PsychEyeball

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    Favorite game of the series would be Sonic 2 even though I never managed to get all of the emeralds (that bonus game can rot in hell). Sonic 1 is not too far behind in terms of overall fun and quality and I don't mind the slower gameplay. Contrary to about every other living person in the world, I just can't get into Sonic 3. The levels just feel so bloated and never seem to end. Even in its abridged version, I still think the game is way too long. Sonic CD has nice music, but sometimes I wonder if the levels were just designed by a robot because their flow feel so random and accidental. Only Sonic 3D games I played were SA1 and SA2. Can't say I remember most of SA1 and it likely didn't age super well since I played it way too late for it to have any proper impact on me. SA2 is much more memorable and fun, but I'd remove the "find the 3 emeralds" stages and replace them with about... anything else. Security Hall in particular had no reason to have a 5-minute time limit attached to it. Didn't play anything else after that because most people typically say they hate the later 3D games and I don't have a strong enough bond with Sonic games to care about investigating them myself.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2TF5BU0lpQ To anyone still on the fence about trying this out... just do it. This is the most mind blowing thing I've ever played on regular Doom. So many mapping tricks in here just blew my mind, knowing this would run on doom2.exe. And hey, as the video length says, you get a lot of mileage for 9 levels as well than the special end game it got. My dumb ass got lost sometimes in the maps, but I'd say for the most part it was a "me" problem. I also didn't talk about the music much during my playthrough, let's just say I was soaking in the ambience. The new music tracks were excellent and sounded great on my SC-8820. As a fan of the more ambient side of the soundtrack, I'm glad this was the avenue that was chosen for the new music and not the more metal vibes (no offense of course to whoever enjoys the heavier side of Doom). I never ever heard of that project ever being in the works so all in all, this was a great surprise.
  6. PsychEyeball

    I apologize

    You released a set of levels automatically created through a map generator. Some people have done far worse things than this. Hopefully that taught you the importance of not rushing things out for the public or to not doubt in the intelligence or knowledge of your audience. You'll do better next time.
  7. I mean, being a mad killer would be something to be proud of... in Doom that is. Not in real life. Also I never understood what Open Season was supposed to be as a level so your guess was accurate enough. Baron's Den is such a nothing level I'm amazed anyone could remember anything from it.
  8. I personally find funny that the remake of a WAD meant to showcase Zdoom does not work on Zdoom. The original KDIZD was never a favorite of mine (maps were way too big and confusing for my tastes) so maybe this will be more up my speed.
  9. PsychEyeball

    Doom Debate: Which is better?

    Glboom+ got added to Prboom+ and is no longer its own executable. Likewise, DSDA-Doom also has the OpenGL render.
  10. C3: The vista opening ahead of you looks awfully familiar. You didn't like this place back then and you sure as hell don't like it any better now. An awful, yet recognizable smell comes to your senses and makes you feel madder than ever. As you check your weapons, an evil grin draws on your face. Time to take some names.
  11. PsychEyeball

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Thought I'd bump this with this speed MIDI I made. Made in about 2 hours, influenced by the Rise of the Triad soundtrack, except the paranoia is cranked up to 11. It's kinda weird.
  12. PsychEyeball

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    "Hi Sandy, I hope you're doing well." I was a little irked by how dismissive he was of the Playstation ambient soundtrack, but otherwise a good solid episode. AVGN has been doing better this year compared to the last one and it is nice to see that happen.
  13. PsychEyeball

    Worst Doom Level

    Let's be fancy and do it game by game. Ultimate Doom: E3M7 - Limbo. I wouldn't mind the maze-like structure of the level as much if wading through the maze didn't involve going through 10% damage hurtfloors the whole time. You better go through the gates in the correct order before your rad suits run out, or else! It's one of those rare levels where finding the secrets is easier than finding your actual way to beat the level and that won't do it for me. Honorable mention: E4M1 - Hell Beneath. Shotgunners shooting you through fake walls in a level with almost no health pickups, a should-be secret rocket launcher (which again, requires you to wade through hurtfloors) that is mandatory to even hope to win... it doesn't matter how small the map is, you better take this one at 1 MPH, otherwise you'll die. Doom 2: MAP12 - The Factory. This one is so boring, big and mostly empty. Was it really necessary to repeat that ceiling tile puzzle from E2M2 to pad things out? What about possibly misleading the player with a door that seems like it needs a red key to open, but it actually HAS the red key in it? Finally, let's cap it off with the most annoying end room with the cacodemons, elevators and 500 switches you must press to exit the level. Honorable mention: MAP23 - Barrels o' Fun. The beginning makes it feel as if it'll be some gimmick level involving barrels, but more than half the map doesn't follow the theme anyway. The room with multiple pain elementals might be one of the worst in the game, moreso if you play the level on a pistol start. I hope you enjoy punching pain elementals and lost souls, sucker! Too bad, because the barrel rooms are actually kinda fun. TNT Evilution: MAP25 - Baron's Den. Just like The Factory, but even more featureless. As much as I dislike The Factory, I can remember parts from it. What does this map even have going for it? There's caves and hallways maybe? One room in the map kinda looks nice? Hello? Honorable mention: MAP21 - Administration Center. Habitat is too easy of a pick, and at least that level is mostly harmless in its ineptitude. Administration Center, on the other hand, is extremely bloated, mostly non interesting and the starting corridors laden with chaingunner window dressing is a drag. The only thing I kinda like in this level is the end, where you briefly see for one instant the link between Map 20 and 21. Even then, how did you get this deep in the building only to get out anyway? Plutonia Experiment: MAP11 - Hunted. I really like the premise of the level, but I hate the way the doors work. If you're gonna make your level a maze to begin with, don't make the doors also complicated to use for no reason. Also it would have been fun to use something else than the super shotgun to kill arch-viles, because if you pistol start, that's about all you'll get. Honorable mention: MAP15 - The Twilight. I hate the tiny corridors and I hate the 50 something chaingunners the map throws at you. Also why is one of the doors just a gap that can soft lock you into oblivion? Most of its ambushes don't feel fair at all given the no space you're given to work with.
  14. PsychEyeball

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    I didn't ask you to like the slavery stuff. I wanted to prove it was here for a reason and yet you're denying my point without any reason. This conversation is over. If someone else wants to talk about anything Fallout related please feel free to ping me. I'm always up to talk about the series since there's so much to say.
  15. PsychEyeball

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    One of my playthroughs of this game involved a stupid character. He had 3 Intelligence, which meant that all he could do to communicate was to grunt and shout random words, to the point barely anyone understands you. In order for him to learn where to possibly go to find Vault 13, he had to free Vic. But with little combat skills, no good weapons and no ability to enlist companions of any kind, how do you think I managed to raise the 1000 dollars required to free him? Become a slaver. Is it fucked up that in order to save my village, I had to jeopardize the existence of many other villages? Of course it is. But I feel like this sums up the world in Fallout well. The whole world has been messed up so badly that impossible decisions must be taken to ensure the people you care for survive. Did I look forward to becoming a slaver? Fuck no. Doing so would forever ruin my reputation and make communication further impossible to people of goodwill. But I still had to do it because it was the only possible option that made sense gameplay-wise. I hated doing that but I trucked along, knowing that eventually this decision would bite me in the ass. And it did. My foolish actions eventually led to me mowing an entire city down to the ground. Why? Because the only people who could help me go forward asked me to do so. And besides, the people I had to kill hated me because I had this big tattoo on my forehead saying I was a slaver. This was so much more complicated and difficult than doing this the correct way. This is without counting the fact that I was addicted to drugs because I needed to consume them to gain the upper hand in otherwise impossible fights, which left me fighting a Jet addiction for nearly half the game. It sucked hard. But all of this made for the most memorable run of this game I have ever done. Everything that could have gone wrong went bad. I felt like I was hopelessly crushed by the weight of a world that didn't want me to succeed. Yet I did. And to me this was the ultimate post-apocalypse experience, being in a decimated, hostile world, being forced to claw my way through every inch. You know why I'm so harsh toward you and the way you approach this series? Because instead of possibly rationalizing the way all of those evil diversions exist in the world and coming up with reasons why things are like this, you just dismiss everything instantly because you think it somehow make no sense and this somehow get in the way of the whole game world. You want the experience to be sanitized and clean, with nothing that might challenge your perception of the world. Doing so is like a ticket in making sure you're not gonna enjoy the thing to the fullest. When you write a game world, it is important to acknowledge the world being the way it is. There are people who mean good and want others to follow suit. But don't forget the horrible people who only wish to inflict pain on others and who'll relish to see others join their circle.