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  1. Andreas

    Monster placement

    I also came across The Given, just a few minutes after posting LOL. This one seems really fascinating to me, will have to try it out. I'm also glad to see it was so well received. Food for thought.
  2. Andreas

    Monster placement

    Such as? I'm truly curious about this, because after reading @Not Jabba's lengthy but fascinating overview of Doom map editing history (and yes, I read ALL of it :D) I thought, as you say, that there were other types of maps than pure combat. Most notably, in the ones he mentioned, the adventure mapping genre seemed the most appealing to me, in particular Grove and Eternal Doom. I can't say much about the former, as I haven't managed to get very far with that one yet LOL, but for the latter... I'm currently on level 11 of Eternal Doom and... I mean, on the one hand I absolutely love it because it's so intricate and it really keeps you thinking, trying to figure out how to get X Y and Z done, but on the other... it's still extremely combat intensive regardless and I still need to play in god mode if I want to get anything done. It's a bit frustrating. So are there really other types of maps? If so, I'd like to try them out :o And here's Jabba's study in question, BTW, in case anyone's missed it and is curious to read it: https://www.doomworld.com/25years/the-roots-of-doom-mapping/
  3. Andreas

    Monster placement

    I don't use discord. That said, I don't see this the way you describe it. Mind you, I could argue that a cinematographer (in most cases) just wants to get better at his own trade without necessarily wanting to also become a composer or whatnot. But I won't make that point, because I AM interested in getting better and being able to do more stuff (though I'm also well aware of my own limits -- I know I'll *never* be any good at making graphics, for instance, or music for that matter). To me, a setup like this would be a way to learn. We can all learn from each other. This would just make the process easier in the sense that you could also progress on a project WHILE you learn. In other words, I don't intend to use this as a bandaid so I never have to address the real issues, but as a real means to get better and grow from the experience ;)
  4. Andreas

    Monster placement

    Thanks @Gokuma. I'll look into those ;) Well, what I have in mind is a bit different from your typical team or community project though, as I was thinking of something more akin to a film crew, where each member would contribute what he does best to the project... music, textures, etc. Monster placement could be a part of that, you could liken it to choreography in a way ;) I was going to wait before starting this, since I'm still pretty new to this forum (a few weeks)... but considering @Morpheus666response, maybe I should revise that. If you're still interested, Morpheus, I can start a separate thread for this.
  5. Andreas

    Monster placement

    OK. We'll see how things work out with my testers. I've also been thinking of a different approach, starting a team, but I'm not sure yet if that would be approrpriate or how well it would work out.
  6. Andreas

    Monster placement

    A huge thank you to @Morpheus666and @RonnieJamesDinerfor all that info! Great to read and should be very useful.
  7. Andreas

    Monster placement

    That's pretty much it in a nutshell LOL. To clarify though, my map is "perfect" (for me) if you play it on skill 1 or 2. It's pretty much as hard as I can handle, and I've tested it multiple times, so I know that one's good. My main issue is handling the various skill levels. Are you suggesting that I do not implement difficulty settings, and just use what works for me on all levels? I suspect most people would probably find that dull :o I'm working on it ;) I think my main issue is that I'm very bad at strafing. Once I get better at that, combat will likely become less annoying. In the meantime, I play through most wad's on god mode. That at least gets me to finish them and enjoy the stuff I like. And it gives me opportunity to practice my strafing without having to worry about getting killed every 5 seconds haha.
  8. Andreas

    building floating islands in the void?

    There's also this cool project: ... and this!
  9. Ooooh! I'd been wondering why Eureka kept telling me I had non animated switches! Well that explains it! Thank you ;) And I love your videos, Kris, BTW!
  10. I've found this to be useful: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qe13ik9mkkn489r/Doom_Palette_%28Gimp%29.gpl/file Only works for GIMP, though, I think.
  11. Andreas

    Monster placement

    So here's the thing... I suck at playing Doom :o To my defense, I hadn't played it in 25 years, though I wasn't very good at it back then either. But combat was not what drew me into Doom. At all. What mesmerised me was its immersive nature, the 3D visuals, the realism, the dark and foreboding atmosphere, the SF theme (and medieval for Heretic, my favorite!) the mysteries, the adventuring, the aesthetics, the architecture, etc... There's so much more to Doom than just fighting! Though it feels like combat is what ended up dominating in the long run. Another thing that I loved from day 1 was the ability to create your own levels, and I started working on some as early as 1995. I'm now mapping again, but I realize that my main shortcoming is going to be monster placement. Because I have no clue. To give you a sense of my conundrum, 95% of the wads I try, I find insanely difficult (and that's playing on skill 1 or 2 LOL). I looked at many in editors, to see how the monsters were placed, but to me it just looks like monsters after monsters after monsters... waves after waves, with no real pattern I can make sense of. I do want to make wads that are playable by everyone though, not just little old me. So I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. Is there a thread or some form of tutorial out there that I should read (I googled for this, but no luck so far)? Or if someone would be willing to help me more directly with this, via PM's or whatnot, that would be fine too. I know there are other things somewhat lacking in my maps, but I feel all the other stuff I can work on and figure out with experience. Combat balance, I suspect, will be my biggest challenge. Especially since I cannot test this myself. Thanks guys! Love the community here ;)
  12. Andreas

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    Sector 356 seems to be the culprit... Though oddly enough it looks fine in Slade 3. My first thought was that you'd used F_SKY1 for the floor, but that's not the case. I also wondered if it was a line horizon thing, but not seeing any surrounding linedefs set with that special. Hmm. Now I wonder if it's a rendering glitch in my port. Using GZDoom 3.5.0 on linux. Though I haven't noticed that issue anywhere else. PS. It just occurred to me that I also have 4.3.3 installed through wine so I can test wads when working in Slade. So I just used that to check said sector... interestingly it looks as expected in this scenario. So the glitch is likely either with 3.5.0 specifically or something on my system. Though what could be causing it still puzzles me.
  13. Andreas

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    I wanted to try this so I installed it on my laptop that runs Windows 7. Installation went fine, however when I tried to run it, I got an obscure error message about "Method not found System Array Empty" and some other stuff. Googling it didn't really help. So I decided to try GZDBF instead. When I ran that one, it warned that Net Framework was not installed (which surprised me, as I thought it was) and offered to do it for me (how nice!) which I accepted. That got me to wondering if UDB's problem wasn't also the missing Net Framework... So after Microsoft was done messing with my system (and what a long time that installation took!) I tried to run UDB again and... what do you know! It worked. So... now I wonder: 1) why was the nice (and mostly painless) Net Framework check/installation process removed? 2) would it be possible to put something similar back in, or at the very least a clearer message stating what the problem is? OK, that's all, now I go test ;)
  14. I agree about Eureka. Awesome piece of software ;)
  15. Andreas

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    Wow. This is a pretty damn amazing map. I think I might have found a glitch, though... or is the ground supposed to show the sky in that spot?