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  1. PsychEyeball

    How fast did you finish E1M1?

    The regular route is quickier just on the account you aren't gonna bonk your head on that ceiling in the bunker's entrance and kill all of your forward momentum. Even if you slow down and avoid the collision, you still lose a lot of speed and time.
  2. Blood Fresh Supply got a fair amount of patches fixing its biggest mistakes but it's sadly still not perfect. And it will never be since Atari will not let Nightdive patch it further. But for the casual player, Fresh Supply will do all right nowadays.
  3. PsychEyeball

    How fast did you finish E1M1?

    11 seconds is my best time and I doubt I could do it any faster.
  4. PsychEyeball

    What is your Specs?

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3700 Ti RAM: 16 GB RAM SSD: 1 TB HDDS: 3 times 2 TB This one is pretty new and I finally had the budget to go for something more powerful than I'd usually go for. Last machine was a i5-8400 with a Geforce 1060, for reference.
  5. PsychEyeball

    Best Way to Play MIDIs?

    Have you also installed MIDIMapper? You'll probably need to have that too so you can tell Windows which MIDI device to use for playback because modern versions of Windows won't even let you change that without registry editing. Don't forget to also load a soundfont, because otherwise you will hear nothing. As for me, VMS is what I use. I alternate with playing MIDIs using soundfonts of all kinds (ct4mgm is my typical goto for that old-timey SB Live! sound) or I plug my synth (an Integra-7) and output MIDIs through it.
  6. I find the question phrased kinda weirdly because it's not a guarantee that a map author will know how to make music, and even if they did, will even manage to make it justice. Same goes for musicians, they could make good music but ask them to make a map and they'll make you something like wow.wad. I'm a big fan of original music myself, but in the end any music that you end up using which sounds good and fits the mood will make me happy.
  7. PsychEyeball

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    This discovery gives MBF a brand new meaning. Except it was there all along.
  8. PsychEyeball

    Windows Vista

    Way back in the time I couldn't find our Windows 98 disc to reinitialize my dad's PC but for some reason he had a burnt copy of Windows ME. So meh, might as well give it a try, I thought. I installed Windows ME and everything went well so far. Then I decided to install the video drivers for our Radeon card. The moment I restarted the PC, Windows never ever booted properly again. Not even in safe mode. Needless to say my mind about Windows ME was set then. I eventually reinstalled Windows 98 SE and no more problems were had.
  9. PsychEyeball

    Doom 64 help!

    I'd wager he's playing either the Doom 64 EX version or the remaster. If he played the Doom 64 TC, Pitfalls would be Map 23 due to the level order shuffled around and the extra levels that were added in the game.
  10. PsychEyeball

    DOOM Retro v4.3 (updated October 15, 2021)

    Is there a way to make the game signal when you find a secret? I swear this is like the only qualm that I have concerning this port right now, everything else is fantastic and I'm getting really close to make this my choice port to play anything not GZDOOM related. The overall feel of this port is superb and I like the little touches here and there while keeping the game not too far away from vanilla. Good work on this port!
  11. PsychEyeball

    Windows Vista

    The starting point of a lot of people hating Vista was the introduction of UAC (User Access Control) and how fickle it is by default. Doing almost anything in the OS brought up the window asking "hey you wanna do this?" and it got tiresome really fast. You could literally just sneeze and a UAC popup would appear. Also, it had much higher system requirements because of Aero, was typically slower, the new search option was godawful, and finally it had quite the unstable drivers. Unstable to the point where it wasn't uncommon to have a BSOD every week or so. In comparison, I used Windows 7 for almost an entire decade and I had like 2 BSODs in total during this whole timespan. Vista doesn't look much different than Windows 7, but anyone who used both OSes could tell they were a world apart. Windows 7 was essentially Vista, but properly finished and polished.
  12. PsychEyeball

    What is Your Job/Career?

    I studied about everything I could at school; computers, literature, theatre, video editing, creative writing and library technician. Turned out I never worked in any of these things ever. During all my studies, I worked at a mom and pop convenience store and I was about the equivalent of assistant manager. I worked there 12 years and I had a very comfortable position here. Maybe too comfortable, I had to push myself out in order to try and get a job that would warrant me an actual salary I could live on. After applying for about everything under the sun, I lucked out and got a position as an administrative agent and I work for an hospital. I work for locating services and my job is to pick up the phone on behalf of the whole installation and transfer callers to the right department. I also must locate and page doctors when their attention is required anywhere and maintain the database of the doctors on call. I've been here for 3 full years now. So yeah, I never got the job I studied for, but at least I got the money that was going with it so it's a net win. Not to mention that if I worked as a library technician, I wouldn't have had a job ever since 2020 due to COVID-19. It turns out being essential do have its perks!
  13. PsychEyeball

    Any tips to beat Icon of Sin?

    I misread that at first and thought it said you needed to like John Romero to win the game. Is that how SIGIL 2 will end?
  14. PsychEyeball

    What's Unholy Massacre in LZDoom?

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1924291 Was trying to embed this because this post gives the explanation. It's Ultra-Violence, but enemies deal double damage and ammo pickups give half the usual ammo. It's essentially a reversed I'm Too Young To Die.
  15. PsychEyeball

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    I went back to the problem and it turned out it was an issue with the in-game launcher. I somehow would load doom2.wad while having doom 2 selected as a game and that would bork the par times. It turns out you must not select any WADs at all for things to work well. My bad!